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Increase your census in an ethical and effective manner. Online marketing is essential for any drug rehab or addiction treatment center who is dedicated to helping addicts recover and  provide the best services possible.


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What Is Addiction Treatment Marketing?

Addiction treatment is a life-saving service.  It is estimated that 23.5 million people need treatment every year, but only a fraction of those actually receive treatment. That means that our country needs high-quality addiction treatment and drug rehab centers to help those in need.

Like any industry, treatment centers need clients to sustain and remain operational. Bringing in clients is a challenge for any treatment center and usually, the facilities that build the best admissions processes are the facilities that are able to hire the best therapists, build the best programs and most properly treat the addicts they serve.

Addiction treatment marketing is different now than it ever was. Facilities are no longer dependent on referrals or word of mouth marketing. Now the industry has the option to build their own brand, bring in their own clients and do so independently, without the use of any outside influence.

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treatment admitsMore Admissions so You Can Focus on What Matters

Addiction treatment is a labor of love. It can be hard and unforgiving work, yet thousands of men and women have dedicated their lives to helping people. With so much energy being spent on the clinical side, why would any treatment center want to spend time worrying about a census and admission rates? You want to be focusing on what matters.

Stodzy is your answer. Our sole purpose is to increase your online visibility to make the admissions process easy, streamlined and sustainable. Addiction treatment marketing is difficult. Don't stress out over your census and let Stodzy handle your marketing and lead generation services. This means less stress for you and more admissions for your company.

Increase your seo for treatment centersProfessional, Honest and Secure SEO Services to Increase Your Facilities Rankings

Did you know that the term drug rehab gets Google searched 5,400 times a month? That one keyword is responsible for thousands of treatment admissions. Search engine optimization is the most effective and reliable lead sources.

The intent behind search means that people coming to your website from Google are coming because they are in need of your services?

Instead of finding ways to bring in new admissions and referrals, imagine if instead, the people that needed help came to you. This is just one of the methods in which Stodzy is leading the way in addiction treatment marketing.

To find out more about SEO, we are happy to schedule an introductory phone call. No obligations or strings attached. Stodzy Treatment Marketing gives you a ton of flexibility and avenues in accomplishing your goals. If building a website and dedicating months to establish a good online marketing plan is out of the question, we have more immediate options available as well.

Inbound leads can come in many forms…

Pay per click calls

Raw phone calls from third party vendors

Online form leads

Every option has pro and cons. Luckily you get to choose from a bountiful selection of options and then you can customize them to fit your immediate needs. Our objective is to be of service to you.

A Digital Presence that Makes You Look Good


When people are in need of treatment, the first thing they do is head to the internet to do some research. When an addict or a loved one is in "crisis" mode, they are looking for answers quickly. What do you want this person to think about your facility when they get to your website? Our team of designers and developers are the best in the business. Stodzy will build you a website that is professional, elegant and service oriented. The design is about more than just layouts and pictures, it's about telling a story. The story your website tells about how you can help someone is just as important and getting traffic to the site in the first place.

Addiction treatment marketing is all inclusive and with Stodzy, you can breathe easy knowing that all your bases are covered. No matter which options you chose you can rest assured that your brand and your budget will be treated with absolute care and grace. Your reputation means everything and we will never jeopardize that with unscrupulous marketing tactics.

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