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Expand your patient roster, improve their digital experience, and reduce churn with a healthcare marketing agency that will elevate your healthcare brand’s image.

Challenges Our Healthcare Marketing Agency Tackles Daily

We know that the stakes are high for professionals as you have to stay on top of the latest healthcare marketing trends and the latest healthcare trends. In addition, your marketing material directly impacts the healthcare decisions of patients. 

Therefore, not only is accuracy essential, but it also must comply with HIPAA and other industry regulations. While operating within these strict guidelines, here are probably a few of the other goals you’re working to achieve.

Attract The Right Patients

Driving visitors to your website isn’t enough anymore. While some visitors have no intention of ever making an appointment, others are ready to schedule a consultation. In addition, not all procedures/programs generate the same ROI, and some patients may be a better fit for your program than others. Fortunately, we’ve cracked the code to help you attract your dream patients and spend less time doing consultations and more time scheduling high-value patients.

Improve Patient Experience

Another problem you’ve probably encountered is patient experience. Whether your patients have trouble booking a time online or finding your website on Google, the professionals at our healthcare marketing agency can remove any friction and ensure that your patients have a seamless experience with your brand.

Appropriately Attribute Growth

If your marketing spend is $20,000, and your ROI is $30,000, that’s a good start. But how do you know which strategy generated the ROI? Was it the PPC ads? The content on the blog? Maybe they came from the recent press release? Or what if you can attribute the conversion to multiple touchpoints but don’t know which ones were the most important?

Once a company sees ROI from the marketing strategy, they typically leave it alone in fear of losing traffic. However, at Stodzy Internet Marketing, we meticulously track each marketing channel from the start to learn what resonates with your patients. Then we double down on what is working and cut the channels that aren’t working.

Maintain A Unified Brand Image

Your brand is your most valuable asset.

At our healthcare marketing agency, we’re acutely aware that each campaign we put together is a direct reflection of your brand and voice. That’s why we take time to learn about your brand and set goals that align with the team’s vision. 

Digital Marketing Services Designed For Healthcare

Even if you find a partner to work with, how do you know what marketing channels you should try first? We’ve tested virtually every marketing channel available and offer a variety of digital marketing services. Once we know what your end goals are, we’ll be able to help you narrow down the best services for your business. Below are just a few of the services we offer healthcare companies.

  • These audits are from 4/15/20. We will update them every month for proof of continued success.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization increases your chances of ranking in search engines like Google. It’s also one of the most popular healthcare marketing services. Statistics show that 47% of Internet users search for information about doctors or other health professionals. As potential customers clearly want to know who you are before they book a consultation, it decreases trust and credibility in your brand if they can’t find information about you.

In addition, your ideal customers are searching for queries directly related to your business daily. However, the top three search results receive 50% of all clicks. Therefore, doing just a little bit of SEO to get you higher rankings won’t cut it – you have to be in the top few positions to see any ROI. 

Each SEO strategy is customized for the client and, depending on your needs, it will include keyword research to develop high-quality content that answers questions your prospects search and white hat link building to these new posts to boost performance. You’ll also receive reports, analysis, personalized recommendations, and much more.

Who Is A Good Fit For SEO?

  • Low CPA – Digital marketing is the lowest cost marketing channel

  • Targeted leads – Drive phone calls from real patients in need of your services

  • Increase your awareness – Save more lives and help more families in need

You can learn more about our SEO services.

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Web Design

Digital advertising spend is expected to reach $36 billion by the end of 2020, so it’s safe to assume that an online presence is essential to a healthcare company’s success.

However, it doesn’t matter how much you invest in digital marketing if you don’t have a great website. If users can’t access and seamlessly browse your website, your digital marketing efforts will be wasted.

From tweaking user experience issues on your websites to carrying out full redesigns, our healthcare marketing agency can do it for you.

Who Is A Good Fit For Healthcare Web Design?

  • If you don’t have a website and want to do digital marketing

  • If you currently have a poor user experience (high bounce rates, poor load times)

  • If you project a scattered brand image

Learn more about our web design services.

Social Media Marketing

Rather than trying to drive attention to your brand, position your brand where your customer’s attention already exists. In other words, invest in social media marketing. Statistics show that about 40% of healthcare consumers use social media to research health related information and an additional 41% of healthcare consumers use social media to decide which healthcare provider they will use.

In addition, social media is an easy way to encourage current and previous patients to share their experiences. For example, if you run an addiction treatment center or drug rehab, many patients that completed the program will be more than happy to share their experience and how you helped them. As this is essentially a case study and a testimonial shared directly to other potential customers by a trusted source, it’s a no-brainer that your brand should be on social media. 

The chatbot market for healthcare industries is also expected to reach $703 million by 2024, so if your brand plans to use a chat sequence to communicate with consumers, it might be worth building a social following.

Who Is A Good Fit For Social Media Marketing?

  • Companies looking to increase brand awareness

  • Clinics with a highly engaged customer base (such as addiction treatment centers or MedSpas)

  • Clinics that plan to also invest in Facebook (or any other social media platform) advertising

  • Clinics that plan to use chatbots via Messenger or Instagram

You can learn more about our social media marketing strategies.

Paid Advertising

If you want a method to generate a quick ROI, paid advertising is the best way to generate high-quality leads almost instantly. The concept is quite simple: you invest $1 in ads and see $2 (or any increase from a $1) in return.

That’s why 74% of brands say that PPC is a huge driver for their business, and about 64% of brands plan to increase their PPC budget for the coming year. In fact, 40% of brands say that their PPC budget is lower than where they want it to be.

At Stodzy Internet Marketing, we offer PPC campaigns via Facebook, Google, and other popular channels and recommend them for people that are trying to generate an initial traffic boost. This is a great option for those who are starting an SEO strategy and need immediate traffic to gain traction. PPC is also a great way to generate traffic for targeted keywords with purchase intent (such as keywords for a certain procedure’s price or a procedure and location).

PPC Is A Great Channel For:

  • Clinics that need a quick ROI from marketing efforts

  • Clinics that are building an SEO strategy and need tractions

  • Any high purchase intent keywords

You can learn more about our paid advertising options.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has an incredible ROI, with some statistics showing an effective campaign can generate an average of $42 per $1 spent on the campaign. This ROI has increase from 2015 when the average ROI was $38 per $1 spent

While most of the marketing channels available put your clinic at the mercy of other companies (Facebook, Google, etc.), email marketing is the one channel you can fully control. For example, if an algorithm changes in Google (such as their ad ban for addiction treatment centers), or Facebook bans your business, your marketing strategy will instantly vanish.

While it may take some time to build a quality email marketing list, the impressive ROI makes it worth it.

Email Marketing Is A Great Channel For:

  • Clinics that are focused on building solid long-term growth

  • Clinics that offer high ticket procedures that require a learning process and trust

  • Clinics that want to use a marketing channel that requires little capital upfront

You can learn more about our email marketing services.

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Signs Your Marketing Strategy Needs A Refresher

There aren’t any secrets to what we do here at our healthcare marketing agency, so we’re happy to help you troubleshoot your current marketing problems. Below are just a few of the common problems that our clients approach us with and how you can solve those issues.

Your Website Has Visitors, But They Aren’t Turning Into Patients.

One common problem that healthcare providers see is that they have plenty of visitors on their website, but none of them call or book a consultation. Or, if they do call or book a consultation, they typically don’t convert into customers.


This usually means that the content you publish is informative and helpful, but not to your target audience. For example, if you’re a dermatologist, you might have a blog post titled “3 Tips to Protect Your Skin During The Summer.” While this is a good topic related to your target market, it doesn’t target the burning pain points of someone that would book a consultation. 

Instead, if you notice that most of your patients come to you to treat Eczema, you might have an article titled “5 Medically Approved Ways to Treat Eczema.” Notice that this blog post is much more specific and will bring your ideal patients directly to your brand.

If you do have people calling your clinic or treatment facility, take note of the questions they ask and evaluate how your marketing strategy is attracting these people.

Your Healthcare Business Has Plateaued.

While there are multiple reasons why a business could plateau, an ineffective marketing plan is usually the cause. 

If your current patients rave about your services, and the clinic generally receives positive reviews, your marketing strategy should be reevaluated.


Assuming your market is big enough, the simple answer to this problem is that your services’ value (or even the existence of your services) is not clear to your ideal customers. The best way to fix this problem is to go back to the customer research phase. Ask your current customers how they found you and, perhaps more importantly, ask them why they chose your services. 

This will reveal why customers value your services. For example, they may say it’s because you had the highest ratings on HealthGrades and that the doctor was the most accredited in the area. You can then advertise this. Or perhaps they noticed that your doctor answered a few questions on Quora insightfully and decided to give you a call. This gives you another proven marketing strategy to invest in. 

Customer research is the first step in our process, and it takes thorough exploration to understand what your customer journey looks like (before they find your website) and how we can get in front of them with the right message.

You Don’t Know Which Channels Are Driving An ROI.

If you’re putting $20,000 into marketing and receiving a $30,000 ROI, that’s a great start. However, your clinic or facility won’t be able to grow unless you know what channels drive the results. In addition, if only $10,000 are driving the $30,000 worth of results, you’re actually wasting half of your marketing spend. Therefore, it’s equally important to know what you can double down on and what you can cut to increase profits and decrease waste.


Most companies don’t know which channels drive an ROI because there isn’t a documented marketing strategy. Even if there is a documented marketing strategy, it often lacks detail. For example, your Google Analytics account should be set up with enough detailed information to show what channel the customer came from (a PPC ad, Google Search, referral site, etc.) and what the last step they took was before converting. 

If most of your patients sign up for consultations on the phone, our healthcare marketing agency also offers call tracking services. Working together with your sales representatives, we can uncover the last step before they called you and double down on that channel.

All Of Your Patients Come From Referrals.

If all of your patients come from referrals, you’ve already done the hard part – creating an invaluable service. However, if referrals are your only source of new patients, it means your marketing plan is ineffective as it isn’t generating new patients. 

In addition, referrals are difficult to scale (unless you have a referral program, which we can help you build), and you’ll also be missing out on a lot of perfect prospects.


If your marketing strategy isn’t bringing in any patients, it’s important to reevaluate your current practices. First, be sure that the strategy is documented. Then, set up Google Analytics and other tracking solutions to better attribute what channels are performing well and which channels aren’t performing. Once you have this in place, it’s much easier to see the gaps in your strategy.

As none of your patients come from your marketing efforts, you may have to reposition your offer or reevaluate how you’re targeting patients (which also goes back to customer research).

Once you figure this out, you can readjust your campaigns and marketing efforts. For example, let’s say you currently run PPC ads to a contact or sales page, and it isn’t converting. Rather than changing the title tag or CTA, you may discover that the problem is that the customer journey is much longer, and people aren’t converting because they aren’t ready to schedule a consultation on the first interaction. Therefore, you may instead choose to run a PPC campaign for a very targeted blog post like “5 Medical Recommendation to Reduce Acne in Men.”

Your Marketing Focus Has Changed Multiple Times In The Past Several Months.

Most marketing strategies take time to become effective. For example, SEO is notorious for producing results slowly (6-18 months depending on the industry), though it brings in traffic on autopilot (with minimal maintenance) once it gains traction. 

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you will see results if your strategy is constantly changing. While small A/B tests are important to any marketing campaign, your main strategy shouldn’t change more than a few times per year. 


Rather than trying multiple different strategies, focus on one strategy, and stick to it for several months. If you’re not sure whether it’s the best strategy to try, consider looking at what your competitors are doing. For example, if you see that they have been running PPC ads for a certain keyword for a long time, consider breaking down that funnel and trying a similar version yourself. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel, and when you have something that is working, you can always adjust it.

Our Healthcare Marketing Agency Approach

If you envision achieving greater success with your healthcare facility, we can help you make it happen. We enter each relationship with a long-term commitment and act as a guide to bridge the gap between your facility’s medical professionals and the patients that need you. Therefore, each partnership begins with the same proven formula.


Learn About Your Healthcare Business

The first step to every engagement is to learn about your business. We want to know your goals, what your facility stands for, and how you impact the lives of your patients. This not only allows us to better understand why you stand out from the competition, but it also gives us a deeper insight into the why behind your brand.


Dive Into Your Patients

The next step is to get a deep understanding of your patients. We realize that they are the lifeblood of your business and that they are more than just a number- they are your passion.

Therefore, we want to understand why they chose your business, what their lives are like before meeting you, and how your services can change their lives. From there, we can help create messages that better portray your services’ value and provide a plan to help you connect with them more efficiently online.


Analyze Your Current Efforts

The next step is to understand the nuts and bolts of your current strategy.

  • What channels do you currently use?

  • Which ones are driving an ROI?

  • How are processes documented, and can we streamline anything for improved efficiency?

  • Where can we cut costs?

This is where we begin developing a strategy that will build on current marketing efforts and trim those that don’t work.


Deploy A Data-Based Strategy

Now we’ll put together a data-driven strategy that is sure to perform well. We’ll continue to optimize and monitor the strategy over the next several weeks and make any necessary adjustments. We’ll communicate with you during the process and are open to any feedback.


Track ROI And Optimize

Once we’ve had a few weeks or months (depending on the service), we’ll take a look at how the campaigns are performing against your goals and key KPIs. Our end goal is to create an optimized campaign that will positively impact your bottom line.

What Makes Stodzy Different?

We are a dedicated healthcare marketing agency and understand the industry. This is essential as success comes from a deep understanding of your patients and how to make your brand more accessible to them.

In addition, there are laws and regulations that your marketing campaigns must follow. For example, industries like addiction treatment centers can only run PPC ads unless they are verified. In addition, your marketing must be HIPAA compliant.

Finally, we work alongside your team as a partner and ensure that every campaign is patient-centric, on-brand, and brings you a strong ROI.

If you want to hear more about how we can help, learn more about Stodzy Internet Marketing today.

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