TV commercials are still an effective means of driving leads for alcohol treatment centers. This is owing to the fact that TV commercials are engaging, interesting, cost effective, have a wide reach and are easy to interact with. Statistics show that the average person spends about 5.11 hours watching television amounting to about 9 years over their lifetime. Keep in mind that 99% of American households have at least one TV with the average number of TVs per household standing at 2.24. This means if you are seeking to reach Americans who need treatment then television is still the primary platform.

Any treatment center that uses television leads will have the widest possible reach among the 14 million Americans adults or 1 in every 13 persons who need alcohol treatment. It could also be the best means of reaching the 3 million 14-17yr olds who have alcohol dependencies. In fact, the net is cast wider since statistics show that 62% of underage high school kids have taken alcohol at some point. We can:

  • Drive phone calls for you
  • Increase your census
  • Integrate directly into your CRM
  • Build an admissions process that is entirely autonomous

Why Us Chose to Buy Media Campaigns?

We put together TV commercials to drive phone calls for people looking to get into treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. We have a team of content creators, copywriters and creative teams that are able to come up with the best content with catchy punchlines. We have extensive experience in helping treatment centers in media buying and creating the leads. We know which hours will work best, what kind of content will be most effective and how to negotiate for the best rates. The combination of drinking patterns and TV binge watching makes a clear case that a fair share of those with alcohol dependencies are also regular TV watchers.

What is the Process?

Our team of creatives and content strategists at Treatment Leads has already created content and material to be run on television. We have content for many different treatment types such as Medically Assisted Treatment (MAD), standard inpatient treatment and intensive outpatient. We also assign a budget and we can run these commercials indefinitely to make sure we continue driving phone calls and admissions. Lastly, we want to make sure the message is clear in our commercials so that we drive the right kind of phone calls

Buying Media and Advertising to Drive Leads

Given our experience in driving ads for treatment centers, we can advise you that word of mouth marketing will only go so far. You need to plan your marketing, assign a budget and get your brand out there. TV commercials are the clearest ways of diversifying your leads sources, because the cost per call continues to be affordable. Using TV commercials will significantly reduce your ad budget while considerably increasing your reach and pool of potential clientèle. The best part about it is that we will guide you through the process.

Understand and Implementing Call Tracking

As the premier firm that guides Treatment centers in media buying, we have a set of metrics with which we use to gauge effectiveness. The treatment Leads will track everything for you and ensure that you get the most accurate impact of the ad on the targeted audience of alcoholics and their close relations. We can also compare conversion from TV to other leads sources to optimize our campaigns for you. This comes in handy in ensuring that the media budget is effectively utilized and the return on investment (ROI) is disproportionately high.

Ethical and Honest Lead Generation

This is one of the technical services that we bring on board. As a Treatment center, you need to be able to understand both the buying process and the selling process involved in a typical advert. We have the insights and experience in tweaking TV commercial messages, structure, timing and techniques to ensure effective lead generation among alcoholic TV watchers. Through our creative designs and messaging we are able to create a stimulating TV commercial that captures the interest of those who need treatment for the purpose of developing sales and increasing conversion.

Create Marketing Funnels That Work

One of the best tools we deploy when it comes to running your ad for the treatment centers is the marketing funnels. We craft out messaging and ad timing to ensure that it achieves the five stages of marketing funnel leading to buy-in and the eventual call to action. Our ads are artistic, creative, persuasive and relatable enough to create awareness, arouse interest, and invite evaluation from the alcoholic. Most importantly our TV commercial ads have the implicit capacity to elicit commitment from those who need the care to eventual picking up of the call and dialing your Treatment center.

Craft Killer Copy for High Conversion Rates

The end game of all our ads is to ensure that your Treatment Center receives that call from TV watchers. That’s why we make sure that the ad has all the components needed to drive conversions. A typical killer ad that we’ll craft for you will have a catchy introduction by identifying and solving a problem. We make it personable and relatable for persons struggling with alcohol addiction and are in need of treatment irrespective of age, gender, or social-economic status. Most importantly we give it a strong call to action that revolves around inviting them to dialing and receiving treatment at your facility.

Leverage Your Advertising Spend

One of the core values that puts us ahead of our competitors is our heart for endless inventiveness and experimentation with different ways of reducing the TV budget. We lower TV ad budgets through geographical targeting, selecting our demographics and setting ads based on their TV habits as well as timing and seasonality. We also have a keen eye on fire sales for TV commercial which enables us to buy ad spaces at a fraction of the actual cost during programming that would have otherwise been too exorbitantly priced for you.

100% Tracking and Conversion Statistics

Research shows that 95% of visits to your site or calls made after an ad are usually within 5 minutes after the ad has run. In fact, 80% of the first calls will happen within the first 90 seconds. We synchronize these insights with your facilities working schedule to ensure that you maximize on the conversions. The rise of second screen usage through watching TV while using their smart-phones makes it easy for people to engage your TV immediately it turns. It’s become even easier for us to help your track the effectiveness of your TV commercial lead generation through the Direct Response TV (DRTV).

Getting Started

The combination of a huge group of TV watchers with up to 5 hrs of TV time daily, the second screen phenomenon, and the huge number of alcoholics who needed treatment have converged to make it easy for your Treatment Center to reach its audience easily. We remain to be the premier producers and media buyers for Treatment Centers when it comes to TV ads all over the country. Our commitment at is to integrate your brand values and goals into the final TV commercial to ensure that the final outcome generates phone calls, brand awareness, conversion, and even greater brand reach.

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