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Every Healthcare Practice Needs New Patients.

An effective digital marketing strategy will increase online traffic and ultimately bring in new patients to your healthcare practice. Why would you pay an egregious amount of money for overt outbound advertisements on local TV, radio, and newspapers when interested customers can find you directly on the internet? SEO – search engine optimization – tailors the nuances of online content in a way that appeals to prospective clients.

Let’s look at how an effective healthcare SEO strategy will drive free traffic to your website and bring more patients to your practice.

Why Invest In Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the strategic use of key phrases, keywords, and local identifiers throughout the entirety of your website in order to establish an online authority so that Google puts your business at the top of the relevant search results. This organic discovery is much more effective than paying for outbound advertisements that come off as overly pitchy and unnatural.

Prospective clients who find your business through relevant search results are more likely to convert into paying customers as the discovery was made in an organic way rather than with the prodding of an overt outbound sales ad. Once your online content is optimized for search engines, it will prove to be the gift that keeps on giving – directing clients to your business on a consistent basis.

SEO Generates A Meaningful ROI For Healthcare Companies

Healthcare SEO marketing is affordable and effective at bringing in new customers to your healthcare practice. Now more than ever, people turn to Google and the web’s directories to find local service providers. If your website features relevant keywords and key phrases, your healthcare business’ content will appear in the first couple of search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, when locals search the web for their city, town, or zip code along with relevant services, your homepage or another component of your online footprint will appear on the first page of results.

The worst-case scenario of an SEO push would be your content appearing in the first couple pages as opposed to the first page. However, even content that makes it to the second or third page of SERPs will boost the visibility of your online content. Our healthcare SEO specialists will help you obtain valuable online real estate, guaranteeing critically important exposure to prospective clients in need of your unique healthcare services.

Increasing Your Google Search Traffic With Healthcare SEO

Reaching the first page of Google’s SERPs has quickly become the most important and effective means of growing a business. Traffic stemming from Google has the highest possible conversion rate. Ideally, your online content will be optimized to the point that it is the top search result on the first page. After all, most prospective clients will not search past the first couple of pages so it is crucial that your website is ranking well on Google’s SERPs.

Increasing Google search traffic is one of the most important aspects of SEO. The logic in targeting those who use Google and other search engines is these intent behind the user’s search. In other words, these are the most coveted individuals as they are on the poise of converting into paying customers. Don’t assume an abundance of online visits to your homepage or Facebook page will suffice. Traffic stemming from Google users really is more important as these individuals are in a buying mindset.

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The Right Growth Strategy For Your Healthcare Organization

Our team at Stodzy zeroes in on what is most important for each unique healthcare organization’s online marketing campaigns.

The SEO strategy optimal for a competing healthcare company might not be ideal for your business. In other words, content matters. Google awards healthcare websites that publish credible, valuable online content. The content on your homepage, social media, blog, and other components of your online footprint should present your healthcare facility as an authentic authority. Furthermore, this content must feature keywords and key phrases that help you ascend the SERPs for maximum visibility.

The Value Of Backlinks

Backlinks establish credibility and authority on search engines like Google.

In the 1990s, Google began using links as a ranking factor that ultimately placed them as the top search engine. Once search engines recognize high-ranking websites link to your healthcare website, you will notice an increase in search result ranking. Our team at Stodzy specializes in obtaining authoritative links to both your company’s website as well as other web pages.

Another important ranking factor recognized by Google favors is fast site speed. Our digital marketing specialists are here to ensure your site loads as quickly as possible, bolstering your SEO as well as the user experience. In fact, your entire website structure is important. Optimal site structure facilitates the robot indexing of pages while simultaneously ensuring online searchers find the information they covet.

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Healthcare SEO: Slow And Steady Wins The Race

It will take some time for our SEO push to steer web traffic your way.  However, meaningful SEO results take time. Our team will build up your healthcare practice’s website as time progresses – ultimately steering online traffic to various components of your website, improving your organic online traffic, boosting your page rankings, and converting prospects into paying clients. The best part of SEO is the consistent flow of new clients as time progresses. 

For example, an informative blog post that establishes your practice as an industry leader and contains relevant keywords and key phrases will attract many more interested customers over time. After all, online content lasts forever. Web content optimized for search engines will bring in new customers the day it is posted and also days several months, years, and even decades into the future. The same cannot be said of conventional “one-and-done” outbound advertising on billboards, TV, magazine, and radio. 

However, any old online content featuring relevant and local keywords will not suffice. Your content must help customers solve problems, understand your healthcare practice’s value offering, and educate them about the services you provide. Otherwise, the content will generate traffic yet fail to engage the target audience. Discover what industries we serve. Let Stodzy create your online content and optimize it for local search marketing and you will notice a steady increase in online traffic as well as prospect conversions.


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