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How we increased organic search traffic by 400% and doubled the census for Nashville Detox Center

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Who They Are:

Nashville Detox Center is a parent company to a conglomerate of stand alone detox centers, located mostly in Tennessee. The two facilities in the Nashville area that we’ve worked with are Detox Nashville and Brentwood Springs Detox Center. Both of these facilities have seen HUGE increases in organic traffic as a result of our work. Here’s how we did it!

The Challenge

When we started Nashville Detox center had virtually no digital presence, a cookie cutter website theme, and a basic tracking system to measure the success of the campaigns. There were many different websites trying to compete with each other without any real strategy in place to focus on what the objectives were for each account.

What We Did:

The first step we took is built a quality website for the facilities. It’s paramount that people searching for these services are able to find the information they need.

Afterwards, we created separate strategies for both campaigns.

Next, we created high level strategies for both accounts and after a month of planning, research and documentation, we started executing on our strategy.

Services We Provided:

  • Custom web design and development

  • On and off site SEO

  • Optimized the Google My Business listings and created a system to get honest reviews.

  • Call tracking analysis and optimization based on call scoring

  • Highly targeted PPC campaign

  • Local search marketing

The Results:

After a few months of work, we were able to get BOTH of the Nashville facilities into the local pack for many variations of “Nashville Drug Detox” search queries.

You can see in the screen shot below, that the two facilities list as number 1 and number 3 in the local pack. With more reviews, we are confident we can own the #1 AND the #2 spot.

In addition, we have increased the organic traffic of both websites by more than 300%. Brentwood Springs saw a huge increase in traffic after we published the new site. The site has a much more established structure and interior linking. In addition, the content was targeting for specific keywords that we knew would generate leads and phone calls.

There is still room to grow as the site still doesn’t have a very strong backlink profile, but the main focus was to own the local search market before we started adding on any other services. In time, I expect both of these websites to become more and more solidified in the local community and more integrated with local municipalities.

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