Build a Community with Social Media

Social media is about connection. Imagine if your patients had a place where they could all express how much your services have helped them, and could share their stories with other people?

Social media is incredibly valuable and underutilized in the healthcare space. If you do it right, a social media community can be a huge driving force of business to your clinic, hospital or facility.

Build Your Brand Through Social Media

What does it mean to “brand” your business on social media?

First, there are some foundational elements that we will work on together. These choices will have a big impact on the future. Together, we will determine…

  • what font should we use?
  • what is your color scheme?
  • what is the overall message that you wish to portray?
  • what is the unique selling proposition (USP) that your business offers that other businesses in your space don’t offer?
  • who are the people you wish to serve?

Once we know these things, we can make build on a plan and a strategy to use social media to spread awareness about your business to the people who want to hear about it.

By sharing valuable, interesting content on social media, we can build a tribe of loyal followers that will promote your business for you.

Building a Community with Social Media

When people think of social media and healthcare, they don’t always see the connection. Is anyone really going to follow a page about a health clinic?

How will a Facebook page or group help grow my dental practice? The truth is, you will be amazed to find how willing and excited people are to share their experience with other people.

If your services help people and improve their lives, they will be more than willing to join in your community. These online communities produce brand advocates who will spread your message like wildfire and bring in new clients for you to service.

Now, some people make the mistake of thinking that “more followers is better.” This is rarely the case, what we will do is target the people who matter most. If you own a local dermatology clinic, you don’t care about what people in Great Britain think of your business. You want to share your message with people that are in your city and could potentially use your services.

Social media gives us the power to target specific demographics and tap into an ideal messaging campaign.

When it comes to social media communities, more isn’t always better. Specific is better. We don’t want likes and Facebook shares. We want new clients! We want new business!

Using Social Media to Spread Incentives

Half the battle is getting new clients in the door. I bet you’re tired of buying flyers and handing out business cards at your local Chamber of Commerce.

These tactics are less effective.

One of the best ways to bring in new business is to use social media as a way to incentive people to come in for their first visit. We do this through a few different tactics…

  • use social media to give out free consultations
  • give away free educational material that promotes your services
  • drive people to sales pages that show off how much your services will improve the lives of people who come in for a visit
  • ask for surveys

There are so many different ways to use social media to invite people in for a “first visit.”

We all know that when it comes to healthcare, people like to work with proffesionals that they have built trust with. No one likes to see a different doctor every week. No one wants to use a plastic sergeon who they don’t feel comfortable with.

Once you get in a new patient for a first visit, it is highly probably that they will come back over and over again.

Social media is a perfect tool to bring people in for the first time.

Using Social Media as a Networking Tool

Our approach is simple.

If you wan’t to build a social media network, you must be social.

Social media platforms (especially Twitter) gives us a full range of potential contacts and networks that we’ve established.  The main objective of any social media platform is making connections, whether to other people or commercial profiles.

We use these contacts to earn links on other industry-related websites. Social media provides us with the opportunity to contact and brainstorm with other professionals and find ways that we can network and cross-promote.

This tactic will help increase your rankings on Google by portraying a highly valuable website, with high-quality content.

To put it simply, we use social media to meet people and build relationships for your healthcare-related business

Why Would I Hire a Company When I Could Do It Myself?

We know what you are thinking. Most companies think that bringing online marketing in house is a good idea. Ultimately that is your decision, but we have seen this happen before.

Everyone uses Facebook, some people use Twitter and other social media sites. It seems simple enough. You may think it is a better idea to hire an in-house employee to manage your social media accounts.

Here is what you will be missing out on if you decide to go that route.

  • in-depth analytics and report
  • quantifiable results that prove the services are having an impact on the bottom line of your business
  • industry experts who are the best in the business

Stodzy Internet Marketing Knows Social Media for the Healthcare Space

Back to the original question, why would you want to hire us when you could hire an amateur?

We feel that you would be wasting time and money. You won’t be getting efficiency and return on your marketing budget.

“If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, wait til you hire an amateur.”

–  Red Adair

The pros at Stodzy are the nation’s foremost experts in social media marketing for healthcare. We are transparent in our methods, we are transparent in our work and we love working with good people who care about their patients and clients.

Our goal is to build a community around your business and utilize each social media network’s strengths to do so. Here at Stodzy, you will be gaining more than just a few social media posts a day. We will be building your community by using high-quality, share-worthy content to gain followers and trust. We will be keeping track of alumni through social media, and email marketing, and we will be utilizing branding tactics and advertising to increase awareness of your business.

Community is one of recovery’s strongest assets, let’s build some together!

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