4 Keys To SEO For The Beginner

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 | By Tim Stoddart

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Imagine if you could have an advertisement that not everyone would see, but everyone who was interested in a service that your business offers could see. Who wouldn’t sign up for that? Search Engine Optimization can make that a reality. 

I’ll make it clear, if you own a website then you need to know about SEO. Knowing about SEO is just the first step because it is an art form more than it is a system but we will get into that.

SEO is a process that can dictate where your website shows up on a search engine’s results without having to pay anything for that result.

 In 2019, our gut reaction is to go straight to google, search for what we want, and then click on the first few results we see and quickly look over it to determine if we like what we see. That process happens quick. It is very automatic for us in this day and age.

How often do you even go to the bottom half of the first page to find what you are looking for? This is where taking advantage of SEO becomes a force that can drive a boatload of valuable traffic to your site and revolutionize the way you do business. 

When somebody searches for a service your business provides, you want your business’s website to show up at the top of Google. Right? 

Find Your Keywords

If you are the customer who is seeking a service your business provides, what would you search for? 

Let’s say you own a shoe store that specializes in running shoes. You simply want to think about a customer who needs tennis shoes and what they are going to search for when they are on the hunt for tennis shoes! They search for it, they find your store, they look at your site and BOOM you have a new customer.

Some keywords for running shoes include:

  • Running shoes for men
  • Running shoes for women
  • Running store
  • Running store for men
  • Running shoes nike
  • Running shoes reebok
  • Best running shoes 
  • Kids running shoes

Once you have bared down on what keywords you want to use and rank for, it’s time to make an SEO optimal website. 

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions

The page title and meta description is what you see as search results, we see them all the time they look like this:

The page title, of course, being the blue font you click on and the meta description is describing the link you are about to click on. This is where SEO begins to be more an art form than a systematic process.

Looking at competitors can be great insight as to what can work and be successful. You cannot deny someone’s success when their website is showing up first on google.

When recreating a page title for your imaginary running store, you want to include the keywords you want to rank for, your business’s name and location.

The best meta descriptions are the ones that make people want to click on your site. They quickly read your site’s description and they intuitively click on your site because they are interested. 

The amount of people who click on your link is important, we call this a click-through rate (CTR) and google definitely looks at that when it is crawling through pages and ranking them. Write a nice description with a call to action and a keyword you want to rank for and you should be good to go.

Optimize Your Site’s Content

As I mentioned earlier, the process a potential customer goes through of needing a service performed, searching for it and making a decision is quite fast.

You click on a site and there is this 5 to 10-second window when you’re deciding if the website has what you want and if you can find what you want easily.

This is precisely where we have to find the happy medium of looking at SEO as a system and looking at it as art. Your top priority is to focus content on your keywords you want to rank for but there are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • You want your content to come off as organic and natural, not spammy
  • Your page should be aesthetically pleasing but also easy to navigate
  • Keywords should be split up between headers, text and the alt text of images
  • Aim for several keywords instead of just one, not everyone searches the same way!

If it’s your first time attempting to rank for something, write content as best you can and then when you are done, go back and find ways to include your keywords. 

Link Building

Google likes it when other websites have links that link back to one of your pages. It means you are relevant if other people are giving you props, makes sense, right?  There’s a few things to cover here so let’s break it down

Websites with high Domain Authority –  Domain Authority is simply a ranking from 1 to 100. The higher your number the higher it is believed that the website will rank on a search engine. The higher the DA the better! There are many tools you can find online that can tell you a websites DA, some are free. Think link building sounds easy, sometimes it can be! Other times like while doing SEO for drug rehabs it can be incredibly difficult.

Google only cares if other relevant websites are linking your site to put it bluntly. Meaning, getting on a site with less than a 10 DA is most likely going to be counteractive for you. Of course, the higher a DA usually means it is harder to get a link on that site. Again, find that happy medium. 

Getting your links on other sites – You want content like information packed blogs on your site, we can look at those types of blogs as assets. As far as getting your linkable assets on other pages there are many different ways but they all involve doing outreach and research.

There are plenty of services that allow you to put in a URL of a site and see what sites have their backlinks. Do this with your competitions sites and you now have a gold mine of potential backlinks to get.

There is so much more to SEO and plenty of great content covering it. Do your research, take action and most importantly be patient. SEO work is something that takes months to produce results if you are new to it. 

Be proactive, be experimental, and you will produce good results. Good results mean a competitive advantage and a new pathway to success in this dynamic marketing field. 

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