Pay Per Click (PPC) For Drug Rehab Centers

Guaranteed Relevant Traffic To Increase Your Admissions

When it comes to internet marketing, pay per click advertising is one of the most known and used techniques. Pay per click advertising is when you pay search engines to generate clicks to your site. The most used platform is Google AdWords and the team here at Stodzy Internet Marketing are experts when it comes to pay per click.

Can’t I Just Do Pay Per Click for My Rehab Center Myself?

There are those business owners that think that since you pay the search engines directly, there is no need for a marketer.

The bottom line is that’s just not the case.

Google AdWords isn’t simply paying for clicks and boom you have traffic and sales. In order to get clicked, you have to be in the right position. Yes, you can turn a $15 click into a $500 sale, but there are many components to ranking your ads. Google doesn’t just reward the highest bidders, but it rewards the highest quality and most popular ads. Basically the better your ads are, the greater the clicks.

When creating a pay per click campaign, we begin with keyword research. You may have heard of the Google Keyword Planner, which is one of the many resources available for creating a targeted list of specific keywords, both long tail and short. There are many tools, like Wordstream’s Free Keyword Tool that allow you to search for keyword traffic, conversion, and other analytics that provide insight that will help while you build your campaign.

Keyword research and selection is crucial to implementing a successful pay per click campaign. Creating a list of specific keywords is where we will be able to determine if the campaign will see high conversion rates. As we mentioned, both long tail and short tail keywords should be considered when we create the list.

Once we have a set list of targeted keywords, we begin to bring your campaign to life. The way we handle pay per click here at Stodzy Internet Marketing is by creating high quality, relevant ads that will convert to engagement and sales. We aim to increase your AdRank which is how Google calculates which ads are high quality.

How Do You Increase AdRank You Ask?

AdRank is calculated by your Cost Per Click bid (CPC) and Quality Score. Those two factors will determine what your AdRank is and, in turn, the higher the AdRank, the lower the cost per click. The Quality Score has a lot to do with your Click Through Rate or CTR, and the relevance of your ad in comparison to the keywords you are aiming for.

There are many strategic elements that go into a properly optimized pay per click campaign, and our goal at Stodzy is to lower your cost per click and increase your click through rate by targeting specific keywords and properly optimizing each campaign.

What Makes Stodzy Different When It Comes to PPC?

We have analyzed many pay per click campaigns and have found that there are a lot of people doing things that are not going to increase your CTR and AdRank. When we begin planning a PPC Campaign for a client, we strategically analyze everything from keyword research to competition, and what the goal of the PPC campaign is.


One thing is we aim to ensure that the landing pages that your PPC ad is going to are relevant to the keywords associated with the link. That is our top priority. We create unique landing pages that contain numerous Call to Actions (CTAs) that aim to convert paid traffic into business for you. CTAs are based a great deal on psychology. Certain colors, words, phrases and images create a greater response than others. That is why when we design your landing page, we make sure that every aspect can be considered a CTA. Some CTAs are blatant and some are subtle, but they all will create a need for reaction from your potential consumer.

We also use A/B testing, which many marketers miss, or they do it but stop at A and B. Here at Stodzy we use A, B, C, D, etc. to test various elements of both the actual pay per click ad, and the landing page. We may test different URLs, descriptions, CTAs, and variations of keywords to be able to create the highest quality, high converting ad. We also use CTAs in the ads themselves to increase conversion to other pages on your site including: call, location, products, and various other site links.

Again our ultimate goal is to get you more business by spending less. Not many marketers truly understand the process of optimizing a pay per click campaign, but Stodzy does. We know that taking our time and tailoring a pay per click campaign to your needs is going to see better results than just throwing up a campaign for  the most popular keywords.

From in depth keyword research to custom built landing pages, everything in a pay per click campaign is a calculated, strategic move to increase not just traffic but conversions as well. Since the pay per click campaign comes directly out of your budget, we want to make sure you are not wasting  your money. If we notice immediately that a certain campaign is not yielding conversions, we move on to the next one. Our ultimate goal is to increase your AdRank, decrease your CPC, and overall increase conversions.

Contact Stodzy Internet Marketing Company today for a tailored PPC marketing campaign that will have you spending less, and making more. Call us now at 1-800-741-1426, and speak to one of our PPC specialists about building a custom, high converting PPC campaign for your business. Your wallet and accountant will thank you later.

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