Physical Therapy Marketing

Physical Therapy Digital Marketing

So you want to look into digital marketing your physical therapy center? Why wouldn’t you? According to Pew Research Center, 62% of smartphone owners claimed that they used their phones to look up healthcare facilities at least once in the past year. 

Setting up your website to show up towards the top of google in your local area can revolutionize your business as you know it. Do you know how many searches occur on Google per day? 3.5 billion1 in every 20 searches are related to healthcare and the demand for physical therapy is going nowhere.

Physical Therapy is a highly competitive industry but also one of the most important in healthcare. Just throwing together a website and a facebook page is just not enough in this day and age.  You are offering a service that helps people get their life back, it’s life-changing, there is a way to not only gain an online presence in today’s market but to actually connect with your prospective patients. 

How can this be done? How can you build trust with your potential customer base who are in dire need of physical therapy? Why should they go to you as opposed to the dozens of other physical therapy centers near you? Let’s go over four basic strategies that can put you at the forefront of your local competitive market. 

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Search engine optimization is the cream of the crop for physical therapy marketing and any kind of online marketing. SEO is simply a process to improve your website so it shows up towards the top of google search results. The first 3 organic search results on google get 60% of the clicks on a page. 75% of users never click on the second page. Think about your own experience when searching for a new business or service, how often do you go past that first page?

physical therapy marketing stodzy internet marketing

Let’s break down the major factors that will enhance your website’s ranking:

Making your location prevalent on your website is a necessity just as much as certain keywords are. When people in your area search for physical therapy, they aren’t just going to use that phrase they are also going to add in a location. Whether it’s your specific, town/city or just your local area, figure out what the best strategy is for you to nail down a location, stick it in throughout your content and begin working on ranking locally.

Search engine optimization is a complicated art that demands consistent, tedious work but is worth it. SEO does not happen overnight and it can’t be won from making one correct decision, because of that we have extensive teams that will do your SEO physical therapy marketing work for you.

Connect With Your Patients Through Social Media

It’s not breaking news that people spend a lot of time on social media these days. In fact, people spend more time on social media with each year that passes. In 2019 the average person is projected to spend 153 minutes per day on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While social media shouldn’t be counted on for customer acquisition, it’s the best way to connect with customers and create a brand image.

physical therapy marketing stodzy internet marketing

Setting goals is integral to creating a successful social media page. Let’s look at facebook, choosing a single goal to accomplish can create a great infrastructure for your page. Examples of goals include:

Accumulating positive reviews on your social media pages will significantly improve your credibility and sell people on your service faster than any other type of marketing will.

Whatever your goal may be, you need to generate consistent and quality content on your page, being inconsistent could not only mess with Facebook’s algorithm but people will organically lose any kind of interest in your page and it’s content.

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Email Marketing Strategies

When it comes to physical therapy marketing, it isn’t like you are selling a product, you are offering a service to people that can dramatically improve their lives if they need it. Using an email list to stay engaged with your customer base can prove to be more beneficial than social media because you are contacting users on an individual basis. 

An email campaign needs to be consistent, whether it is weekly or monthly is up to you. Schedule your posts for the same time every week, provide updates about the content on your website, promotions you may be running, details on new research. 

Most importantly, provide a call to action (CTA) in your emails. It could be a button that leads to a video on your site or a promotion to book an appointment. Spread those CTA buttons throughout your email and put a strategy behind it each month. 

Sprucing up your weekly/monthly email campaign with a video can give it a unique look that separates yourself from most of the emails your customers receive. 

Word-of-Mouth Marketing

When it comes down to it, physical therapy marketing comes down to reputation. You are actively taking in patients at a low-point in their life and rehabbing them so they can become productive, happy human beings again.

If that process goes smooth and you do everything you can to overextend and give them a great experience, guess where they are going to tell friends of theirs who require PT work to go?

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes for a moment, if they are looking to use your PT services, what does that process look like? Write it down on paper, step by step. Are there any areas that could use improvement? Is any part of the experience a little tedious or lagging?

We are in a day and age of instant gratification. Consumers and patients want a solution right away, or they at least want an appointment right away. The online revolution has allowed people to do basically everything online, for physical therapy that could include setting up appointments and being able to communicate with their physical therapist online. You want to offer everything you can so your patients don’t even have the thought of looking elsewhere.

The best part of word-of-mouth? It’s free, and completely in your control provided you are a competent business and provide good customer service. Leaving patients with a good impression, providing follow-ups and staying connected through several different mediums is key. 

Grow and Connect

Implementing these strategies consistently can establish the brand image you want, grow your patient base and expand your horizons on the marketing front. You get in return what you put out in this space. 

Always remember to take time out of your day and put on the shoes of your customer. Are you offering the best experience possible? Is your content something unique and attention-grabbing? Are you engaging with patients online to make your presence known? There is work to do every day, and the people that put in that work every day reap the benefits.

Remember, results won’t show up a week after beginning your new marketing adventure, but allowing these strategic necessities in physical therapy marketing can bring you to an entirely new way of doing business and providing for patients.

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