The Power of Video in Marketing Your Treatment Center

There’s no doubt about it–video content is more popular than ever. In fact, video is the most-consumed kind of online content today. By incorporating video into the marketing strategy for your addiction treatment center, there is a huge potential for growth in your business.

In the United States, 3 out of every 4 people are online daily. Currently, online video traffic accounts for more than 70% of all internet traffic, and online video consumption is increasing with each year. Over half of all people in the U.S. are watching videos online every single day. When it comes to making decisions about products and services, 90% of online users say that videos are helpful in their decision process.

As more and more people are looking for addiction treatment online, your approach to marketing has to evolve. You need a quality website for your treatment program. Your program needs to establish a social media presence, and pay attention to online reviews. As you continue to seek growth online, video is the next crucial element in your treatment program’s marketing strategy.

Video Content Builds Trust

The process of seeking and finding treatment for substance abuse is emotional–both for the individual who’s struggling and their loved ones. People in need of help may question whether or not recovery is possible. Family members and friends will be cautious and selective when choosing a treatment option. Video will let them see first-hand who they will be dealing with and entrusting to care for their loved ones. Create personable videos that are warm and welcoming. Introduce yourself and your staff.

The addiction treatment industry is going through a digital revolution. That means you’ve got to find ways to build trust online with potential clients. Your website gives those people insight into your program and valuable information about what to expect, and video allows you to make a more personal connection. Potential clients are less and less likely to come visit your facility and meet with you face-to-face, so you need some way to build trust digitally. Think of video media as a form of a digital handshake.

Use Video for Virtual Tours

Video also offers you the opportunity to show potential clients your actual facility. Once you’ve virtually met with those potential clients and introduced yourself, the next course of action would be to give them a tour. Just like allowing potential clients to see your face and the faces of your treatment staff, giving them a look at your treatment facility gives them an additional layer of comfort.

A virtual tour gives a potential client and their family members a more concrete sense of where they will be staying and receiving care. They can see the living space, the grounds, and where counseling will take place. Having this concrete image in their minds will make the decision to commit to your facility easier and less worrisome. Use that virtual tour as a marketing opportunity. Highlight the qualities of your treatment center that make it a safe and supportive recovery environment.

YouTube is a Search Engine

By far, YouTube is the most popular video platform. It’s also the second biggest search engine, just behind Google. In fact, Google owns YouTube, so it prioritizes YouTube videos on its search engine. That means, when someone searches for information about addiction treatment or a treatment center in their area, relevant YouTube links will rank higher on that person’s search results than content on other websites. The inbound marketing potential for video is huge.

By hosting videos on YouTube, you naturally draw more traffic. You can link to your treatment facility within the description of your YouTube videos. You can also embed those videos within content on your facility’s website, and use those videos as shareable content on your treatment program’s social media pages. The bottom line: video content can only improve your search rankings and make your facility more visible online.

Video Marketing Keeps Your Facility Relevant

As the addiction treatment industry modernizes, your marketing strategy should, too. Video is the most popular form of online content, and it shows no signs of slowing. More online users are relying on their mobile devices, and they’re turning to videos to give them the information they need in a condensed and easily understood format.

Make things easy on potential clients by providing video content that can show them everything they need to know about your treatment program. Capitalize on that video marketing to get your facility noticed, and to earn the trust of those potential clients.

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