The website for your treatment center is one of its most powerful advertising tools. It’s publicly accessible, it can reach a wide audience, and you have the power to increase its traffic. Wouldn’t it be nice if your website could keep growing your facility online and actually keep your facility full of clients?

This is not just a possibility–we actually see it happen. With the Stodzy three-step method, you can start growing consistent traffic and build your facility online to increase your client admissions dramatically. This is how we do things, and we know that this works.

If you want to use this method on your own, feel free! But, if you don’t have the time or if you want the help of Stodzy’s marketing professionals, call us today. Talk to us about how we can take your website to the next level with these three steps:

Step 1: Make SEO a Priority

In the world of websites, SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. When someone searches a term or question on the internet, a search engine produces results that are ranked in order of their relevance. Websites that answer a person’s inquiry the most effectively will rank highest. The average internet user will only actually click on the top five ranked links that come back from their search,

In order to get your facility’s website ranked higher, you’ve got to have quality SEO practices. Proper knowledge of SEO means you understand how to utilize title tags, HTML tags, and keywords. Especially in a way that is most searchable by a search engine. Sound confusing? This is why marketing services from   SEO experts like those at Stodzy are necessary to do this right.

To maximize your searchability, your SEO strategy needs to be aimed at ranking your facility’s website higher for its specific location. When people search for a drug rehab or addiction treatment center, that search is targeted towards a specific state, county, or city. There is far too much competition to aim for ranking your site on a national level. You want your website to be properly optimized for search engines. This is so it becomes a local authority on addiction treatment and easily found through an internet search.

Step 2: Use Social Media to Build Community

While social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat may not bring in new admits directly, they’re the best arenas where you can build community. This sense of community can contribute to the overall atmosphere of your treatment facility. It will show it as a place of care, based on the loyal following and testimonies of past clients. When it’s evident that past clients are happy and successful, you’re also likely to attract more new clients.

Ultimately, think of your social media as a brand-builder. It’s an effective way to get your facility noticed. It allows you to easily share content within the addictions field. Your social media profiles are a chance to communicate with people. It is also a way to display that you’re an authority in the treatment industry. As you build your following and get more content shared across social media platforms, you’ll attract more attention to your brand. With more eyes on your brand, more potential clients are likely to find your website!

Step 3: Email Your Alumni

A downfall for many treatment centers is that they neglect their alumni program – or they don’t even have one. Treatment is an important part of the recovery process, but it’s only the beginning. Each facility has a duty to invest in their clients’ long-term recovery. This means providing those clients with the tools that they need to lead sober lives after treatment. Email is the best way to do this because it is a direct line of communication between your facility and your graduated clients.

For clients who complete your program, email is one of the best ways to maintain open lines of communication and support. In those emails, you can collect treatment outcomes, send helpful information and content, and build an additional sense of inclusion that can continue to motivate those clients in their recovery. Alumni can be some of your most loyal followers on social media, the most likely to share your content, and also more likely to express positive reviews about your facility online or by word of mouth.

With this the third layer of increased visibility for your brand online, you’ll have more people visiting your website. The sense of community built on social media and through your alumni has the power to encourage those potential clients to become actual clients. Growing your facility online requires more than just strategic advertising – the entire online impression of your facility plays a part in your potential clients’ decisions.

Bringing It All Together

While any one of these strategies is enough to start growing your facility online, these methods work best if they work together in harmony.

As your SEO rankings grow, your social community should grow with it. As your email list grows, so will your online rankings.

Every treatment center needs to make themselves a partial media company. Without content and without a professional and recognizable website, most people will not take your facility seriously.

2017 is just around the corner and still we come across countless of treatment centers with sub-par websites or even no website at all. In order to be seen as an authoritative facility, you need to have your digital brand solidified.

Do what you can to get your website ranked higher on search engines. Make social media and alumni emails priorities. If you’d like help executing these steps most effectively, the experts at Stodzy are happy to help you. Call us today.

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