Drug Treatment Center Finder

Drug Treatment Center Finder

What is Drug Treatment Center Finder?

Drug Treatment Center Finder is a nationwide directory designed to provide resources to people searching for drug treatment.

They help find the facility that will best suit your needs whether it is inpatient, outpatient, detox or halfway housing. They also help with location of the facility, types of therapies you may need and pricing or insurance coverage.

The website also allows for other treatment centers to submit their own listings into the directory. This is advantageous because it allows for the site to maintain quality information and content, and provides people with the most available options and treatment resources possible.


How We Helped

Drug Treatment Center Finder was just an idea when it came it Stodzy. We decided the best route of action and came up with a detailed process in creating this directory. From locations all the way to the small design details we created an entire directory to make it easier on those looking for help!

DTCF was a large project and it took a lot of time and energy. We use this site for link building and social media marketing to help generate leads. We are very proud to have built such an amazing directory!

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Drug Treatment Center Finder