Sober Nation

Sober Nation

What is Sober nation?

Sober Nation is a nationwide online resource for those in recovery and those who are seeking recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

They offer the latest news about addiction and recovery, personalized stories of people living in sobriety. Sober Nation also has an extensive directory for anyone seeking treatment, interventions or case management. Their website has a ton of notoriety and maintains a huge online presence.

With 121,000 Facebook Fans, Sober Nation has an extensive pull within the recovery community.


What We do

Sober Nation is one of the world's largest and comprehensive resource centers for addiction and addiction recovery.

When we first started working with Sober Nation, they had a pretty robust website. The owners were experienced with content marketing and social media. The site already was getting a massive amount of traffic, however, it wasn't converting in the way the owners hadĀ hoped.

That's where we came in.

First off, the database needed a real clean up. We spent a month and essentially gutted the entire database and rebuilt it. This allowed for a much betterĀ site speed as well as an easier accessibility for Google bots to crawl the site.

Next, we totally rebuilt on the content in the directory. This led to a much better SEO ranking and over the course of 6 months, we saw the rankings go up, 2 fold.

Ultimately, it is an honor to be involved with this great website and the services they provide and the free resources they distribute is so well received in the addiction recovery community.


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