Coastal Detox

Coastal Detox

What is Coastal Detox?

Coastal Detox is a drug and alcohol detoxification facility located in the city of Stuart on Florida ’s beautiful Treasure Coast.

Their mission is to help each client sail through detox with safe, highly effective medically supervised detox protocols combined with a wide variety of soothing holistic treatment therapies and compassionate client care within an exceptionally comfortable and tranquil living environment.

Coastal Detox offers individual and group counseling as part of their comprehensive detox treatment services. They create a customized detox program based on each client ’'s medical history, drug of choice and individual needs such as any co-occurring disorders.


How We Helped

Coastal Detox is a client that has been with us at Stodzy for a long time.  Coastal came to Stodzy with a concept. Our job was to take that concept and ideas that they had and turn into something they can see, and love.

After careful research, planning and hours of work- Coastal's brand new site was pushed live! Since the beginning, we at Stodzy have always gone back to sites we've built to see how we can make them better. Whether it is due to new updates sent out, new ideas or new tricks in the trade that we have learned.

Keywords are always sought through and updated, blogs are sent out weekly and site audits are done every month to make sure that Coastal's new site is always in perfect health!

Coastal Detox