Addiction Treatment Consulting

There is too much on the line here. You can’t mess this up.

Treatment is more than just a business. There are lives at stake. People are counting on your treatment services to help them start enjoying and living their lives again. This is important, that’s why you need to be sure your facility is running  efficiently.

This is no easy task. Running a treatment center requires management, and control over a lot of moving parts.

If there are any areas of your marketing that you feel are falling short, Stodzy can offer our knowledge and expert advice in a wide range of areas.



We get it. Although we feel handing your internet marketing efforts over to Stodzy is your best bet, we understand that many treatment facilities like to keep their marketing in-house.

If that is the case, we will still offer our expert advice in the industry. We know what needs to be done, and we are not frugal with our tactics and strategies.

Maybe all you need is someone to run ideas by and someone to give advice on marketing work you are doing. If that be the case, we are more than open to working together to strengthen your in house marketing team.

We are not selfish… we are here to help.


We will not rest until your intake and admissions system is flawless. Potential clients may not always be in the right frame of mind. After all, many of the people seeking your treatment services are on the tail of end a drinking binge. It is important to know how to deal with these people.

They may be scared, they are probably stressed and dealing with withdrawal effects. Finding the right words and the right process is crucial in this delicate process.

Not to mention, the paperwork involved is also strenuous. You need to verify insurance benefits, manage transportation and possibly tie up lose ends with work and legal commitments.

We have years of experience with running admissions departments, and we can help you through every step of the way.


Our Co Captain Bryan Sacks, is a phone wizard.

We know all the potential problems and shortcomings in phone systems. Let’s say for instance your admissions department closes at 5 PM, but many people are calling at 10 PM, what do you do?

Does it make sense to hire a full time employee to work the overnight shift? Maybe… but more often than not this problem can be solved by tight nit phone routing.

We can assist in helping with rollovers to cell phones, with call transfers, and with assigning different phone numbers to ring through to different call groups.

With so many people who need addiction treatment, we put huge emphasis on the importance of getting people speaking to the right professional, in as few steps as possible.

We do not cut corners with this, it’s too important.


Knowing your conversion rates is critical. it is impossible to know how effective your marketing efforts are unless you know what your conversion rates are.

Our services will give you a better understanding as to how valuable each of your leads sources are, which of your best intake reps are, which states are bringing you the best clients.

Whatever you need.

We want to make things as simple as possible. If you want to keep your marketing in house, that’s fine. However, there is always room for improvement.

If you are serious about doing your digital marketing yourself, than at least make the investment to make sure you are doing it right. Nothing is more expensive that marketing departments that are bleeding time and resources.

If need be, we can always come in to tighten things up for you.