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Marketing a Dermatology Clinic Posted on May 11, 2019

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Current State of Dermatology Market and Marketing Tactics
The Rise in Inbound Mobile Traffic
Designing Your Brand or Business Website
Search Engine Optimization to Bring New Business Into Your Door
Email is Still Effective for Driving Sales and New Business
Social Media for the Dermatology Market
Paid Advertising is a Must for Dermatology Marketing
Brand Awareness and Patient Loyalty
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The continuous shift in patient’s needs requires skin care professionals to adapt to the forever changing dermatology market. The consumer market for dermatology is broken down into numerous sub-categories making up the market itself. The consumers who are seeking professional skin care services drive these needs.

Many dermatology clinics experience difficulty in reaching the right clientele when advertising their products and services. It is imperative to target the right group of people when distributing a message to the market and digital marketing offers the best opportunity to do so.

Current State of Dermatology Market and Marketing Tactics

With the increasing use of mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptop computers, a new age of digital marketing has emerged. According to an article on, around 85% of market consumers utilize their access to the Internet to search and find local businesses. With data as to where a business is located, its hours of operation and sometimes even menus and prices. Search engines document all of this information. They use this information to help direct its users in finding the perfect answer to their searches. The Internet has few restrictions as to what type of business is allowed to advertise on websites or social media. This leads to the tremendous opportunity for dermatology clinics have to spread awareness of their business and bring in new patients.

The current market for dermatology has seen a steady increase in the demand for aesthetic care related services. With a growing economy and the evolution of the industry, patients are showing a hike in demand for professional skin care services. In return, the perfect opportunity for doctors to learn how to market a dermatology clinic is open for the taking. With the healthcare market consistently thriving year after year, it is easy to see why growing their business is a smart move.

The Rise in Inbound Mobile Traffic

Because the market for consumer needs is constantly fluctuating it is important to stay up to date on current trends and influences in the market. Whether it be walking down the street or sitting in their favorite café, it is easy to spot someone browsing the web on his or her smartphone or tablet.

It is our duty to reach these lunchtime web surfers and spread awareness of their practice. There are plenty of strategies and tactics that go into marketing to a target audience and appealing to their needs. Some of the most effective ways to reach potential clients are through email and social media marketing. Internet users are constantly checking up on their emails and refreshing their Twitter and Facebook feeds hungry for new information.

The best way for a clinic to gather and distribute information about themselves is by developing their own unique website. Now, this is much easier than it seems thanks to the numerous amount of personal and professional website building services there are online.

Designing Your Brand or Business Website

A website is a crucial first step in building your online presence.

Keep in mind it is crucial to focus on developing a brand image when putting company information out to the public. One of the most efficient techniques in developing a brand’s image is by listing the business on Google. There are quite a few instant benefits that come with registering a brand with Google. As being one of the most highly trusted and well-known search engines today, Google allows the business to gain trust from the consumer. It is essential to be as detailed as possible when it comes to identifying a brand on the Internet.

Whether it be on Google or other websites like Bing or Yelp, new customers can always be reached thanks to the help of local searches. Offering convenience to potential patients by giving them the exact location of a business’ office near them can go a long way.

Letting viewers know a clinic’s location is close to them increases the likelihood of someone finding a business location to get the product or service they need. All of which can attract local patients who happen to offer the most loyalty to a business than any others. It is basically free advertising and as long as a clinic’s information is up to date and relevant, claiming a business on Google can always pay off.

Search Engine Optimization to bring New Business into Your Door

Another great benefit that is overlooked by most is the fact that claiming a business on Google opens up the door to high SEO rankings. Search Engine Optimization originates with links sourcing back to Google’s original listing of the business. People also have the ability to rate a business on their performance. These ratings and reviews are open to the public to read and can help out a Dermatology clinic tremendously. If others read positive patient reviews pertaining to how well a clinic performs they are much more likely to fulfill their skin care needs with that clinic. This helps lead a company’s website to lead the rankings of Google searches making the site view able from searches before any others. But getting a web page in front of viewers also depends on the keywords rooted in the site itself.

By producing continuous informative content for viewers keywords such as, “Professional dermatology consultation” or “dermatologist, Orlando Florida”. Words and phrases used within a business’ website must stay pertaining to the specific work they specialize in.

This will help in the ranking of the website when people search for these specific terms. As result, only individuals looking for skin care treatment will find a dermatologist’s site instead of a restaurant to eat dinner. Dermatology clinics must stay relevant in online searches in order to stay above the competition in the area and proper SEO strategies will definitely help.

Email is Still Effective for Driving Sales and New Business

Direct email marketing is yet another effective way to drive traffic to a website. By offering valuable and informative content to potential patients is easy considering U.S. workers dedicate just over six hours a day checking their emails according to a survey done by the Huffington Post. With this much volume of usage, email marketing can be extremely rewarding when handled properly. It is also quite necessary to keep a client informed on a routine schedule. Whether it is weekly newsletters or discounts show the client they are cared about inside the office and out. Keeping the consumer educated about advancements and practices within the dermatology field can drive new patients to have trust in a clinic to keep their skin healthy.

A simple three step process can be set into place to ensure a business keeps an effective yet relevant position in a client’s inbox.

First and foremost, an automated email system must be set up. Keeping a tight focus on sending new subscribers newsletters or promotional. By doing so, a positive relationship will be formed between the consumer and the brand. Showing the client they are cared about and kept up to date will go a long way when it pertains to customer loyalty.

The second stage in this process involves keeping content personal to the viewer. It is not uncommon at all for a customer to switch brands based upon lack of personalized communication efforts on behalf of the company. The relationship between retailers and customers can either help a business flourish or spiral downward. In regards to managing a dermatology clinic, a personal connection goes further than just in the office. Let the patient know they are under the best professional care they can be.

Keep tabs on a patient’s well being through email updates and surveys. By allowing the patient to offer feedback on how an operation went or how comfortable their last checkup was with their favorite doctor, there arises a feeling of importance. The patient would be a huge help to the clinic after offering up their opinion. A personal connection with customers brings more than just a friendly and loyal doctor and patient relationship but also benefits a company from a business aspect as well.

The final and maybe most important step in this process is to keep an automated log and scedule on when to reach out to a patient personally.

A personal phone call or email, with information relevant only to that patient is crucial. It lets them know that you care and that they are more than just another number to be checked off the list.

With the help of direct email marketing, effective email marketers obtain an understanding of how the market is adapting. With automated marketing making this nearly an effortless task, holding a brand at the top of the consumer’s mind is an easily obtainable goal. This so-called “ancient” tactic is thriving more than it has ever been before and provides serious results.

Social Media for the Dermatology Market

Running right alongside with email usage, the amount of hours the average person is spending browsing their social media page is progressively rising. With social media usage steadily on the rise, Dermatology clinics have another wonderful marketing opportunity staring them right in the face.

Contrary to what many may believe, a dermatologist can definitely build up a social media following. It wouldn’t be the first time a healthcare specialist goes viral with their videos and photos on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Patients love to interact with healthcare professionals via social media platforms from watching live operations to even fulfilling their customer service needs.

Open to the public, patient’s questions can be answered by other users who are experiencing similar symptoms until a professional is available to answer them. On top of a place for people to post a quick review of how great their experience was at their last visit.

Paid Advertising is a Must for Dermatology Marketing

The opportunities that social media marketing has to offer do not just stop at creating a page. Once a Clinic has their page established it is beneficial to utilize the pay-per-click marketing option that these platforms offer. Users have the ability to promote their pages through any of their posts. Both video and still-photo advertisements continue to succeed in turning a profit for business owners. As other users search for specific keywords and phrases, a promoted post will show in their searches before normal posts. A promoted post can lead to multiple outcomes including brand recognition, and interested clients ready to schedule their next appointment.

Any time a promoted post is clicked on the owner of the post pays a fee that is set by a simple bidding system. The post owner has full authority over how much is paid for each click on their post. Business page owners set a bid on a specific keyword(s) or phrase. Whoever has the highest bid on any specific search term gets their post displayed before the next bidder. As a viewer clicks on a post, the highest bidder is charged the fee for advertisement. Allowing the owner to set a limit for each promotion provides the perfect budget management system.

After enabling a page as a recognized business, all of these options become available. It is important to note that web browsers such as Google offer paid advertisement choices similar to the ones mentioned above. It’s reassuring knowing that tools such as these exist online to provide businesses with small to large a chance to grow and flourish in an age of mobile digitalization.

Brand Awareness and Patient Loyalty

A phrase often mentioned is that “it is easier to keep a customer than it is to get a new one.” By completely satisfying a customer, or in this case patient, they will become bound to the brand which they associate with that sense of satisfaction and delight. A sufficient and free way to promote a brand is through word of mouth. If people are constantly talking well about a brand, a feeling of recognition and trust becomes associated with it.

With a constant effort put into client engagement on all online marketing platforms, the greatest level of customer loyalty can be achieved. This combined with nonstop talk about positive experiences with a clinic’s doctors, new patients will learn to recognize a specific clinic and eventually fall into the loyal following of the brand itself. The hard work and dedication put into marketing the right skin care service to the correct audience online can pay off extraordinarily.

Using the Internet to care for and delight customers will lead to effective word of mouth marketing. It is never bad to take the extra step to ensure happy and satisfied customers or patients because, in the end, a good review by one customer can generate a handful of fresh leads.

Trust the Experts in Digital Healthcare Marketing

When it comes to keeping a business relevant in the online market it is beneficial to accept some assistance from professionals who know the field. Experts in online marketing and advertising know just how to promote unique products or services to the public eye returning with unbelievable results. A real focus on essential tactics such as SEO ranking will give a business the best conversions from the traffic driven to their site.

Conversions are either contact information, scheduled appointments or sales a client makes after clicking on a link to a business’ post or website. These links will bring the client to a page that allows them to do things like schedule an appointment or purchase a product with the click of a button. How can it be made any simpler than that? Well, good thing the question arises because Stodzy makes it their mission to help businesses thrive in the online world. Equipped with a fun and dedicated staff, the process of marketing a business like a Dermatology clinic online almost effortless.

The Stodzy team is offering free SEO and website audits which tells the team how the site is performing. With the collected data the team will analyze the current standing of the brand and help it reach its full quality potential. Tracking trends and tendencies in a market is crucial to surpass the competition and sustain brand recognition.

Avoid all the nonsense and let the specialists at Stodzy clear the path for focused and attentive online marketing. It’s easy to learn how to market a dermatology clinic after a quick call to Stodzy at 800-761-1426 or a quick visit to their website. The potential for dermatology professionals is rapidly expanding and Stodzy is ready to tackle the challenges ahead and climb the rankings with ambitious clinics to help a brand’s image grow.

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