Proper Digital Healthcare Marketing Begins with an Easy-to-Navigate Website

Your website is your calling card, a digital welcome mat if you will. Your website is often people’s first impression of your practice and services. Many people will choose whether or not to come to your facility because of your website. For that reason, having an eye-catching and easy-to-navigate website is the first step in proper digital healthcare marketing.

When creating your website, make it patient-friendly, engaging, and easy to use and navigate. Check out the following examples from Cleveland Clinic’s website:

From the examples, you can see that the site is very user-friendly. The site is easy to navigate, uses white space effectively, and features robust colors that are inviting and easy on the eyes.

In addition to its layout, Cleveland Clinic’s site also features resource links to help visitors get the information they need.

HelpFul Blogs, Articles, and Useful Content

Blogs and articles are an important complement to your website. Google estimates that 1 in 20 searches are medically related. With 5.6 million Google searches daily, a staggering 280 million queries are medically related. Take advantage of this traffic with blogs and articles that are informative, insightful and engaging.

Your blogs and articles can be on a wide range of topics.

Examples include health conditions, possible treatments, tips, and advice. Give your audience the information and resources they need to be knowledgeable and empowered before they come in for a visit.

Additionally, utilize the power of the testimonial to instill trust and confidence in your readers. When people read about your patients’ recovery and clean bill of health due to your services, it gives them comfort and provides the motivation they need to contact you.

For examples of engaging blog and article content, visit the website of  the Harvard Health Blog. They understand the power of the written word in relation to proper online healthcare marketing.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Nearly 244 million Americans are on social media, and 81 percent of Americans have at least one social media account. When used correctly, social media can be a POWERFUL tool to promote your practice and services. With the number of people using social media increasing by the day, it is crucial that you make it a part of your effective online marketing strategy.

When you utilize social media, plan wisely! Be sure that you are posting a variety of content on your page that will engage your viewers. Content needs to run the gamut from healthcare services and trends to emerging treatments and other topics your audience shows interest. While your content should be informative, it needs to be easily understood and conversational.

To help your social media posts reach even more people, you can collaborate with other similar professionals. Write guest posts and share links of other reputable providers on your social media pages. This will give you extra credibility and boost your follower count.

Add Video!

Another aspect of proper digital healthcare marketing is the use of video. People love visuals, and they love when people who are experts in their field talk passionately about healthcare topics. This adds credibility and character to your website and it a must when establishing a proper healthcare marketing.

Take a look at the following video from Mayo Clinic:

The above video is effective in a number of ways. The doctor featured is personable and passionate about his specialty, and he is engaging. Most importantly, the video is professionally shot with perfect lighting and editing. With the packaging and its presentation, this video is effective in making people comfortable and will bolster there trust and confidence in your facility and the services you provide.

Email Lists

Looking for a way to strengthen your online healthcare marketing? Create an establish an email list.

Sending a monthly email blast containing a variety of information helps your audience stay informed and educated. You can utilize email personalization and segmentation based on your audience’s specific and unique needs and interest. You can send out current articles and blogs, videos or guest posts from authoritative figures in your specialty.

Another Component of Proper Digital Healthcare Marketing: Strong SEO

While all the above components are critical in developing proper digital healthcare marketing, it is all for naught without proper search engine optimization (SEO). If your SEO is lacking on your website, you simply won’t be seen.

In a nutshell, proper SEO includes the thorough research of specific keywords that will drive traffic to your website. These keywords are simple, specific and have high search volume.

These keywords provide the roadmap in building your content. While keyword density and quality is important, focusing too much on density will hurt your search ranking. Please remember that quality content is your top priority.

Need Help? Call Stodzy Internet Marketing Right Now!

Proper online healthcare marketing can be a tricky endeavor and is one you can’t tackle on your own. While you can invest your money in an SEO company that promises big results, will they deliver on their promises? Bad online healthcare marketing is not only a waste of time and money, but it can significantly damage your facility and reputation. In our experience with doing drug rehab seo we have seen this investment pay off greatly for these facilities.

That is something you simply can’t afford.

Because your practice and services are vital, you need a digital marketing firm that has years of experience, proven marketing methods that work, and an attentive staff that will work with you to ensure that you grow for the long run.

With many years of cumulative experience, our staff has worked with countless healthcare providers in South Florida and across the nation in developing sound online healthcare marketing strategies that will expand your reach and drive traffic to you. We develop lasting partnerships with the healthcare providers we work with, and as your needs change we change with you.

Don’t wait another day, call us toll-free today and schedule a complimentary consultation.

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