Intervention Services Inc.

Intervention Services Inc.

Intervention Services Inc. is one of the nation's most credible and reputable intervention service companies offering drug, alcohol, mental health, crisis interventions and more.

This organization  was founded by David Lee, who is a leading interventionist. He founded the company based on his own experiences  and some of the struggles that family members go through when trying to convince a loved one that they need help.

They will fly anywhere in the nation and will be there from the intervention until the moment they enter treatment. Intervention services also offers continuum care services such as drug testing, sobriety monitoring, family reintegration, sober coaching and case management.



What We Do

Intervention Service Inc, came to us already having a brand identity which made it so easy for us to create a site that represented who they are and where they wanted to go into the future.

From email marketing to web development/design we saw Intervetion Services grow into the company we knew they could be!

Intervention Services Ink is a fantastic company and we loved building this site, and leading them on the path to success!

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Intervention Services Inc.