Content Marketing For Drug Rehab Centers

Custom Content to Build Your Recovery Community

We have built an army.

It’s been years and years of work, but over time we have developed a tight-knit team of writers, all of which have experience writing about addiction and recovery.

We have a diverse group including writers in recovery, writers with professional treatment experience and writers who have family members who have struggled with addiction. We have worked tirelessly to create and nurture relationships with our writers so that we can cover many different tones, subjects and writing styles for the content we create.

Let us not forget… everything is content. We do much more than write blogs. However, our team of writers and textual content creators are the backbone of our entire establishment. No other treatment marketing company has the resources to serve you and your treatment center.

You Will Get A Customized Content Calendar

We plan ahead of time.

Every client receives a customized “content calendar” each month that maps out the subject matter and which writer is assigned to that content. Every article has a purpose behind it. Nothing is random.

What do we mean by that?

Before every article is assigned, our creative director does the keyword research, researches the demographics of a particular client and uses that information to assign the best possible piece of content.

Everything we do has an intention behind it. Content marketing within the addiction treatment industry needs to be written to engage the audience. The recovery community is very in tune with certain ideas.

The content calendar provides an efficient and systematic approach to assigning content to our army.

Different Forms of Content for Addiction Treatment Market

Content creation is not a one size fits all operation. Different scenarios call for different styles of writing.

After a lot of practice, we have broken down the treatment and recovery related content into 4 different types.content-math

1 – Evergreen Content

This is content that is always relevant. The content has no lifespan. The information in this kind of content is true and is always going to be true. Many times (but not always) they are scientifically based.

2 – Newsworthy Content

Sometimes, news happens that may be relevant to your treatment facility or the addiction treatment industry as a whole. When this happens, we push the little red button and we get an article up right away. Newsworthy content is very time sensitive, so we make it happen quickly for you.

3 – Flagship Content

This is the content that defines who and what you are. An industry as personal as addiction treatment needs to be transparent, so we use this type of content to allow the readers to really get to know you.

Also, flagship (or sometimes called cornerstone content) is assigned to go after your toughest and most competitive keywords. As we build your link profile, we make sure to give an extra “boost” to these pages because they have the most value.

4 – Viral Content

This content does extremely well on social media and has a subject matter that is likely to be shared and create exponential growth. Generally, we call this “going viral.” This content grows the brand and gets valuable links.

Let’s Not Forget About Videos

Like we said before, everything is content. We are huge advocates for videos.

Part of the reason for this is that one video can be curated into two or even three different mediums. One video can be uploaded to YouTube, directly to Facebook ,or embedded into a blog post to create another unique piece.

We make the most of our resources. People love videos, people love seeing a face and hearing a voice. Videos do extremely well with mobile traffic and our experience shows us that the addiction community loves to engage.

We have an entire in-house studio set up, but our video production team can go anywhere.

But Wait There’s More?!


The list is really endless. Photos, infographics, podcasts, publications, press releases and even cartoons. Everything that can be shared and can communicate a message is considered content.

The addiction treatment field is full of great topics to write about and create conversation around. Content marketing within the addiction treatment field is still a very underutilized marketing strategy. However, building great content is the best way to establish  yourself as an industry leader.

Content marketing is an investment in yourself.  It requires upfront labor and expenses  but provides a high return which will make you an independent entity. You won’t have to rely on advertising and PPC. You will have built a brand and a reputable establishment.

This is the holy grail.

Let the pros handle your online marketing.
We got you covered.