New Age Marketing For The Addiction Treatment Industry
From a Team Who Knows The Deal

Our job is to connect your treatment facility to the people who need you the most.

Those who are struggling with addiction feel lost and alone. The team at Stodzy understands this completely. Through our own personal experience with recovery combined with our expertise in the industry, no one is better equipped to reach those ready.

Internet marketing for addiction treatment requires a certain understanding about the mindset of those who are looking for help. When people start to look for help for a drug problem, the first thing they do is go to the internet. Our job is to make sure they find you and your treatment facility.

Stodzy takes on a new age approach with digital marketing for addiction professionals. The world is changing and the internet makes information more available than ever.

If you are not promoting your brand on the internet, than you are still in the dark ages. Any addiction treatment center that is serious about growing their business, needs to be marketing online.

No one does addiction marketing better than Stodzy.

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