Drug Rehab SEO: How to Properly Optimize Your Treatment Website

Saturday, July 13, 2019 | By Tim Stoddart

drug rehab seo

When it comes to SEO, the addiction treatment industry is extremely competitive. Hundreds of treatment centers are competing for the same keywords. With that said, there is a huge opportunity to grow your business through search engine optimization.

Traffic through search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo will always convert at the highest rate. Social media marketing and email marketing are both very valuable and important but drug rehab SEO has the potential to completely change your admissions process.

Search traffic for the term “drug rehab” is highly sought after. That keyword is possibly the most competitive term within the online addiction marketplace. However, if you know what you are doing, you will quickly discover that there are a lot of golden opportunities for less competitive keywords that will still yield high conversion rates. Let’s look at how to properly create a successful drug rehab SEO campaign.

Why Invest in SEO for a Drug Rehab?

More and more people are turning to the internet for resources. People will always go to the internet when inquiring about rehab of any kind. Before someone decides to pick up the phone and call, you can expect that person has been to three or four websites researching the best option.

Getting your facility in front of these searches is critical to bringing in admits. However, most treatment facilities use tactics that are frowned upon. Using these tactics is a waste of money. It will not bring in clients and it will not bring a return on your money spent.

This is why working with professionals is so important. SEO is a time-consuming process and results will not be seen overnight. Working with a reputable company that will tell you the truth is the difference between a successful internet advertising campaign and wasting your money on ineffective SEO for your drug rehab.

Why Focus on SEO for Your Drug Rehab?

Inbound traffic (traffic that comes to a website through search) is very valuable.

It’s all about intent.

The intent of the user, or, the “searcher,” is the differentiating factor in determining whether a hit of traffic will convert into an admit in your facility. This is what SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about.

Search engine optimization for drug rehabs is unique in that the intent of the searcher is highly specified. If people are searching for “drug rehab for heroin addiction,” what do you think they are intending to do? The chances are they are looking to accomplish one of the following.

  • admit themselves into drug rehab.
  • admit a loved one into drug rehab.
  • research a drug rehab because they are in the beginning stages of admitting they have a problem.
  • looking to find an advertising relationship.

So the question is… how will Stodzy get your drug rehab ranking for high-value search terms?

Search Engine Optimization Tactics for Drug Rehabs

Our approach to SEO is very simple.

The best way to rank for targeted  keywords in search engines is to provide value.

The difference between Stodzy and any other internet marketing companies is that our staff is highly experienced with addiction treatment as well as a wide range of internet advertising tactics. We understand the language, we understand what afflicted addicts and family members are searching for, and we create and publish high quality, valuable content that will convert web traffic into phone calls and admits.

We choose to focus on providing value to searchers that match their intent. This is a win-win. Google’s algorithms reward high-value content which will increase rankings in the search engines, all the while providing the best information to the searcher. When a user lands on your website, the valuable content will instill trust which increases the chances of conversion.

This is a long term and time-intensive approach, but the results will increase your return on investment 10 fold.

Our 3 Fold Approach to Google Traffic that Converts

3 fold approach to drug rehab seo

We like to keep things simple. To optimize keywords for your drug rehab, we have narrowed it down to a simple 3 step process.

1. Do Our Research

There are unlimited options to choose from. Keywords, phrases, locations, intent… it can be tough to know exactly what the right approach is. That’s why it is important to spend time researching your target demographic.

Research can be broken down into a few different elements.

  • competition.
  • the location of your facility.
  • the types of drug addiction that are prevalent in your area.
  • the types of services you provide.
  • what your “ideal client” is.

The research is the foundation for SEO efforts for any drug rehab, unfortunately, so many people miss this step. Failing to plan is planning to fail.

2. Write Compelling Content That Uses Best Practice

Online copywriting is an art. You must combine many different elements. The content should be engaging or else no one will read it. Weak or “thin” content is directly correlated with a low time on-site.

Taking the time to create compelling content makes a big difference. Although most people will not take the time to read the entire article, some will. Formatting and creating your piece of content for the internet is an important step.

Your headers must be aligned. Your images must be formatted properly and not pixilated. Your sentences should be easy to digest. Every little bit of detail counts.

This includes unique meta tags, links, and proper format. We explain our technique in more detail below.

3. Share and Promote the Content

We have written a perfect piece of online copy, now what?

Next, we get people to read it. Sharing and promoting content is a highly important aspect of bringing in traffic, but it is also part of a long-term strategy. Sharing a great piece of content through social media will certainly bring a quick influx of traffic. However, the real goal of this sharing is to continuously spread the message so that the right people will see it, bookmark it, share it themselves, or link back to it.

Consistency is the key to becoming an authority drug rehab with a strong brand. Gain authority and search rankings will follow! Great content is essential for a successful drug rehab SEO campaign.

Technique Still Matters

This isn’t all bells and whistles.

Although the primary focus for drug rehab SEO is to provide relevant content – proper format, keywords, interior links and backlinks all continue to play a vital role. We take all of this into account.

To say again in plain English – writing a lot of content alone will not bring in search traffic. Writing valuable content combined with proper techniques and attention to detail is high-value search engine optimization for drug rehab.

This means you should…

  • use best practice in title tags and meta descriptions.
  • follow webmaster guidelines for earning backlinks.
  • write compelling content through education and storytelling.
  • properly structure your website.

If you are a nerd like we are nerds, we will gladly jump on a phone call with you and explain what all of this lingo means. What is important is that you understand that our approach is to do it right the first time.

Using SEO to Build a Brand and Promote Your Reputation

It is important to understand that SEO plays a massive role in advertising your drug rehab facility. However, it is still one aspect of a bigger picture.

Everything we do is part of a bigger plan.

The idea is that high search engine rankings, combined with community building through social media, alumni campaigns through email and cohesive word of mouth marketing is the holy grail.

All of these individual marketing efforts combine into what we call “total brand recognition.”

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