Welcome to Your Future Internet Marketing Company

We are not your typical internet marketing company. We do things a bit differently. In the tech world, we find that customer service is lacking. For some reason, techies think that having this specialized knowledge in technology replaces the need for robust, human interaction. At Stodzy, we pride ourselves in linkage, in controlling the communication process, from the “cradle to the grave.” In the ultra-competitive space of internet marketing, nothing is more important than communication. Markets are constantly changing; each industry has a different “personality.” Communication gives us the ability to constantly analyze and adjust with different markets and industries.

Also, our reach stretches way beyond the internet marketing world. Demographics are measurable and important to understand. Whether you are a contractor in Long Island or a nationwide resource for addiction, we can help you. Knowing your competition, your customer, and your resources, plays a vital role in your approach. Together, we become collectively capable of meeting your challenges. Our team manages collaboratively, peer-to-peer, to coordinate your internet marketing needs and bring your complex solutions to the market.  “Failing to plan is planning to fail, ” an old adage wisely states.

Internet marketing is more than graphs and analytics. It is more than measuring ROI and finding ways to target a demographic. We feel that internet marketing is about people. We always remember that there is an influential, human element involved. Marketing is just as much about tapping into an emotion as it is about fulfilling a need. We are not your average, run of the mill, internet marketing company. We are your team.

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