Malvern Institute

Malvern Institute

What is Malvern?

The Malvern Institute has helped families struggling with addiction since 1948. We achieve treatment success through an unrivaled dedication to the clinical care and innovative treatment solutions. We believe that holistic recovery is best served through a complete understanding of addiction through a continuum of care model. Malvern treats all patients with compassion and respect, inspiring hope and joy in recovery.

What We DO

When Malvern Institute came to Stodzy, they were very serious about getting the very best work.

They had 6 different locations all around Pennsylvania and New Jersey that they wanted to have on their new site.

After multiple conference calls, Stodzy came up with the best sitemap and silo's to ensure that their SEO and user engagement was effective and easy.  We created custom filters to sift through all locations and different programs offered at those locations,  anchors, and long hours of work- Malvern's new site was born!

Malvern was definitely a great challenge, and we love that they love how it turned out, just as much as we do!

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Malvern Institute