Email? Who wants to bother with email?

This is 2017. These days it’s all about social media and complicated digital marketing campaigns. Email doesn’t work anymore. Right?


Generally speaking, email is still the most effective marketing platform. You have a direct connection with your treatment alumni. Social media is great, but the truth is that Facebook could change it’s algorithm any day. A strong email list is a proven way to make sure you always have an audience.

There are many different options, but Stodzy has built a comprehensive email strategy that will both continue to grow your audience as well as keep your treatment alumni engaged.

Most email marketing is terrible, but yours won’t be, because we are going to implement these guidelines into your email marketing strategy.

Build a Robust Rehab Alumni Program

We primarily work with treatment centers who have aftercare programs established. Keeping in touch with clients after they graduate treatment is an integral part of long-term treatment services.

With that, we have built a fully comprehensive key stroke program that allows us to embed our services directly into your current alumni program.

Here’s how it works –

1 – Insert our email permission form in your discharge procedure. This form will help us gather new contacts, as well as get permission to send them newsletters.

2 – Someone from your facility can either add the new contact directly into the list, or send it to us and we will do it for you.

3 – Someone from your staff will be assigned with the role of keeping Stodzy informed with alumni events and information for parents.

4 – We do the rest.


Right around this time you may be asking yourself, what exactly are we trying to accomplish by implementing our email marketing tactics into your overall marketing campaign?

Well let us dive in a little deeper…

Track Outcome Reporting

We feel very strongly about this. Keeping in touch with alumni and family members is a critical aspect in maintaining the success rates of your clients as well as maintaining the success of your business.

We want to use email to keep in touch with alumni and ensure that they have every resource they need to maintain their sobriety. Subsequently, a successful and sober client is the ultimate form of treatment marketing. What could be more valuable in branding your business than a treatment alumni who has maintained his or her sobriety and gives credit to your amazing treatment services?

Email gives us the ability to track success rates, keep in touch with these alumni and continue to spread the message of recovery through your services.

Build Your Email List

Through our alumni protocol and on site sign up forms, we will grow your email list. Slowly but surely, your email list will grow and more and more people will remain interested in your services and what you have to say.

Slow and steady wins the race, but believe me, a strong email list is your most valuable marketing asset. The time and effort it takes to build an email list may seem daunting, but that is what we are here for. Stodzy will do the heavy lifting and over time you will see it pay off.

Grow Your Traffic

If you know anything about us, you know that we believe in driving traffic to websites through content marketing. Not everyone want’s to keep up with websites and lots of people stay connected to brands through email.

Everyone of our email newsletters will have one or two quality pieces of content that will bring more value to your treatment center and will keep your audience and alumni well informed.

Remaining Available for Those Still in Need

It’s a sad and unfortunate truth. Sobriety can be difficult for some and not every client will stay sober. For those that go through your program, it can be expected that there will be some slip-ups and relapses.

When this happens, we want to make sure they know you are still here for them. If a client relapses, it is important that they still receive their emails and they are reminded that there is still help available to them. Sometimes all it takes is a little reminder and next thing you know your phone will be ringing with a new client and a new opportunity to help someone in need.

Let’s Get Started

Usually, this is where most companies would go on and on about exactly how they build their newsletters and about how effective they are. We are not going to do that, we would rather show you.

If you are interested in using some of our methods, give us a call. We will help you in any way we can. We know that we are well equipped to bring any treatment center into the digital world with their marketing. If you would like, you can call us and we will even tell you how to do it.

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