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Meet The Team

Tim Stoddart

CEO | Fearless Leader

I’m Tim. I got started with internet marketing years ago with a simple blog I created. I enjoy writing, and I quickly made the connection between writing and marketing websites. I have been hooked ever since. Stodzy comes from very humble beginnings, and we are proud of what we have created.

Tricia Moceo

SEO Specialist and Content Manager

I’m Tricia – the sweet Georgia Peach of the squad. I’m a mother of two beautiful (and crazy) kids. Running a household is a lot like running a small business, except your employees never go home. I’m an avid caffeine enthusiast and the sarcastic snack queen of the office.

Bryan Sacks

COO and Client Service Specialist

My name is Bryan and I have the best job in the world. I love to talk and my job allows me talk on the phone for hours. I love business marketing and I especially love working with people and coming up with creative ways to succeed! If a client has a question, I am available 24/7.

Tori Skene

SEO Specialist

Hi! I’m Tori! Originally from Irvine, California, I’ve called South Florida my home since 2013. I started writing for Sober Nation in 2017 and the rest is history! From there I began to learn about the intricate world of digital marketing and have never looked back.

Michelle Rosenker

Content Specialist

Hey, I’m Michelle! I’ve been in the content field for more than a decade now, having come from humble beginnings as a feature writer for a local newspaper that paid me five cents per word. I was born and raised in Massachusetts (yes, I say “wicked” and hate the Yankees).

David Erichsen

Lead Developer

Hi, my name is David. I clean plates and build websites. I am the lead developer and token know-it-all at Stodzy. In addition to my work at Stodzy, I am a co-founder of a retail hemp start-up and run a small digital agency of my own.

Austin Cooper

SEO Specialist

Hey, my name is Austin. I’m currently residing in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. I have been within the digital space ever since creating Sober Evolution back in early 2016. I have gratefully focused my efforts on serving clients online ever since!

Douglas Dinarte


I’ve always loved the combination between tech and communication. After seven years working as a back-end developer, I decided to quit my nine-to-five job and started a new career in Digital Marketing. Since then I’ve been passionate about developing funnels and other digital solutions.

Victor Hospodarsky


Hey, I’m Victor! I currently live in Recife, Brazil. My mom and dad thought I’d become a lawyer so I joined law school for five years. Fortunately, I fell in love with Marketing, Sales, Copywriting and SEO for my own sake – I don’t ever want to suit up again.

Sarah Ann Newman

SEO Specialist

Hi! I’m Sarah! I’m a self-taught graphic designer, content and blog writer, and general marketing specialist. I’ve been in the marketing field since 2014, when I became the in-house specialist for a data brokerage.

Ashley Young

Account Strategist

I’m Ashley. I split my time between Baltimore MD and Mexico. I’ve loved all things digital marketing since 2010. I love immersing myself in digital products, ideas, and looking at the bigger picture to better serve my client and build their business.

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