Gain the Competitive Edge With Effective Lead Generation

Why do most businesses fail?

It is bad management? Is it ownership disputes? Is it bad accounting or bad expenses?


Businesses fail because they don’t bring in enough new business. It’s as simple as that. With an influx of sales, almost every other problem in business is solvable.

“Sales Cure All Ails.”

Are there other problems that can arise in a business? Sure. But the fact of the matter is that a business that can bring in more leads and close more business is in the strongest position to succeed in the market.

How Will Stodzy Generate More Leads?

Lead generation is half art, half science. There are a few different ways that Stodzy executes on lead generation for our clients. Let’s dive in.

Facebook Ads – At its core, Facebook is an advertising platform. With Facebook, we can generate cheap traffic to landing pages and create high converting funnels to bring in more patients to your healthcare business.

For Facebook advertising to be effective, there must be something of value to “give away.” This could include…

  • a free ebook
  • a free “no risk” consultation
  • a free first appointment
  • a checklist of ways to take care of a particular health ailment.

One of the reasons why Facebook is so effective as an ad platform is because of the targeting capabilities. If you are a dermatologist in Louisville Kentucky, we know that we can send ads to people who match that demographic.

Adwords and Google Ads – Google ads are different than Facebook ads for one primary reason.

When people go to Google, they are trying to solve a problem. They are actively “searching” for a solution.

We can take advantage of this intention by putting ads in front of people who are actively searching for the service you provide.

So if you are a dentist in Philadelphia, we can deliberately put ads in front of people who are searching for “dentists in Philadelphia.” The conversion rate on these ads will be very high because we are aligning our ads with the searchers intent.

Third-Party Vendors – Buying leads from lead provio\dors is a completely valid option. Finding an ethical, reputable and quality lead source could catapult your healthcare business above all others.

Working with lead providers is a delicate process, and we will handle the entire process for you. The last thing we want is to have you getting bogged down with the details. That will be taking you away from what you need to focus on most, running your business.

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