Let’s say a parents finds out that his or her son is struggling with drug addiction. Obviously this is a stressful time for anyone, but the parent knows that their child needs help. What are they going to do?

They are going to search the internet.

When families are suffering from addiction, they are in crisis mode. They are looking for   clear cut answers as quickly as they can find them. How is your facility going to get in front of this parent, and answer their questions for them?

Internet Marketing Is The Answer

Google levels the playing field. If you provide the most helpful resources and content, then you leave the decision of where to find treatment to the people in need. What could be more ethical and more productive then to use the internet to spread your brand and display authority as an industry leader.

No sales gimmicks, no promising dreams.

Stodzy was built on this mindset. Our founders saw the holes and the bad practice methods being used and frankly… it made us angry. There is a better way. The internet is the most cost effective and most ethical means of marketing your treatment center.

We vow to represent your brand in the best possible light. We understand addiction, we understand treatment and we know the questions people need answered in making the decision to chose a treatment center for themselves or a loved one.

Stodzy Code Of Ethics

  • We promise to never hold your intellectual property hostage. All of your hosting, social media
    accounts, passwords and registration is yours.
  • We promise to accept and embrace change.
  • We promise to never take ourselves too seriously. We deal with serious matter, but we vow to
    always enjoy our work and our interaction with our clients.
  • We promise to always support each other.
  • We promise to be accountable on our word. If we say we will do something, we will do it.
  • We promise to avoid acting out of fear.
  • We promise to always do our best.
  • We promise to love one another like the family that we are.
  • We promise to always tell the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear.
  • We promise to accept ourselves and each other for who we are.


Words from our clients