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Your Plastic Surgery Marketing Plan Needs a Makeover if…

You already have a marketing strategy in place, but how do you know if it’s actually working? 

Unfortunately, this question isn’t as straightforward as it may seem. For example, you may have plenty of people calling into the clinic, but you still aren’t booking consultations. Is it an issue with the marketing strategy? The sales reps? If it is an issue with the marketing strategy, what part of the marketing strategy?

Here are some key signs that your marketing strategy might need a makeover.

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Most of Your Patients Are Acquired Through Referrals

While it’s always good news that patients want to refer your services, it isn’t a very scalable or reliable way to generate leads for your plastic surgery practice. In addition, if you have a marketing strategy in place, yet all new patients come from referrals, it means that your marketing strategy isn’t very effective. 

Therefore, this is a good sign that you may want to turn to a marketing professional to help you generate leads through your marketing efforts.

A marketing strategist can help you attribute each touchpoint to a marketing channel (Facebook, Google organic search, etc.), which will allow you to understand which channels to cut and which ones you can improve. At Stodzy, we have plenty of industry experience, so we can guide you towards channels that have historically worked for your type of patient and avoid channels that do not work.

You Have Web Traffic But No Consultations

One clue that your marketing strategy may need a makeover is if you have a lot of web traffic, but no conversions. In many cases, it means that your content (your blog) is interesting to generic people but not necessarily your target audience (people that want a plastic surgery procedure). For example, you may notice that most of the traffic coming to your website is landing on a blog post titled “The Best Foods For Weight Loss.”

In this case, weight loss may be relevant to your target audience, though because it’s such a broad topic, most people searching for generic weight loss advice aren’t interested in plastic surgery. 

At Stodzy, we’ll help you uncover blog post topics that are directly related to your target audience. For example, rather than a post on generic weight loss tips, we might suggest a blog post like “What Are The Best Foods To Eat Before a Liposuction Procedure.”

Notice that in this case, this blog post is much more targeted to only people that plan to get a liposuction procedure. In other words, these people are much closer to converting than anybody searching for generic weight loss tips. 

This also applies to any PPC campaigns you may be running. If you notice that the PPC campaign is generating visitors, but they aren’t converting, you may be targeting a generic audience. We can help refine your messaging and target audience to drive only people who are serious about converting. This not only saves money, but it also will drive more patients as you’ll waste less money on patients that will never convert.

You Don’t Rank At The Top of Google For Key Terms

A key sign that your marketing strategy is ineffective is if you aren’t ranking on the first page of Google for core keywords. 

For example, if you are a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA, and your website doesn’t show up on the first page for the search term “plastic surgeon in Atlanta, GA,” you’re missing out on a lot of potential customers.

In fact, over 25% of people click on the first Google result, and the clicks only decrease from there.

You Don’t Have Any Branded Search

Brands like WebMD, Verywell Health, Mayo Clinic, and others tend to rank at the top of Google naturally, and it isn’t just because they have the very best content. Indeed, they often do have great content, though they also have one thing that most companies lack:

A strong brand.

As Google wants to fight misinformation, they are willing to give the benefit of the doubt to stronger and more established brands like WebMD. Therefore, while you don’t need to provide nearly as much content as a website like WebMD, you should consider how you can strengthen your own brand. Ideally, you want to see that a lot of people are searching for your brand:

If you don’t have a strong brand yet, we can help. First, we’ll start by auditing your content and looking for any opportunities to improve. From there, we can update the content and even include influencer quotes to generate more engagement with the post. 

We will also launch high-quality link building campaigns to get your brand’s name out through reputable audiences to your target market. 

Google will also see these signals (links, mentions, etc.) on other related and reputable websites and begin giving you the same preferential attention that it gives other established brands.

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All Team Members Know The Quarterly Goal

Ask your fellow teammates what the goal for this quarter is. Then ask them what they are doing today to hit that goal. 

If the team doesn’t have an aligned goal, you probably don’t have a clear strategy to accomplish goals in the first place. This will lead to a disconnect among your team and make your marketing efforts ultimately ineffective.

Notice in the graphic below that a marketing team without a goal works in silos rather than as a team:

If you notice the graphic below, everything starts with the team goal. From there, team members can create relevant tasks that will ultimately work together to achieve the goal. In this example, the goal is to generate leads through SEO, so everyone is working on a task related to SEO:

Fortunately, Stodzy can help you create goals that will not only align your whole team but will also enable you to create a more unified customer journey. 

However, this isn’t limited to just the marketing team.

For example, if the marketing team collaborates with the sales reps, you can hear the major objections potential patients have and learn how to shift your messaging to put those worries to rest. This will also give you a better idea of whether or not the leads you drive are qualified, which will enable you to pivot your strategy more accurately.

Your Blog Posts Have No Traffic

Many plastic surgery marketing strategies face a common problem: their blog posts generate zero to few monthly visitors. 

You’re not alone. Statistics show that over 90% of webpages never drive a single visitor.

While generating as much web traffic as possible isn’t the end goal, you still need some traffic to generate consultations.

Therefore, we’ll help you select not only relevant keywords with high purchase intent, but we’ll also ensure that these keywords have a relatively low difficulty score and that it’s feasible for your website to rank for them.  

For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword in the example below, we would look at your current domain authority and ask how likely it is that you could achieve 192 links to that page. If it isn’t likely, we’ll find other keywords with a lower difficulty score.

You Want to Grow Faster

In many cases, there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with your plastic surgery marketing strategy. Our client just want to see results faster. You may have even plateaued, and the results aren’t enough. 

At Stodzy, we’ve already experimented with hundreds of healthcare marketing campaigns and have a good idea of what kinds of campaigns and channels work for plastic surgery audiences.

Therefore, rather than testing various channels yourself and risking the current inbound efforts that currently bring some results, our team can help you bypass many of the failures and cut to the successes. 

We’ll do a full audit of your current marketing strategy, ensure that each marketing channel is properly attributed, and then combine our years of experience with the data from your current campaigns to jumpstart your growth.

Marketing Strategies

Once you’ve decided that you want to partner with a plastic surgery marketing agency, you might be wondering which channels you should leverage to achieve success. Here are just a few of the channels we’ve used to help clients achieve their desired results.


SEO is one of the most popular marketing channels for plastic surgeons as ranking for a keyword like “plastic surgeon new jersey” can bring many new customers.

Of course, there is more than one plastic surgery center in New Jersey, so achieving the top spot can be difficult.

At Stodzy, we help clinics achieve that goal.

First, we do an overall audit of the website. If your website doesn’t have a solid foundation, driving visitors to it will be a waste of money.

At this stage, we look at things like your load time, your site architecture, user experience, and more. Google plans to roll out a user experience update in 2021, and page speed is already a major ranking factor

Additionally, Google now uses mobile-first indexing, so we’ll make sure that your website is also mobile-friendly.

Once we know that your website has a solid foundation, we’ll ensure that you have your local listing filled out.

Once we know it has a solid foundation, we’ll do keyword research to get an idea of what kind of content we can produce. 

During this process, we look for keywords that have a low difficulty score (though still highly relevant) as you’ll be able to rank for these keywords much more quickly. For example, rather than immediately targeting “plastic surgery new jersey”…

…we might try something like “facelift new jersey.”

Finally, to build your website’s authority and ultimately rank for keywords like “plastic surgery new jersey,” we’ll build quality backlinks to your website.

Backlinks are essentially other websites in the industry linking to your website. Therefore, we help you strategically form partnerships with other reputable websites in the industry to earn links pointing to your website.

In time, Google will begin to see your website as more authoritative and rank it for harder keywords like “plastic surgery New Jersey.”

Content Marketing

The idea behind content marketing is that it leads a potential customer through the buying process with touchpoints to your brand. For example, before calling your clinic, most people probably Google questions like “what is the recovery time for liposuctions?”

In fact, statistics show that 81% of people perform some kind of online research before making a large purchase.

Therefore, if you provide the answers to these questions during the research phase, a potential customer will be much more likely to call your clinic for a consultation versus another clinic they’ve never heard of or seen.  

As we already did the keyword research in the SEO phase, we’ll have some great blog post ideas, though we’ll also pull ideas from the customer research phase. For example, if most people ask sales reps what they can eat before the surgery, we might create a post around that topic. 

Paid Ads

Content marketing and SEO are great long term strategies because they require little maintenance once they start bringing traffic, though it will likely take months for them to really provide a significant ROI. 

Therefore, to generate an ROI immediately while you’re still waiting for those other channels to gain traction, you can use paid ads. 

Depending on your audience and goals, we usually run Facebook ads, Google ads, or both. 

For example, if we recently created a page for the term “Facelift Scottsdale, AZ,” though it isn’t yet ranking, we can run Google ads for that term.

Once Google sees that the facelift page has a lot of visitors (and that they stay on the page rather than returning to the search results), it will likely begin ranking the page higher organically as well.

Email Marketing

Another great channel for plastic surgeons that is both effective and relatively inexpensive to start using is email marketing.

First, it has an incredible ROI. Research shows that you can expect to receive $44 for every $1 spent on email marketing. 

In addition, you own the email marketing platform. For example, if you only run Facebook ads, your business will stop bringing in customers if they decide to ban your account. Similarly, if you rely entirely on SEO, an algorithm update could ruin your business.

However, with email marketing, you’re in full control of the audience. 

The key to success is only to send relevant emails that provide value. At Stodzy, we can analyze your audience and uncover how often your customers want to receive emails and the kind of content they like to receive by analyzing engagement data and competitor strategies.


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Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for plastic surgeons. One study showed that over 51% of women who underwent plastic surgery followed the surgeon on a social platform prior to the procedure. 

Therefore, if you aren’t leveraging social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity. 

So what should you post on social media? 

Before and after pictures are a great way to engage your audience and show your credibility. 

Educational content is another great way to engage your audience, particularly those most interested in becoming a client. While a post may be engaging, a video posted natively to your social platform will perform even better.

Finally, social media is a great way to collaborate with other influencers or share if you were featured somewhere. Below is a great example of a doctor that was featured in Cosmopolitan and shared it on social media.

Setting up a chat sequence in Messenger or even Instagram is also a great way to engage with your audience, and we can help you do just that.

Review Generation

When patients begin their search for a plastic surgeon, one of the first things they compare are reviews. After all, if you were looking for a surgeon online, which one would you choose?

Probably the one with more positive reviews. 

Not only do you need to have positive reviews, but you need to have many of them and across various platforms such as Google, Healthgrades, Vitals, Yelp, and more. 

If you currently don’t have many reviews, we can help you create a review generation campaign. While it’s illegal to bribe people to leave any kind of review, we can help you take the friction out of the process and make it easier for people to leave reviews. 

Why Stodzy?

Our team of highly trained healthcare marketing experts is ready to take your business to the next level. Here are just a few things that set us apart.

Industry Experience

While some agencies offer healthcare marketing in addition to other industries, we specialize in healthcare marketing. 

By specializing in healthcare, we thoroughly understand the patient journey and subtle nuances such as sensitivity to patient emotions.

In addition, we understand that as a healthcare professional, all information representing your clinic must be 100% accurate. Unlike other industries, inaccurate advice could be deadly and lead to legal consequences. For this reason, we’re extra careful to ensure that all messaging is credible and accurate.

In addition, we understand that everything representing your brand must comply with HIPAA and other industry regulations.

Measure Results That Matter

Another reason why a results-driven plastic surgeon might appreciate Stodzy is that we use your KPIs as success metrics. While other agencies may measure success based on their metrics (like traffic), we measure success based on your metrics. Therefore, we’ll sit down with you at the beginning of the engagement and ensure that our goals align.

If all you want is more patient consultations, we won’t tell you to be satisfied with more web traffic. We’ll work with you until you’re satisfied with your results.

Full-Service Agency

Finally, we know that not every marketing tactic works for every client. For example, some clients really need PPC instead of more SEO to achieve their current goals.

As a full-service agency, you can trust that not only will we tell you when you’re using a strategy you shouldn’t be using, but we can also show you an alternative option. If you want to know more, you can always check out our case studies to see how we’ve achieved similar results for other clients as well.

Partnering With Stodzy

If you’re interested in partnering with Stodzy, this is a rough outline of how we open partnerships. 

Initial Consultation

Like your own patients, we want to get to know you and see if this would be a mutually beneficial relationship. We want to hear your story, understand what you are currently struggling with, and where you see yourself in the coming months and even years. 

We also want to understand what sets you apart as a plastic surgeon and why customers love your clinic. This is key to our marketing messages.

Website Audit

Once we have a good idea of what you want to achieve, we’ll look at your website and funnel to determine where opportunities lie. From on-page SEO and content marketing to your Facebook ads and email marketing campaigns, we’ll deep dive into every aspect of your current strategy.

We’ll determine which channels are working, which ones are wasting money and develop an action plan. We’ll also discuss what expectations are reasonable. If you like the plan, we’ll begin the partnership.

Take Action

We’ll execute the agreed plan and free up your team to focus more on your patients. If you prefer regular updates, we’re happy to do so, though our goal is to make this as easy as possible for you and to act as a true partner.


Once we’ve had some time to test the various campaigns, we’ll show you how each one performed against our expectations. We’ll then go back to the action plan and make various adjustments according to data and double down on strategies that are working.

What’s Next?

There aren’t any secrets to a successful plastic surgery marketing plan. If you already have a great service, our job is simply to show off your clinic’s true value and connect you with the right people. 

If you want to build a reliable marketing engine that generates patient consultations on autopilot, contact us today!

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