Why the Ascent App is a Useful Tool for the Treatment Industry

Recovery is a lifetime. No one knows this better than someone who has completed addiction treatment and returned home. The period after leaving treatment can be the most difficult to remain on the path to recovery. Studies show that the percentage of people who will relapse after a period of recovery range from 50%-90%.

The founder of Ascent, Brian Bailys, saw this firsthand. 90% of people in his partial hospitalization program relapsed within the first 90 days of leaving treatment. Addiction is a chronic disease that requires long-term care and these people need support long after they have left a treatment facility. That is where the Ascent app comes in.

As an enhancement to traditional recovery methods, the Ascent app addresses the need for support for people post-treatment. It sets out to solve the problems of loneliness, overwhelmed users and people succumbing to the wrong crowd. With 24/7/365 support from experienced addiction-recovery coaches and constant access to the plethora of mobile app features, the Ascent solution provides people in recovery with everything they need to succeed.

People in recovery from addiction or who suffer from mental illness are able to use the Ascent app—post treatment— to keep them connected with like-minded individuals. App users can message and/or talk with other peers and stay engaged with peer recovery coaches whenever and wherever they need. They can also discover and add new motivations including videos, podcasts, pictures or anything that will help users remain on the path of recovery. Another feature is the ability to find nearby meetings. Users can geographically locate recovery meetings that are close to them. Users can journal and set goals for themselves as well. There are even daily or weekly surveys that users can take in order to help their coaches better understand how to assist them. Lastly, there is a “Beacon” button that a user can press to receive immediate help, 24/7/365.

Treatment centers, drug courts, and organizations are using Ascent to monitor and care for current and former clients. The Ascent solution continues to give companies such as these the peace of mind that their clients are in good hands and are remaining in recovery. At the same time, people in recovery can rest assured that they will always have support right at their fingertips.

For more information on Ascent, visit the website or reach out to wfoley@ascent.org.   

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