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Are Paid Drug Rehab Leads Really Worth It?
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Every addiction treatment center needs to have clients coming in the door. Without a steady flow of clients, the business will fail and there will not be any capacity to help people and perform your valuable treatment services.

Since the treatment industry has seen such a huge influx of facilities opening, this has made addiction treatment leads more valuable than ever.

Every day, treatment centers are buying leads in huge volumes. Some leads come through television commercial campaigns, other come through radio and others come from web marketing campaigns.

The most common type of lead is a purchased lead.

Buying leads is just one way that a treatment center can generate patients and therefore sustain the business model behind their treatment services. In this guide, we will go th rough every aspect of drug rehab leads. We will talk about how to buy leads, how to avoid unethical leads and how to generate leads for yourself.

Let’s get started.

Are Paid Drug Rehab Leads Really Worth It?

Buying leads for drug rehab is unlike buying any other lead.

By the very nature of the services, the people who are calling in for help are in precarious situations. Generally speaking, people aren’t looking for treatment when their lives are going great.

With that, it is difficult for rehabs to find leads and clients that perfectly match the circumstances they provide. There are so many variables involved when treating addiction. Just because someone calls and is looking for treatment does not necessarily mean that person will be eligible to admit into your facility. There are a lot of variables to consider. For instance…

  • Does this person have insurance that will cover the cost of treatment?
  • Will they be paying out of pocket? If so, how much can they actually afford?
  • Does the personality of this person fit the culture that your facility has developed?
  • Does this person live in the right area? If not, are you able to make travel accommodations so that the struggling addict can make it through the doors?
  • How motivated is this person really? Do they really want to get help or are they just in a desperate situation at the moment?
  • Does your particular treatment method best fir the needs that the potential client has?

These are all important questions to ask yourself when you are dealing with inbound phone calls, especially when dealing with leads from third party vendors and drug rehab directories.

After all is said and done, we have measured the data numerous times. Here is what we have discovered.

Buying drug rehab leads is worth it if you have the infrastructure to answer every phone call and you have a big enough facility that gives you flexibility in taking different types of clients.

The more specific your treatment model, the less likely you are to find the ideal patient for you. However, if you are a conglomerate that has facilities in multiple locations with multiple treatment methodologies, then buying leads is a good choice for you.

But, no matter your current circumstance, there is still an option that is better than buying leads.

How to Generate Your Own Addiction Treatment Leads

There is no denying that buying inbound addiction treatment leads has a place and a time.

None the less, there is no better time to start organically driving your own leads than right now. The sooner you start with your own marketing and branding efforts, the sooner your treatment center will be fully independent and self sufficient. The sooner you can remove third party lead providers, the better.

Stodzy internet Marketing has been the leading addiction marketing agency for the last 6 years. We have seen many different methods and experimented with all types of marketing campaigns to see what works best in creating organic inbound leads for our clients.

Below you will find our approach in driving drug rehab leads.

Work on Your Branding – The first mistake most treatment centers make is failing to pay attention to their brand. Remember, a brand is more than just a logo. A brand is an emotion. Although this first step seems trivial, it is important to develop a culture and a core belief system so that you can define who it is you want to target. Before you get started, ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Are you going to be a 12 step model? A holistic healing center? Are you going to implement SMART recovery?
  2. Are you going to be in network or out of network?
  3. Are you going to offer medically assisted treatment services?

Before you generate leads, you first need to define what the perfect lead will look like. Who are you targeting? Where do they live? What kind of family do they come from? How can you best help these people?

Build Your Website – Naturally, there are ways to grow your brand that do not include the internet. Those services can be better provided by a public relations team or a business development department. We are experts in digital marketing, so that is where we focus our time.

When you build a website, you want to be sure to deliver a clear message. Do not let yourself get bogged down by fancy design elements and flashy tricks. When people are looking for treatment they want to know if you can help them, what the experience will be like and how they can get in touch with you.

You want your website to be minimalist, clean with pictures and an honest account of what the treatment experience will be like.

After your website is built, it’s time to start developing your traffic.

Focus on Search Engine OptimizationDrug rehab seo is the most effective marketing method to drive valuable traffic to your website that will convert into a phone call and a subsequent admission. However, driving traffic through SEO is difficult and it does require an investment.

Investing in your digital presence through SEO is the best desicion a treatment facility can make in regards to building their marketing efforts. The reason is simple.

When people go to Google, they are searching for answers to their problem. If you are able to position yourself to receive traffic generated by search inquiries that are specific to treatment, you know the conversion rates on those phone calls are going to be very high.

People aren’t coming to your website because they are looking for the latest sneaker releases. They are coming because they need to get help for their addiction problem. This drug rehab lead will always be the highest converting. Best of all, it will be a lead that you generated on your own without having to pay a third party vendor.

Completing the Cycle – It goes without saying that once a client has admitted into your facility, you are morally and legally responsible to provide the best treatment you possibly can. Not only are you potentially saving a life, but by providing a great service you are also investing in your lead generation.

Getting positive reviews, especially on Google my Business, is one of the best things you can do to improve your local search marketing. These reviews play a huge role in Google algorithm that determines which local businesses will be put at the top of map search.

A Google business page will also have a high conversion rate. There is clarity of intent and also the “call now” button is directly on the Google business page so that person can make a phone call without even clicking through to your website.

Rehab Lead Generation Management

Imagine being able to build your brand to a point where your business and your admission department is self sufficient. Imagine if your digital marketing were the primary source of your admissions.

It is not a dream. It is possible. There are huge opportunities in building your own lead generation funnel. We can help you.

With our management services, we can handle all aspects of your treatment lead generation. This means we will build your SEO campaign and we will structure your website so that you get the traffic that is most targeted to your perfect client.

This means that you will have detailed call tracking and conversion rate tracking so you can determine which marketing tactics are performing the best at any given moment.

Lead management can be charged on a monthly recurring basis and it can be worked into the recurring costs of a marketing campaign. Our services are all inclusive and we like to spend time on the work that will provide tangible results.

Better Than Buying Calls

As previously mentioned, there is a time and a place to buy inbound rehab leads from vendors. Sometimes the right circumstances apply.

For instance, maybe you are just opening and you need time for your SEO to kick in. Obviously you can supplement the lack of SEO by purchasing leads or buying advertising. However, in most cases we will always advise on building your own lead generation funnel.

These leads will always convert better, because it is a direct line of access to the admissions department and the person on the other end of the line has shown extreme interest, just buy being on the website.

Your admissions rep will always be able to express your treatment services better because the person will be on the website reading about how you operate.

The person will be able to look at pictures of the facility. They will be able to get their questions answered by someone who has direct knowledge of the treatment facility and what the experience will be like.

The person will be able to know what to expect and frankly, the person will be in a position where they are trusting the admissions rep because they are speaking to the exact person they expect to speak to.

Getting Started

If you plan to stay in business for a long time, then you need to be generating your own leads.

The first step is to fill out the contact form below. One of our trusted experts will call you and together we will build a plan that will drive traffic to your own brand website and help bring in phone calls for you.

Over time, you will be seeing results that will help you build your brand, build your services and provide treatment to the people who need it the most.