4 Leading Factors In Drug Rehab Marketing

Friday, November 22, 2019 | By Daniel Wittler

drug rehab marketing

Do you want to stand out in the busy marketplace of drug and alcohol treatment centers? You can make it happen right at your work desk.

Working in an addiction treatment center is an important, literally life-changing job. It’s a place where people are pulled out of the depths of their own personal hell and brought into a light of hope. 

Do you know what else is important? Keeping the lights on at the facility in a highly competitive market in 2019. 

In 2019 there is a surging marketspace for drug and alcohol rehab facilities. If you own or work at a facility yourself you know your personal competitors and inevitably wonder how you can gain an edge on them.

Capitalizing on digital marketing can be a game-changer for you and your treatment center.

Social Media Presence 

Social media can be a hotbed for controversy but it ultimately is what you make it. Having a Facebook or Instagram page for your company can do a lot to establish your brand. What can you do to enhance your brand?

  • Understand your target audience
  • Be Consistent
  • Create a memorable slogan
  • Express passion in your area of expertise 
  • Have a unique logo
  • Produce personable content

Over everything else, social media was created to make connections. Whether it’s old friends reconnecting or a business connecting on a more personal level with it’s customer base. If you want to create a bond with consumers/customers it should be done on this medium. 

Building an engaging community can create an atmosphere that becomes your reputation. Recovery communities are very tight-knit, creating content that generates conversation amongst your followers may not generate admissions like you would hope, but it increases your popularity in a very positive manner. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

We covered SEO a couple weeks ago but to put it simply, it’s a process to improve your ranking on google search results. When I say process, I mean it, there are many steps to SEO and while it is the most tedious task for drug rehab marketing, it can be the most rewarding.

An important note to mention is that you want to rank in your area, not nationally! When somebody searches ‘drug rehab (your area)’ wouldn’t you want your facility to show up first? A potential customer searching for help for themselves or a loved one is no different than if they were looking for a good local pizza shop.

drug rehab marketing stodzy

There isn’t going to be a complete investigation of every place around them, they are going to be drawn into what they see first. Naturally, the first few results that pop up on google for a search that is performed are the ones that get more business. 

Here at Stodzy, we will take a look at who your local competitors are and what keywords they rank for that have them standing tall at the top of google search results. Sometimes reorganizing your content to take advantage of those important keywords can work wonders.

Sometimes you need to just create some new fire content for your site. 

Creating Marketable Content

When it comes to drug rehab marketing, the content of your website can make or break you.  I’m not reinventing the wheel by saying that but your content needs to be more than just quality, you need to throw some strategic moves in there as well. Relevant topics that will generate interest along with keywords that will rank well on google need to be inserted into the content as well.

This can all be done by running a blog on your site. Some tips:

  • Host the blog on your main domain
  • Write using a personable tone, you don’t want to come off as robotic
  • Post about recent news or well-known people and addiction
  • Backing up your blog posts with reputable sources and factual data
  • Be consistent, an outdated blog is a bad look
  • Always share your blog posts on your social media outlets

Have intent behind all of your blog posts. Don’t just write about whatever you feel like contributing. Write something that can feature your facility and answer some questions your community may have. Blog about something you notice that people have been posting about a lot or something you may notice is gaining traction on competitive research tools you have access to. 

Creating highly informative content can also help out your link building which falls back into SEO. Writing for another website with high domain authority and being able to use your own site’s content as a resource can bring tons of value to your internet presence. 


Focusing on success stories of your treatment center can generate great publicity online. Alumni programs can offer all types of opportunities to your facility in drug rehab marketing.

Creating a strong aftercare program – Having a weekly or monthly meeting along with organizing activities or volunteer events for the group can generate some legitimate buzz for your place. Holding these types of events shows the facility truly cares about it’s patients even after they leave. It’s so easy for a place to be a revolving door for those trying to get help, you don’t want that reputation

Start an outreach team– Having an alumni team means having outreach to patients who have been through the place. This works twofold, either they are doing great and appreciate someone reaching out to them or perhaps they aren’t doing well and they need help again, your team can be the people to get them back in for more help. 

Feature alumni in your content or social media posts – Having a guest post from an alumni talk about their experience with your facility and what it did for them is just another example of increasing your reputation. Does it increase admissions? It’s hard to keep track of things like this that correlate to more admits. What company doesn’t want a good reputation though? 

The more involved you get your alumni the more organically you can start to receive positive reviews on your company pages. Word of mouth is a powerful thing too. If any of your past patients have a friend or family member who needs help with addiction, guess where they are going to suggest if they still have a connection with your place? Your business.

Drug rehab marketing is a 24/7 living, breathing thing in 2019. There is always something to do, something to build on and a way to improve. Your consistency and hard-work will show if you do what is necessary. 

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