Recovery Hub

Recovery Hub

Recovery Hub is a nationwide directory for drug & alcohol addiction treatment facilities.

By providing the latest news and information on drug addiction, their aim is to help people find the type of treatment that will best suit their needs. They have broken down the different aspects of addiction treatment and can locate a facility near anyone seeking help or out of state.

They have a comprehensive list of detox facilities, outpatient and inpatient treatment, intervention resources, aftercare programs and even the different therapies that are associated with drug and alcohol treatment.

How We Helped

We at Stodzy built and designed Recovery Hub to make sure that the most important and helpful information was given to those who were looking for it. Our main goal in building this site was to make sure that those in recovery got the help they needed.

Building recovery hub was not only fun, but it was a great learning experience for Stodzy! From analytics, we were able to come up with multiple strategies for our content marketing, which we use on all of our sites! Creating beautiful, informative content that will be perfect for your targeted audience is not only looked at by Google, but by your users as well!

We are always learning new ways to make all of our clients better. There is always more to learn!

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