Crush Your Competition with Local Search Marketing

If you are not optimized properly for local, you are missing out… big time.

One of our biggest priorities is getting your facility ranking locally. Local search traffic is some of the most valuable inbound traffic you can earn.

Put yourself in the mind frame of the user. Let’s say a mom finds a heroin needle in her son’s pocket. The first thing she does is go to the internet to find help. She searches Google for the key phrase “plumbing company in Philadelphia.”

What do you think she is going to click on? This user knows exactly what she is looking for. That is a well-defined search term, and she is looking for resources in the Philadelphia area. What benefits could you see with being highly ranked for this local search phrase?

Do we need to explain more?

Local Search Marketing. What Are The Best Practices?

Let’s simplify this.

Local search marketing is complicated and entire courses and business are dedicated simply to this. However, for the sake of education, we will simplify our methods for you. We focus on two aspects of local search marketing.

1 – Map Listings

Getting your business listed in Google business directories is a good first step. Map listings are usually at the top of the search engine result pages for local search. They usually appear right under the pay per click ads.

To show you that we use our own practices, let us look at what happens when we search for “internet marketing company in Delray.”

You guessed it!

Stodzy Internet Marketing is at the top of the list. Google has a lot of different ranking factors for local, and one of these is the number of reviews and traction going through your Google+ business listing. We don’t need to go into detail, because we will take care of all of this for you.

Don’t forget about local search! If you are ready to take your marketing seriously, tha6n call Stodzy today. Call now – 800-761-1426.

2 – Organic Search Traffic

As much as we advocate map listings, the problem is that Google only allows one address per business.

Treatment centers generally market across a wide array of states and cities, we need to get creative to pick up traffic for multiple locations.

As always, the answer is quality content.

We will write and publish quality content that will get local organic traffic. Writing this content is a delegate process. We need to be sure to properly seo the pages, while not forgetting about transparency and user experience. The reader needs to find the information helpful, and the search engines need to rank the content as well.



Think you can do it on your own? We will help.

As always, we feel very strongly that hiring Stodzy will have huge benefits in marketing your business. If local search marketing is a field that you are interested in learning about, just give us a shout. No strings attached.

Local search can take your marketing to a new level. Being the top of the local rankings alone can completely transform your business. However, there are thousands of cities and states to go after, so we always do our research to make sure what we are targeting is worthwhile.

Call us! We can help you. We are good at this, and we only want to help improve your business.

You could be the help someone is looking for, how will they find you?

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