A Complete Guide to Medical Spa Marketing

As cosmetic and spa treatments continue to grow in popularity, medical spas are quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. With that comes more competition and increasing costs. However, companies that invest in an effective medical spa marketing strategy will be armed with the tools needed to continue growing and reaping future profits.

Marketing looks different today than it did 20 years ago. Traditional techniques like post-cards, newspaper or magazine ads, and even billboards are significantly outdated. Instead, everything is on the internet, so a large chunk of your marketing efforts will focus on your online strategy. This includes everything from your website and social media profiles to your data management and lead nurturing.

Developing an effective medical spa marketing strategy requires detail, expertise, and innovative techniques. In this article, you will learn:

There are a lot of elements that go into healthcare marketing. However, the best strategies implement a variety of online techniques, evolve to keep up with the latest trends, and are always looking for new ways to boost your new patient acquisitions. You have already invested time and effort into your skills and your business, so it’s time to invest in a marketing strategy that works. Ready to get started?

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Why You Should Hire a Medical Spa Marketing Company

If your business isn’t investing in digital marketing, it’s safe to say that your competitors who are already have the upper hand. Alternatively, if you’re trying to manage your marketing in-house while keeping up with your team, your patients, and insurance companies, you’re probably not giving your online strategy the time and attention it needs to succeed. 

By hiring a medical spa marketing company, you won’t have to worry about your website, your social media, or your online listings. Instead, an experienced agency will develop a fool-proof marketing strategy to grow your business and bring you more patients while you only have to worry about doing your job. 

With nearly a decade of experience serving the healthcare industry, our experts at Stodzy will help your rankings move up, increase your website traffic, and convert website users into paying patients. The entire time you work with us you will be kept up to date with detailed reporting and call tracking so you will know exactly where your investments are going and what results you can expect.

What Strategies are Involved in Marketing a Medical Spa?

An effective healthcare marketing strategy combines several different online techniques to boost your online footprint. This involves everything from your website to search engine marketing and social media campaigns. Some important aspects of medical spa marketing include:

When you choose Stodzy to market your med spa, we will implement these strategies in ways that will reach new patients, helping to grow your practice for years to come. One of the first places we will start is with your website.

Convey Your Brand with a User-Friendly Website

Your brand is everything. If your name is recognizable, your reputation is phenomenal, and your messaging is on-brand, you will build trust and confidence in prospective patients. The way in which you present your brand must be precise and consistent. Patients are coming to you to make physical changes about things they may feel insecure about. Whether it is a desired change in their self-image or a pressing health issue, your brand messaging needs to speak to the needs of your patients. Since the majority of prospective patients are going to visit your website before making the decision to book an appointment, it’s crucial that you convey your brand clearly and have a user-friendly website.

The Importance of an Informative and Engaging Medspa Website

Many potential patients will make their first impression by looking at your website. So, how do you make sure your website is attractive to users, clearly convey’s your practice’s mission and services, all while providing a seamless user experience? Well, you lean on an experienced web designer and content developers to build a custom medspa website that loads quickly, is easy to navigate, and provides informative and useful information to visitors.

While it’s important to make sure your website is mobile friendly and visually appealing, it’s crucial that your website describes to visitors what services you offer, what credentials you have, and that you genuinely care about your patients. Medical spas have a variety of types of prospective patients – some of whom are looking for a medical procedure while others are looking for a relaxing spa experience. Regardless of the goal, most prospective patients will want more information before choosing a medspa. The better your website, messaging, and service descriptions, the more you will be seen as a reliable and trustworthy resource in the industry.

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools as long as it includes the following:

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Reach More Patients Using Search Engine Marketing

What good is your website if people can’t find it on the internet? You could invest time and money into developing a website, but if you don’t focus on search engine optimization (SEO), nobody is going to see your site. The days of TV ads and billboards are long gone, so the vast majority of people look to online search engines like Google when looking for a medical spa. The art of SEO is how you make sure people find you when they search for industry-related keywords.

According to Hubspot, 75% of people never go past the first page of search results. Moreover, the first three organic search results obtain the vast majority of clicks. In order to make sure that the people who are searching for your services actually find your website, you must invest in SEO.

When your medspa begins to rank for organic search terms, your traffic will begin to look like this.

As you can see, effective SEO takes time. This increase in organic traffic is over a 6 month period. Although some companies promise you quick results, real SEO is a long-term strategy. However, long-term strategies are more likely to provide you with better results and a better ROI.

If this inbound traffic is coming from conversion-driven search queries, such as “medical spa near me” or “lip fillers near me,” you can expect this traffic to turn into phone calls, consultations, and appointments as your business starts to grow in the future.

Enhance Your Inbound Marketing with SEO

Content is one of the most important SEO ranking factors. As previously mentioned, your website should consist of landing pages and blog posts to inform your visitors and boost your traffic. However, the content of these pages matters. Not only should the content be optimized to target specific conversion-based keywords, but your service pages should contain local identifiers and your blog posts should feature useful infographics that help boost your SEO.

In addition to the creation of the content itself, there are other ranking factors to consider. Your website should have designated meta descriptions and title tags, images labeled with appropriate alt text, clean URL structures, and purposeful interlinked pages. 

Take our dermatology marketing page, for example. On the back end of the website, you will find a place to optimize elements of your page so that both search engines and internet users get a better understanding of what that page is all about.

This information not only sends signals to search engines to help them determine how to rank a webpage, but it also influences how search engines display your information on the SERPs. For example, this page might show up on your Google SERPs like this:

If you fail to fill out these attributes, Google will do it for you, but not always in your favor. Instead, let our SEO experts cover all of your on-page and off-page SEO needs so that your medical spa marketing strategy is as effective and efficient as possible.

Find Patients with Local Search Marketing

When it comes to medical spa marketing, local search is everything. One of your biggest assets for local search marketing is Google My Business (GMB). When people search for businesses or services near them, Google shows their local 3-pack above the organic search results. For instance, when we search “medspa near me,” we see three GMB profiles listed above the first search result.

Businesses that rank in the local 3-pack generate substantially more phone calls and page visits than those who do not. In addition, businesses that rank locally are more likely to rank for organic search terms as well. So, how do you rank in the local 3-pack?

Some of the most important things you can do are fill out your GMB business information fully and accurately and dedicate time to nurturing and earning positive Google reviews. After you have verified your listing, it’s imperative that your name, phone number, and address (NAP) are the same across your GMB, website, and social media profiles. After that, you should fill out your services, hours, and business description in addition to uploading images and videos so people can get a better understanding of what your medspa has to offer.

Your other focus should be on reviews. Would you rather get botox and fillers at a medical spa that has several 2-star reviews, or would you contact the one with an average of 4.9 stars? If you’re like most people, you want a medspa with good reviews. If you really want to take full advantage of GMB, you’ll dedicate time and energy into a review strategy that involves getting more reviews, addressing negative ones, and responding to each and every review.


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Build a Dedicated Community on Social Media

Social media is another essential tool for medical spa marketing. Social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are great ways to spread awareness of your business, improve your reputation, and zero in on target audiences. In addition, it lets you interact with prospective patients and referring colleagues in the industry to further help your grow your business.

You might wonder if people really want to follow a medspa on Facebook or Instagram. However, medical and aesthetic procedures are some of the hottest topics on social media today. Why not join the conversation on social media for some free advertising? Most likely, your competitors already have.

Navigating the Different Social Platforms

Each social platform is different, so you must be strategic in how you use them to market your medspa. For example, Instagram revolves around visuals, so this is where you can post daily photos. Whether you post patient photos with before and after pictures, a short video of a patient seeing the results of their procedure, or photos of your team interacting with each other, this is a great way to visually showcase your medspa. To reach even more people with your posts, take advantage of trending and niche hashtags.

For example, if you’re a medical spa in New York City, you might post before and after pictures using the hashtag #medspanyc. 

Sure, it’s not a trending hashtag – but it’s a specific one that interested locals might follow. By keeping up with these hashtags and using them to your advantage, you can reach even more potential patients.

Facebook, on the other hand, allows you to do a lot more. Visuals are great for advertising a medspa on Facebook, but they let you say a lot more too. This is where you can share blog posts, invite users to events, post about promotional offers, or descriptions of new services or industry-related research. Facebook business profiles also feature a chatbot that you can set up with FAQs. So, when a user finds your Facebook page and asks a question, the messenger chatbot will respond in real-time with an answer. 

When messaging this medspa on a Sunday morning via Facebook, they were able to tell us what services they offer instantly. No phone call or website visit required.

Not only that, but Facebook has a recommendation feature where users can tag businesses to refer their friends. If someone is asking for recommendations to a local medspa and your Facebook business profile isn’t filled out, you could be missing out on local social networking opportunities.

Lastly, Twitter is a great option for sharing links, responding to comments, or posting news flashes while Youtube is best for short videos that discuss specific procedures and walk patients through what to expect. Ultimately, the point is to tailor custom content that effectively engages prospective patients across a variety of online platforms.

Optimizing Your Medspa Social Media Profiles

Followers are important on social media. However, the quality of your followers is far more important than the quantity of them. For example, if you’re located in South Carolina, but the vast majority of your following is located on the west coast, very few of these followers are likely to convert into real patients. Similarly, if your following consists of teenage girls rather than women and men aged 25-60, you shouldn’t be surprised if your social media marketing efforts aren’t generating many leads.

Instead, social media marketing for medical spas has to be strategic. The point is to engage directly with prospective patients and begin forming relationships. Also, your posts need to be conversational so they not only catch the interest of your followers, but they encourage your followers to like, share, or comment on your post. That’s why it’s so important to lean on a digital marketing company to help you learn who to target, how to engage those audiences, and what types of posts will help intrigue patients and broaden your reach.

In addition to filling out and optimizing your social media profiles with all of the right information, our experts at Stodzy will create custom content that is regularly pushed out across your social channels. We understand your target audience and know exactly how to engage them to generate more leads and establish more trust around your medspa.

Target Patients with Paid Medical Spa Advertising

Inbound SEO and social media marketing will provide you with long-term, increasing organic traffic, allowing you to generate more and more leads over time. However, there is more to medical spa marketing than navigating search engines and social media platforms. One way to reach even more patients is through paid advertising. 

One paid advertising method that medspas can use is Google AdWords. With AdWords, you will bid on keywords, develop ads for that keyword, and pay a certain amount each time a user clicks on your ad. If your ad is chosen for a search term, it will be displayed above the organic search results.

For example, when searching for “skin rejuvenation,” we come across this ad.

Although it is clearly marked an advertisement, it contains a special offer that can attract potential patients, a description of the services, and a link to client videos where potential patients can see real results from the clinic.

Whether you run pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google Adwords or boost advertisements to specific demographics on Facebook, these methods add up over time and can prove quite costly. Paid advertising can also be somewhat complicated. As a result, if you don’t know what you’re doing, this isn’t the most cost-effective way to market your medspa.

That being said, using paid media to target user-specific keywords can inspire huge conversions and generate a large number of new leads when done correctly. There are a lot of metrics to consider when running paid campaigns, such as click-through rates, cost per click, and the number of conversions you get from the ad. 

If your ad is generating a high CTR but is failing to convert viewers into paying customers, you have only lost revenue. Since the cost-per-click varies greatly from one keyword to the next, you want someone to manage your paid advertising who will not only bid for the right keywords but will develop conversion-driven ads that make your investment worthwhile.

When you let Stodzy manage your paid advertising, we’ll consider everything from the paid media metrics to the design and content of your ad campaigns to effectively promote your medspa. Although paid ads provide a valuable source of revenue, the best way to use them is in connection with the rest of your online marketing strategy.

Generate More Leads with E-mail Marketing Campaigns

Even though it’s 2020, people still use e-mail every day. E-mail is a secure form of communication that has the ability to accomplish things that other medical spa marketing strategies don’t. In fact, e-mail marketing campaigns are one of the most effective lead nurturing methods for medical spas. When you combine e-mail with a user-friendly website, smart SEO, and social media, you will have what it takes to nurture your leads from beginning to end.

As a medspa, your services can help anyone, but they aren’t for everyone. When people subscribe to your e-mail list, they have given you permission to communicate with them, meaning they are most likely already interested in your services or your content. Since your e-mails are only going out to patients that are highly likely to contact you, e-mails are an exceptionally targeted marketing method that proves successful year after year.

Building an E-mail List

It’s illegal to send marketing e-mails to anyone who hasn’t given you their permission. So, before you can begin sending out e-mails, you need to build an e-mail list by giving prospective patients a reason to opt in to your newsletter. There are a lot of ways to build an e-mail list for your medical spa marketing strategy, such as:

Once you have begun acquiring e-mails, it’s time to invest in your e-mail campaign to grow your medspa.

Sending out Newsletters and Generating Leads

An effective e-mail newsletter will consist of an attention-grabbing subject line, a concise body that delivers a clear message, links to your website, and an attractive CTA. Sometimes, your newsletters may consist of blog posts and industry-related news headlines, and other times you may include photos or videos to further engage your audience. Or, you may send out a promotional offer or a monthly newsletter introducing your specials for that month. These one-time targeted group emails are great, but you can take your medspa marketing to the next level using marketing automation software.

E-mail automation software allows you to send out messages in a particular series that is targeted towards a specific demographic. Automation campaigns allow you to time your e-mails correctly, stop sending them to recipients who have responded, and track which actions your readers are taking. 

For example, you may want to target a group of people for laser hair removal treatments. In this case, you would set up a sequence of e-mails about hair removal. The first e-mail might contain some informative blog articles while the second might go more in-depth about the specific hair removal treatments that you offer. If a user still hasn’t taken any action on your e-mail, another email may come trying to incentivize the reader to call and schedule an appointment.

When your e-mails are timely, relevant, and contain an irresistible CTA, you’re bound to watch your medspa grow. Our marketing experts at Stodzy have perfected e-mail marketing strategies for small and large businesses alike. We’ll consider your target audience, open rates, click-through-rates (CTRs), and your e-mail list growth rate to develop the most efficient e-mail strategy for you. By making your emails interesting, educational, and strategic, your recipients will actually look forward to your next message, putting you that much further ahead of the competition.

Stodzy’s Approach to Medical Spa Marketing

By choosing Stodzy to market your medspa, you will know that your online efforts are in good hands. From developing your branded website and managing your SEO to keeping up with your social media and e-mail list, our specialists will be there for you every step of the way. Whether you’ve been promised quick results in the past only to see your website traffic tank or you’re opening a brand new medspa and don’t know where to start, Stodzy knows how to help you reach more patients and grow your business. Contact us today at 800-761-1426 to get the process started with a free site audit and consultation.

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