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Do You Want More Traffic? Do You Want to Grow Your Business?

Of course you do. Any ambitious business owner wants to continue growing. Who would ever say they don’t want to drive more online traffic to their website?

The question isn’t if you want more traffic. Rather, the question is how do you get more traffic?

For healthcare professionals, building their practices through online marketing is more important than ever. When people are looking for solutions to healthcare questions, the first thing they do is go to the internet for research.

As a healthcare business, how do you put your business in line with those people who are searching for help?

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about that. Working with Stodzy with your digital marketing will completely transform your digital marketing. Since 2011, Stodzy has been a leader in the digital marketing space for healthcare businesses.



We know that there are thousands of marketing “gurus” telling you the best way to do things. We’re different. We don’t preach and we don’t stand on a soapbox. What we do is we follow the data, and we execute strategies that work. You don’t have to believe us, just look at some of the success we’ve had.

P.S. – These audits are from 4/15/20. We will update them every month for proof of continued success.

Sober Nation

Sober Nation is a website and brand that provides resources, help, and community to people looking for solutions to addiction problems. Although traffic has dipped in recent months, our work still generates millions of hits a year.

Medically Assisted is another important website that provides help for people looking for help with substance use disorder, more specifically with opioids. In just 14 months, we have built and grown this important and helpful website into the nations leading authority in the space.

Stodzy Internet Marketing

Do you need another example? Here’s proof that we truly practice what we preach. We use our own tactics to grow our own company. This isn’t another marketing gimmick or “secret hack.” This is real marketing that drives real results.

What are the Strategies We Use to Generate SO Much Success for Our Clients?

When we work together, you will find that our company is built on processes, communication, and attention to detail. We run our operation with full transparency so that you will ALWAYS have a deep understanding as to where your money is going and the results that our work is driving. Below you will find our step by step process that drives real result5s.

Step 1 – Audit, Research, and Plan

One of the reasons why we’ve continued to outperform the “marketing guru’s” is because we take the time to decide on what our intentions should be. Everything we do has an objective behind it. We want to build your digital brand by engaging with people who care about your services or product. We don’t want a bunch of random useless traffic. We want to increase relevant traffic.

To do this, we first go “under the hood” of your website. We determine which pages have the most opportunity. We determine which pages have great potential and we then determine what other keywords and new traffic opportunities are out there.

Everything we do has an objective behind it. We want people to pick up the phone, call you and become new customers or patients! We spend hours, painstakingly going through your website and your digital presence to determine where the real opportunities are. No other marketing agency pays such attention to detail.

Most marketing agencies want to send you reports of “increased traffic.” We send you reports of increased monthly revenue.

Step 2 – Execute on the Plan

At this point, you will have a written document that shows our plan and our timeline.

At this point, we get to work…

You can expect,

  • Monthly check-ins with updates traffic reports and keyword rankings
  • Constant communication with Tricia. Tricia is our world-class project manager and she will get you what you need when you need it
  • Constant outreach to earn new backlinks and to grow your online exposure
  • Improvement in content, design, conversions and ultimately… NEW BUSINESS!

Step 3 – Analyze, Adjust and Repeat

Even the best plans meet resistance. We will inevitably run into roadblocks that will require adjustment. At Stodzy, we thrive under pressure. Our procedure accounts for changes in the market, changes in Google’s algorithm, and we remain flexible.

There’s no ego involved. If the data tells us that we will have more success going in a certain direction, that we go in that direction. Our mission is to grow your business through digital marketing. The best digital marketers don’t “have all the answers.” Rather, they let the data steer them to make the most logical choices that yield the highest probability of success.

We will work through the entire process with you and with our monthly reporting, you will be informed at every stage of the process.

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Who We Are

Tim Stoddart

CEO | Fearless Leader

I’m Tim. I got started with internet marketing years ago with a simple blog I created. I enjoy writing, and I quickly made the connection between writing and marketing websites. I have been hooked ever since. Stodzy comes from very humble beginnings, and we are proud of what we have created. I ...

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Tricia Moceo

SEO Specialist and Content Manager

I’m Tricia - the sweet Georgia Peach of the squad. I’m a mother of two beautiful (and crazy) kids. Running a household is a lot like running a small business, except your employees never go home. I’m an avid caffeine enthus...

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Bryan Sacks

COO and Client Service Specialist

My name is Bryan and I have the best job in the world. I love to talk and my job allows me talk on the phone for hours. I love business marketing and I especially love working with people and coming up with creative ways to succeed! If a client has a question, I am available 24/7. We believe that...

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Tori Skene

SEO Specialist

Hi! I'm Tori! Originally from Irvine, California, I've called South Florida my home since 2013. I started writing for Sober Nation in 2017 and the rest is history! From there I began to learn about the intricate world of digital marketing and have never looked back. Through my past work at Stodzy an...

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David Erichsen

Lead Developer

Hi, my name is David. I clean plates and build websites. I am the lead developer and token know-it-all at Stodzy. In addition to my work at Stodzy, I am a co-founder of a retail hemp start-up and run a small digital agency of my own. Creating beauty is my passion and nothing brings more joy than ...

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