Buying web leads is always a good idea because it guarantees admissions at a reasonable cost.

In our industry, there are a number of affiliate website that use SEO tactics and useful resources to bring in traffic from people who are looking for help with addiction. These websites are often very big and authoritative, regularly developing engaging content.

Because of the valuable resources and information they provide, these websites have the capacity to drive a large number of inbound leads and route them to particular treatment facilities. Typically, these websites focus on being as useful and interesting as possible in order to become popular and respected. This drives traffic and social shares tremendously. Because of the nature of the content, many of the website readers face problems with addiction or have loved ones struggling with addiction. This is why these sites offer an avenue for people to get help by offering a toll free crisis phone number and similar contact forms. These phone numbers are directed to affiliate treatment centers who can help place these individuals into rehab.

Most of the time, these phone calls can be available for purchase. These addiction web lead sites often offer treatment centers to become sponsors of their project, which means the phone number on their site can be connected directly to your admissions line.

Who Should Buy Web Leads?

Any treatment facility that has the infrastructure to handle a large volume of calls can benefit greatly from buying inbound web leads. Addiction treatment web leads can be acquired at a reasonable price and always result in increased admission rates. Combined with other marketing tactics, web leads can act as a buffer to ensure that all beds remain filled.

In order to make rehab web leads worthwhile, a treatment center needs to have their own call center to answer calls. The admissions call center needs to be prepared to answer a large volume of calls 24 hours a day. Treatment web lead sponsors are typically required to be standing ready to answer the phone 365 days year because websites are always live and experiencing traffic. It is hard to predict what time of day a person may call and decide to get help for their addiction.

Stodzy can help make a successful addiction web leads campaign possible. We have experience directing web leads and setting up effective call centers to handle the volume of calls produced by addiction websites. We can help treatment centers find the right price for web leads and track their progress. With our call tracking campaigns, we can help treatment centers see exactly where their calls are coming from and how they are finding the number.

Why Buy Treatment Web Leads?

Web leads can not only ensure filled beds but can also help treatment centers gather data on where their clients are coming from and what they are searching for online. Web leads give a treatment center the unique ability of tracking calls and conversations. This information gives treatment centers the ability to enhance their marketing campaigns over time.

Websites that offer addiction treatment web leads rely heavily on SEO. This is why web leads can be so valuable and effective for rehabs. These leads convert very well because they specifically come from content that was targeted toward people struggling with addiction. Nearly every single person dialing these crisis lines are in need of finding addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one.

Another significant factor with web leads is the ability to decide which leads come to your treatment center. Website that offer sponsorship opportunities often give sponsors the option to choose a region or state that they would like to receive phone calls from. This can offer a major boost to treatment admissions, especially for centers with few locations. If your treatment center is in California, you can decide to only pay for calls coming from California. This greatly increases your chances of calls converting into real admits.

Isn’t Advertising Cheaper?

Simply advertising your treatment center can be expensive and unsuccessful. Ads require a person to remember your center when they are ready to get help. People are not always ready to get help when they see their ad. The upside of web leads is that the person calling is always looking for help right now.

Addiction resource websites that sell web leads are already doing the work of targeting people struggling with addiction. These sites spend the time and money to SEO for addiction keywords and constantly have an audience of people who struggle with addiction. Purchasing web leads is fairly cheap and has a massive turnover.  Call us today to learn how web leads work and how they can grow your business.

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