When you’re running a treatment program, it can feel like you’re the ringleader of a circus. You have to handle new admissions, their insurance verifications, and travel arrangements. There are client treatment plans and dispositions to keep up-to-date. And, of course, it’s essential that your program keeps track of your leads. How can you keep things organized? Is there a way to make life easier for you and your staff?

Those leads are your potential clients, and following up with them is the only way to convert them into actual clients. Those potential clients are also real people, seeking out the help and life-saving treatment services that your facility can provide. When you’re running a real admissions team and managing lots of leads, it’s easy for some to get lost in the shuffle. You need a highly organized and efficient system that can do the work for you—that’s where a CRM comes in.

What Is a CRM?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is basically the ways in which your treatment program manages interactions with current and potential clients. The ultimate goal of CRM is to organize and improve your business. There are many CRM strategies and approaches, but your treatment program could benefit from a CRM system specifically. We understand not every facility will want or even need these systems, but it has the potential to streamline your business operations and ultimately grow your treatment program.

A CRM system is designed to compile information on your treatment leads and analyze that data, so you can increase your conversion rate. Put simply, a CRM will manage all of those leads and organize them into a database. That way, all of your reps can easily access information about their own leads, as well as leads from your other reps. If and when a potential client calls back, any of your reps can take the call and reference notes from previous phone calls.

This way, you stay organized and never lose track of your treatment leads. A CRM better equips your team to handle calls, because they can see relevant personal information or individual concerns from any of your leads. Not only does this make life easier for your reps, but it also improves your customer service. Your team will be more knowledgeable of your potential clients, so they can better help those clients. Ultimately, your clients are the most important piece of your business. How well those calls are handled can determine whether or not they covert.

What Are Some Options For a CRM?

CRM technology has evolved from pen-and-paper methods to the different CRM software solutions available to you today. There are now cloud-based systems, which allow you to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection and ensure that your database information is constantly updated. If you want to automate your lead management, focus your marketing efforts, and make your operations more efficient, there are several options available to you:

  • Sales Force CRM—this is a popular CRM choice that’s highly customizable and fully cloud-based. But, it’s earned a reputation for being very expensive with hidden costs.
  • Sugar CRM—this CRM is also customizable, and markets itself as a simpler solution than Sales Force that’s easier to use. But, Sugar’s price range is still pretty similar to that of Sales Force.
  • Stodzy’s Soon-to-Be CRM—we’ve been building our own systems for years. Taking the experiences we’ve had with other systems and our unique understanding of the treatment industry, we’re working to create the most efficient and effective systems for treatment programs like yours. It may be in the works in late 2017.

If you decide you want to invest in a CRM for your treatment program, consider your options and look into pricing plans to decide what’s feasible for you. As you consider different programs and prices, there are a few things to keep this in mind. Per sales person, it can increase a business’ revenue by over 40%. And, as of 2014, average returns from CRM were $8.71 for every $1 spent, and this number continues to rise.

What Other Features Are There?

The clear reason to invest in a CRM for your treatment program is because it will make life easier and make your admissions system so much more efficient. There are so many possibilities with a CRM—you can:

  • evaluate reports and see your conversion rate
  • get assistance with email lists and marketing campaigns
  • help managing social media profiles
  • easily set up mobile accessibility

Customer Relationship Management systems offer plenty of customizable features that may suit your business, but you also have to know how to use those features. We can help you overcome any technological hurdles so you can make the most out of your CRM. The Stodzy team understands how to integrate your phone system with your CRM, so that a profile for a new lead is automatically made when a new call comes in. We can set up your system so that number and profile automatically appear on your rep’s computer screen.

Our team can also pull reports from your CRM and help you understand them, so you can use those reports to improve your marketing. We can help you set up chat sequences between departments, so phone reps can communicate with or transfer calls to insurance verification. Really, a CRM allows you to do most anything that you need to make your admissions system more efficient.

Find Out What a CRM Can Do For You

A CRM can revolutionize your current phone system. The data offered can inform your advertising strategies so you generate more leads. Most importantly, you will keep track of those leads and have a better chance of converting them into actual clients.

If you’re new to CRM, this may all sound intimidating, but take a breath. The Stodzy team is happy to help you every step of the way. Call us today to speak with our experienced consultants about how a CRM can improve your treatment program’s operations: 1-800-761-1426

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