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Tim Stoddart

CEO | Fearless Leader

I’m Tim. I got started with internet marketing years ago with a simple blog I created. I enjoy writing, and I quickly made the connection between writing and marketing websites. I have been hooked ever since. Stodzy comes from very humble beginnings, and we are proud of what we have created.

Tricia Moceo


I’m Tricia – the sweet Georgia Peach of the squad. I’m a mother of two beautiful (and crazy) kids. Running a household is a lot like running a small business, except your employees never go home. I’m an avid caffeine enthusiast and the sarcastic snack queen of the office.

Bryan Sacks

Sr. Janitorial Executive

My name is Bryan and I have the best job in the world. I love to talk and my job allows me talk on the phone for hours. I love business marketing and I especially love working with people and coming up with creative ways to succeed! If a client has a question, I am available 24/7.

Naomi Laughran

Head of Account Management

Hello! My name is Naomi. I am originally from Massachusetts and I now live in Boca Raton, FL. I began freelancing as a writer in 2021 and previously worked in the treatment industry. I have now landed at Stodzy and I am extremely excited to be learning the art of SEO.

Danielle Power

Account Manager

Hi, I’m Dani. I was born and raised in South Florida but now have found a permanent home in Los Angeles, California. I’m an all-around creative with prior experience in hospitality, social media management and design. I love working for Stodzy because I am able to incorporate all of these things every day!

David Erichsen

Lead Developer

Hi, my name is David. I clean plates and build websites. I am the lead developer and token know-it-all at Stodzy. In addition to my work at Stodzy, I am a co-founder of a retail hemp start-up and run a small digital agency of my own.

Douglas Dinarte

Web Developer

I’ve always loved the combination between tech and communication. After seven years working as a back-end developer, I decided to quit my nine-to-five job and started a new career in Digital Marketing. Since then I’ve been passionate about developing funnels and other digital solutions.

Krystina Murray

Content Manager

Hello I’m Krystina, the Editor in Chief at Stodzy. I have years of editing experience and have previously written about addiction and recovery.

Dru Allison

Content Writer

Hi, I’m Dru. I joined the team in October 2022 as a Content Writer. Before Stodzy, I worked in the Sales and Marketing industry. I am currently empty nesting in Ohio with my husband and two dogs. I enjoy spending time with my two sons and their families.

Cayla Clark

Content Writer

Cayla, born and raised in Southern California (sorry), currently resides in Asheville, NC, with her weird dog, Harley and her weird cat, Snail.

Sam Owen

Lead SEO Strategist

Hey, I’m Sam. I went to school for network administration but found my passion in SEO and digital marketing. I get great satisfaction from fixing things and solving problems both in and outside of the workplace.

Amanda Cummins

SEO Strategist

Hi, I’m Amanda, a writer and digital marketer. After earning my technical writing degree, I found my niche in content marketing. At Stodzy, I enjoy problem-solving and helping others through informative content.

Megan Allen

Task Manager

I’m Megan — I am a fur mom to a GSD named Pieck! I have a degree in Health Science but I fell in love with all things marketing. So you can either find me behind a computer or running at the dog park!

James Wolfe

Lead SEO Specialist

Hi, I’m James. Before Stodzy, I had worked in many behavioral health programs. I know how important addiction and mental health programs are to those who struggle. As an SEO specialist, my goals are to get content to the people who need it and enhance the user’s experience on the page.

Austin Cole

SEO Specialist

Hello there! I’m Austin. I am a Georgia native who now resides in the sunshine state. Since earning my degree in communications, I have been blessed to join the Stodzy team as an SEO Specialist and occasional content writer.

Chase Jones

GMB/GBP Specialist

Hi, my name is Chase and I am a GMB/GBP Specialist here at Stodzy Internet Marketing. I was born and raised in New Port Richey, Florida, then, after attending UCF for school, made the Orlando area my home.

Lisa Lete-Melton

Content Writer

I’m a true-blue Idaho girl born in the small town of Hailey and raised in the countryside of East Idaho. I’m a graduate of Idaho State University with a BA in Journalism/Mass Communications. I joined the Stodzy team as a content writer in July 2023. I’ve learned so much from the SEO and marketing-savvy crew here. I live in Pocatello, where I’m either wearing heels to satisfy my shoe fetish or hiking in the beautiful Idaho hills!
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