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All small businesses need digital marketing, but how do you know what is the right strategy for you? There’s so much information—what route do you take? Well, it’s pretty simple, really.

Think about it: how does any individual find a company to meet their needs? How do you find a good plumber when your pipes spring a leak? How do you discover where the best sushi restaurants nearest you are located? Where’s the best place to try for tonight’s happy hour?

That’s right—you search online.

It’s the same for any small company; potential customers always go online to search for what they need. If your company pops up first in their search, guess who they’ll click on? And if you have a streamlined, user-friendly website as well as a robust digital reputation in place, easy to find and verify, your business will boom. 

SEO and search marketing is by far the best way to grow a business because of the intent behind each search—because of the aforementioned customer search scenario, which happens every day, every minute. People are searching for you, so why wouldn’t you want to be found?

This is where your partnership with a top-notch Miami SEO agency becomes important. All of the above makes sense, right? But do you know how to get your company’s site to ping first in a search, instead of languishing way down on a second page? And if it does appear topmost, what will the searcher find when they get to your site? Will they get frustrated ten seconds in and go to another site? What kinds of things do you need to implement in order to make sure you’re the first and best anyone searching will hit?

That’s where Stodzy digital marketing agency comes in. The services we provide are the ingredients small companies need to enjoy a busy and robust online presence. These services include:

SEO (search engine optimization)

The first result on the Google page. That coveted spot. The royal online throne of business. How do you get your business to pop up first? Just ask an SEO digital marketing expert. What keywords should you be using and how often? How long should your content be, and how should it be structured? So many aspects to think about to optimize your appearance on potential customers’ searches, that a good digital marketing agency can help you with.

The first step in any customer’s journey to find you is the search engine. To make your company the first thing they see, that’s SEO. That’s digital marketing.

SEO Services that Move the Needle

SEO is all about getting Google to notice you, and to pick you out of the huge online crowd, putting you in the top spot. But how do you get Google to notice you?

Content –Well written content, of the right length, with the right keywords, will put your site up at the top, showing your expertise and making sure your potential customers can find your valuable material.

Backlinks –How does Google judge which sites are the most authoritative? Backlinks are one huge factor, and if you use Stodzy, you’ll have the help of our outreach team to help build a log of backlinks to your site that will get you noticed and make sure you’re part of the online conversation.

Site structure & speed –Not only are fast and well-structured sites good for the human users that will become your customers, but a quick, easy-to-navigate site also please the Google bots, who will also find it good to use, and another reason to bump you up the rankings.

Building up over time –None of these tools are immediate solutions. They need to be implemented, maintained, and most importantly paid attention to, so your site will soar up the SERPs. This is another reason why hiring experts in Miami SEO is a good idea—let us do the maintenance part, and watch your business boom.

Why Work with Stodzy for your SEO? 

Detailed reporting –Stodzy digital marketing agency knows how to get Google to notice you, bump you up the rankings, and jumpstart your business. But we won’t just put you there and leave you in the lurch: throughout the whole process, our experts will continue to gather data, interpret the data, and keep you on top of what’s going on, at all times. Were your partners through this, and we’ve got your back. –

Leads & more leads –What’s the ideal client for your business, and how will you attract the leads that will stick, and become loyal customers? Using the various factors of SEO will get you more traffic, and using the Stodzy team’s expertise will translate that new traffic into real leads.

Higher ROI –You may have heard of our 80/20 rule: this is exactly how we focus on ROI. It’s about quality over quantity: millions of clicks aren’t the answer, but those clicks that are actual leads, that will thereby become customers. Getting your SEO rolling along is the first order of business, and from there we go to what’s most important—the customers.

Kill It In Local Search 

How do customers find the services they’re looking for? That’s right—they Google it. And the business that pops up first is the business that will get their clicks. When a potential customer searches for “Miami orthodontics” for example? Will your practice appear first on the page? Will your practice be there and immediately findable on the Google My Business map? Well it should be—that’s where most local businesses get their traffic, and we can help you get there.

Are You Ready to Get Started? 

What are you waiting for? Contact the Miami SEO experts at Stodzy to get your no-risk SEO audit and consultation. We can help you go from there. Why wouldn’t you want to see your business rise up the SERPs from day one? Find out how and let us help you get there today.

What are the benefits of being digital? There are tons—the internet is a great way to grow your business, and more and more these days, like it or not, it’s kinda the only way. But that’s good news! You can partner with Stodzy digital marketing agency to help you navigate the navigating, track your goals for you, keep in touch regularly with data analytics, beef up and cultivate your SEO, and guide your company into dominating the digital market.

Stodzy digital marketing is your choice for your Miami SEO focused on digital marketing needs because we are centered around ROI. Hire us to inject some higher traffic to your online presence, and to get your online presence ready for all the new attention.

Let us help you. We’ll show you that we mean business.

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