Healthcare Digital Marketing Services

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Stodzy Internet Marketing provides premier healthcare digital marketing services + technology solutions for healthcare companies seeking ROI focused growth strategies. Our proven methodology attracts, engages, and converts more prospects to patients, while opening up entirely new lines of revenue.

Healthcare SEO Services

Every business needs new clients. What if I told you that the best way to bring new business was to let them come to you? It's not a pipe dream or a sleazy sales pitch. This is what search engine optimization is all about - and it's a vital part of any healthcare digital marketing strategy.

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Lead Generation for Healthcare Companies

Why do most businesses fail? It is bad management? Is it ownership disputes? Businesses fail because they don't bring in enough new business. It's as simple as that. With an influx of sales, almost every other problem in business is solvable.

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Healthcare Web Design

Every business needs a website. A website is what gives your brand social proof and trust. A well built, smooth-running website can be the difference between making or breaking your business and your healthcare digital marketing strategy.

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Local Search Marketing for Healthcare Providers

One of our biggest priorities is getting your facility ranking locally. Local search traffic is some of the most valuable inbound traffic you can earn. It is low hanging fruit that drives revenue. Distance yourself from your competition.

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Call Tracking for Healthcare Companies

Call tracking and data management services will ensure that all of your money is being spent in the most effecient manner and it will assist in dialing in on the most effective lead sources. What's the point in digital marketing for healthcare companies if you're not tracking and managing calls?

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Healthcare Social Media Marketing

Social media is about connection. Imagine if your patients had a place where they could all express how much your services have helped them, and could share their stories with other people?

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Paid Advertising for Healthcare Companies

Organic search is a valuable tool, but paid advertising services can help you target more customers and generate more leads. See how PPC and display ads can help you boost your online visibility.

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Healthcare Email Marketing

Email? Who wants to bother with email? This is 2020. These days it’s all about social media and complicated digital marketing campaigns. Email doesn’t work anymore. Right? Wrong. Email is still the most effective digital marketing channel for healthcare companies.

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