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The demand for high-quality addiction treatment phone calls has never been greater.

Weoffers valuable, ethical and affordable phone calls to treatment facilities with the infrastructure to handle them. We have seen this happen over and over again. Good people with great intentions spend lots of money opening up a facility, hiring staff and building the infrastructure for treatment.

Unfortunately, many new treatment owners don’t understand how to position themselves to bring in new clients. What happens then? The center will ultimately shut down and the hard work will all be for nothing.

It doesn’t matter how smart, well intentioned or accomplished you are. If you fail to bring in new clients, your work, your dreams and your ability to help people will all be for nothing.

Here is what we offer:

  • Inbound phone calls from real people looking for real treatment.

  • Consulting in building a qualified call center that is capable of handling the calls of providing resources the right way.

  • Tracking and analytics on conversion rates to make sure you are getting the best bang for your buck.

  • Honest and transparent services that protect your brand, your reputation and your quality of work.

Addiction treatment is important work, and we aim to grow the industry in a way that we can be proud of. Here is how it works.

Step 1 – Set Up The Infrastructure To Ensure You Can Handle The Calls

phone systems

Inbound leads are not for everyone. Remember, these are real people on the phone. They are in a time of need and they are dealing with addiction. These people deserve to be treated with respect and to be helped in whichever capacity. If you do not have the infustructure to properly manage the leads, you will be wasting your money and you will be providing a disservice to the person on the other end of the phone.

No one wants that.

For this reason, we offer an on boarding process to make sure that the leads are handled properly and effectually.

Set Up the Hardware and Call Routing 

Do you have a phone system? Does your facility have the proper personal to handle the calls? Does your facility have reps that are available during the right times to handle calls when they come in?

These are all questions we are going to ask and it is worth taking the time to answer them honestly. Once we understand what we are working with, we can then build routing systems that ring at specific times and to specific phone numbers.

There is a high probability that some of your phone reps will be off site while these phone calls come in. We can easily set up sequences that promise the call will be delivered to a reps cell phone at a time when the rep will be able to take the call and do so effectively.

Planning for this is an important first step

Set Up Call Tracking and Reporting

Reporting on conversion rates and measuring call data is the true secret behind converting treatment phone calls.

Our call tracking is state of the art and our system can integrate with most CRM’s. If you don’t have a CRM, that’s fine too because our system can export reports manually.

We will assign different phone numbers to different lead sources so we know which campaigns are performing best and which ones may need some adjustment. Our goal is to provide the most value possible and doing so requires complete transparency.

You will know everything there is to know about the effectiveness of the leads we provide.

To learn more about these types of treatment calls, contact us at 1 800 761-1426

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We are happy to put together a free, comprehensive proposal. No strings attached.

Step 2 – Route Quality Leads And Phone Calls To Your Facility

taking the phone calls

Now were really getting started. Once we are set up, we will immediately begin sending you quality leads and phone calls. But this isn’t just a free for all. There is a method behind what we do. You have complete control over your lead generation campaign.

  • Calls can be routed 24/7

  • You set the daily caps on your calls

  • You tell us how many calls you wish to receive in a single day, a month or any given time slot

  • You get to decide which days of the week you wish to receive phone calls.

  • You determine what times of day you want to receive calls.

Now the ball is in your court. You will be taking phone calls from people who are in need of help. If is up to you to qualify these phone calls in the manner you see fit. Every facility has specific criteria to meet. This could include insurance, mental health criteria, travel arrangements, etc.

With Treatment Leads, we will work along you to narrow down the criteria as best we can. Not every phone call will be a perfect match and you can expect industry standard conversion rates. However, with the right reps, the right training and the right conversion optimization you can keep your census up and keep the patients coming in.

We Will Work with You to Get the Phone Calls You Want

We don’t make any promises here. The more options you have in terms of what kind of clients you can take, the better off your lead campaigns will perform.

With that said, we are more than willing to make small tweaks on location of the caller, on potential demographic (depending on how many calls you are taking) and call times.

Remember, the success will depend on how well you measure your data and we will schedule a monthly phone call to go over the conversion rates and see how we can tweak your campaigns to make sure your calls are admitting at an acceptable conversion rate.

Our promise to you is to always provide value.

Step 3 – Analyze, Optimize And Improve


You will hear us talk about data a lot. In addiction to bring the provider of excellent treatment leads, our biggest value proposition is our FREE data and analytics consulting. We believe this service is mandatory for our clients. Here’s why.

  • Most treatment professionals have backgrounds in clinical health care, not marketing. We look to bridge that gap.

  • What good spending money on leads without knowing what is working and what is not?

  • If the conversion on your leads does well, you will continue to be a happy client of our. We like it when everyone wins.

So, what does our free consulting package include?

Discounted Call Tracking Metrics

We have built an exclusive deal with DialogTech, which is the nations premier call tracking and phone routing system. When you sign up as a client, you will automatically be given our discounted rates and you will now have the ability to track, record and learn from every phone call we provide.

You will have live access to your phone calls and your tracking. This is of no extra charge to you, we simply provide this service as a means to make sure our leads are the best leads out there.

Monthly Reporting and Consulting

With our leads, you can expect a complimentary, once a month conference call. In this call we will…

  • Discuss the results of the phone calls your have purchased

  • Determine any lessons or consistent patterns we can take away from your leads program

  • Optimize the campaign to do better month over month.

Along with your monthly conference call, you have the option of revieving a monthly written report as well. This report will give you average call time, average cost per call, average cost per admit and much more.

If you can’t tell by now, our primary objective is to provide as much value to our clients as possible. We want you to buy leads from us for as long as possible. The best way to do that is simply to provide the best leads and the best service.

Let’s Get Started

If you feel that buying leads is the next step for you in your mission to provide treatment services, than Treatment Leads is your best option.

We provide a FREE introductory consultation. There are no obligations and no tricky language to get started. If we feel that our leads will be beneficial to your facility than we can find a way to work together.

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