Did you know Google can penalize you and your healthcare website for guest blogging for SEO? When Google announced this new policy, the search engine professionals got awfully nervous. There were rumors that Google had SEO specialists in their cross-hairs. However, in reality, Google’s penalties are only applicable to healthcare bloggers and companies that rely on guest blogging for link building with spam links.

There is nothing to worry about if you would like to guest blog on a website that is of considerable quality and receives a decent amount of traffic. Though it does not make sense to guest blog strictly for link building, there is still merit to posting blogs on other sites. You have significantly more to gain than lose with blogging for SEO.

The Right Way to Guest Blog for SEO

The question begs: how do you guest blog the right way? In general, if it looks like spam, it probably is spam. If you come across a website you would like to add a guest blog post to and it has spam elements, move on to the next prospect. Part of the purpose of guest posting is to focus on your company’s specific target audience to bring that much more web traffic to your site and gain visibility. Guest blogging ultimately enhances company exposure, boosts branding, expands reach and helps build an online community.

Let’s take a look at how your business can maximize the value of your guest blog posts.

Find the Blogs Your Audience is Most Likely to Visit

As long as you plan on guest blogging for the proper reasons and not solely for link building purposes, it is time to shift your attention to finding websites that are relevant to your specific audience and industry. As an example, if you own a babysitting service, there is no reason to write a guest post for a website that is centered on car safety. However, it is in your interest to find websites those interested in babysitting are inclined to read and subsequently guest blog on those sites.

The goal is to find your specific niche and subsequently broaden it rather than shrink it. This approach ensures you have several blogs to guest post on. There are some nuanced strategies for finding blogs once you establish your niche. As an example, type the terms listed below into Google and you will find pinpointing blogs that accept guest posts will prove easier than expected:

  • Guest Post “Niche”
  • Write for us “Niche”
  • “Niche” Submit Guest Post
  • “Niche” Submit a Post
  • “Niche” Guest Blog
  • “Niche” Guest Blogger

However, some of these queries will inevitably steer you toward spam-oriented sites. Take a close look at each site before you contact the owner or webmaster. Perform your due diligence and you won’t waste your limited time contacting the owners and webmasters of sites that receive little-to-no traffic.

Focus on Outreach

Once you have a list of blogs you think are the proper fit, it is time to conduct outreach. Even if the site itself states all guest posts are welcome, it is still in your interest to perform outreach. Find the contact information from the websites in question and reach out to them that way. You can also fill out the contact form.

When contacting the sites in question about writing a guest blog post, do not immediately dive right into the subject of guest blog posting. Start the conversation by communicating what, exactly, steered you to the site. Explain why the fit is appropriate and mutually beneficial.

Bloggers and webmasters are always on the lookout for high-quality content as it provides an opportunity to gain more traffic with minimal effort. You can advance your cause with these site owners by liking their social media pages and posts. Express your admiration for their site and you will be closer to establishing a rapport.

Create The Best Content

Now that you have the green light to guest blog, it is time to actually write the content. Your content should intrigue the audience, help them solve a problem and ultimately prove buzz-worthy to the point that it has the potential to go viral.

The following guest blogging tips will prove quite helpful:

  • Use images at a fairly high frequency. Images make the written word that much more appealing. Images are the equivalent of a cover to a book so make sure the pictures you choose are visually appealing. Furthermore, the image should appeal to those inclined to read the site/blog in question
  • Indentations and bullet points present information in a truly organized manner.
  • Highlight key phrases with bold for added significance.
  • Sections with artfully-worded titles enhance organization and readability.
  • If your post features stats or numbers, use graphs and charts to help the reader visualize the content in his or her mind’s eye.

Add an Author Biography

The author biography is the final piece of the guest blogging puzzle. This is where you are permitted to place links to your website and social media profiles. Keep in mind some sites strictly permit the use of links to the author bio section. Make sure your bio is clear and cogent to the point that it inspires readers to check out your website.

If you are writing for a blog that allows links in the article as opposed to strictly the author biography section, make sure they are added in the proper places. In general, the first link should be featured in the second or third paragraph. Another link or two that steers readers to high authority sites should be placed elsewhere in the blog.

Strategic Guest Blogging Will Help Your Website Realize Its True Potential

Guest blogging is not a daily endeavor. Rather, occasional guest blogging is quite helpful in the context of SEO. Keep in mind that Google’s algorithms are not capable of telling the difference between a regular post and a guest blogging post. Restrict your guest blog posts to high-quality sites that successfully steer web surfers to your site and you will convert that many more prospects into paying clients.

If you are hesitant to guest blog due to potential penalties from Google, opt for simplicity.  As long as your guest blog focuses on boosting your brand and enhancing SEO, Google probably won’t punish the effort. Blog with the goal of enhancing online visibility and traffic, enjoy a subsequent SEO boost through link building and you will benefit in the sort-term as well as the long-term.

Guest Blogging for SEO with Stodzy Internet Marketing

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