Building a functional treatment center is no easy task.

The success of treatment facilities is largely driven by their ability to build, and maintain a healthy client census. It would seem that as long as beds are full, clients are satisfied, and safe; than success is in reach. The landscape of drug treatment has been slowly evolving across the country as the epidemic of drug addiction has come into full swing. This has caused the treatment industry to explode and has lead to more people seeking help now than ever before.

Recovery Communities

Certain locations around the country have become known for being hotbeds of strong and vibrant recovery communities. In these areas treatment facilities and individuals seeking recovery are plentiful, and it is not uncommon for individuals to travel across the country to such areas seeking a place to start fresh. This is great for centers located in these areas seeking to build a clientele.

If you are throwing around the idea of building your own treatment center, there are some key factors to think about before taking the plunge. A treatment center is a lot of work and it is very important work, one that requires great care.

Here are some other cities around the country known for having strong recovery communities as well.

Minneapolis & St. Paul MN

recovery communities | Minneapolis

In the Midwest lives one of the best sober communities in the entire country. Minneapolis, Minnesota is home to a third of the country’s public recovery high schools along with an enormous amount of treatment centers. The locals of Minneapolis, sometimes touted as “The Land of 1,000 Treatment Centers,” are well acquainted with the ins-and-outs of the culture of recovery. Public awareness of addiction is well above the average national rate in this city, allowing those getting sober opportunities they would otherwise not be afforded in a less recovery knowledgeable city.

Boston MA

recovery communities | boston

As a world-renowned cultural center there are many great things to say about Boston. It is also a notoriously drunken city, Boston is no stranger to alcohol consumption. That being said, where there is excess drinking there will always be alcoholics; where there are alcoholics you will more than likely find AA. There are more than 2,000 AA and NA meetings held in the greater Boston area every week.

The 12 step community in Boston also enjoys a unique “commitment exchange” system that encourages members to speak at other fellowships to share their message of recovery.

Houston, Texas

recovery communities | houston
Located right next to the Gulf of Mexico on the coast lies Houston, Texas. Houston is home to a booming recovery scene comprising of 580 different AA groups, which hold around 2,400 meetings every week. Within Houston live a number of 12-step affiliated “clubhouses” which provide meetings and fellowship opportunities for those in the local recovery community. Houston is a place that locals and out-of-town visitors alike will feel at home in the recovery scene.


recovery communities | nyc

Being the largest city in the US, New York City boasts one of the largest recovery communities anywhere. Being the largest city NYC also has a massive network of sober folks. So while temptation may lurk around many a corner, so does support from your fellows. The city hosts literally thousands of meetings a week across the 5 boroughs with numerous fellowships to check out. With endless things to do around the city NYC is a superb place for recovery.

Portland OR

recovery communities | portland

Portland is known to be a colorful, alternative and eccentric environment, and it provides the perfect environment for recovering people of all backgrounds to pursue a life of recovery. Portland also known to have a recovery community and meeting culture that is well known for being a warm and welcoming atmosphere. As well as meetings with names like “Knuckleheads,” “Boy’s Night Out,” “The Spillover Meeting” and “Bill’s Angels” Portland may have a rough exterior but its also a very accepting place for all walks of life, especially people in recovery.

Nashville TN

recovery communities | nashville

Music City, as Nashville is commonly known as also happens to be the most sober city in the entire United States. According to the Daily Beast citizens consume less than 9 drinks on a week. Nashville enjoys a mild climate year around and has lots of outdoor activities to enjoy. In addition there is a thriving recovery community here, holding 280 AA and other 12 step meetings each week. Nashville is a fantastic place for recovery especially if you want to incorporate the outdoors into your treatment program.

These are of course only a small selection of the most popular cities for recovery. Nearly all-major cities will have some kind of recovery community, especially those close to areas more deeply affected by the current drug epidemic. I feel it is worthwhile to note that while treatment centers located in these recovery hotbeds may have an easier time with client acquisition; they will also have a great deal more competition. This can create difficulty in retaining current clients or getting past clients to return after a relapse. Opening a treatment center in a less saturated area certainly has its own set of risks and rewards as well. Competition in such areas would surely be scarcer but likely would be established facilities with recognized reputations.

There is no one answer that applies to everyone in this situation. There are many points to consider in making your choice. What level(s) of care are you looking to provide? What is the local market concentration for kind of facility you seek to open? What is the market density for that region you are seeking to access? How strong is the competition in the local market? What are some barriers to entry for that area? (licensing/zoning/etc.) Choosing a location that makes sense with the kind of facility you are seeking to open can be the difference between failure and success. Choose Wisely.

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