Building a landing page for SEO is now central to the page design process. Some go as far as insisting landing page design is completely separate from regular web design as each has a unique aim. “Landing page” is a reference to the page of a website where an online visitor lands. Typically, landing pages are designed to convert online visitors into paying customers who perform specific actions. In most cases, the aim of the landing page is to persuade an online visitor to reach out to the office with a phone call or email.

Landing pages serve the same purpose yet no two such pages are exactly the same. Prior to creating landing pages for SEO, it is important to invest a little bit of time identifying the page’s specific goal.  Below, we pose a few questions to ponder prior to focusing on page design.

Are Organic Search Results Sending Traffic to the Page?

If the answer to this question is “yes,” it is important to learn what people are actually searching for. Key in on the specific keywords, phrases and local identifiers that spur traffic. Such information is important as the landing page text should be relevant to the keywords/phrases that the visitor is interested in.

As an example, consider web traffic that reaches the page after searchers type “healthcare services in Florida” into a search engine. The information on the landing page should be relevant to this search phrase. Furthermore, it is also prudent to add a map of the area by the facility along with the address to show its location is in Florida. It also makes sense to detail the benefits of the healthcare facility. Above all, the page should encourage the visitor to take action, typically through a phone call to the facility.

What About Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Traffic?

PPC has a comparably narrow scope. Each PPC click is made with a certain goal in mind. In other words, your business should have a well-organized plan to generate traffic through PPC. Every component of PPC must be considered. Consider trying out a couple landing page designs to see which generates the most conversions. Ideally, there will be a phone number on each landing page so it can be cross-referenced with calls to gauge conversion frequency.

Consider Referral Traffic

It will take some digging to determine if referral traffic is responsible for your site’s traffic. However, the results are never crystal clear in the context of referral traffic. Building links naturally makes it challenging to determine where the referral hits stem from. Furthermore, it is inherently difficult to determine what was on the user’s mind when clicking through to the site.

Consider an individual looking for a healthcare service provider in your city. You find an abundance of traffic from sites that detail a specific healthcare service such as diabetes treatment. The site in question might have linked to your site in a specific article or blog post. As a result, web traffic to your site increases. However, the actions that online visitors take from this point are particularly important.  Ideally, the content they originally read will be relevant to the point that they are inclined to pay for your services.

Location-Oriented Landing Pages for SEO

Landing pages should consider location in the context of SEO. A localized landing page designed with SEO in mind facilitates the growth of your company. As long as your aim is to connect with as many locals as possible, localizing your landing page is well worth the effort.

Here’s how to do it.

Each Location Should Have a Specific Page – Be as specific to each location as possible. The question is whether it is prudent to create a landing page for a city in which there is considerable competition. It might make more sense to build a landing page for specific counties within the city or region.

Inspire Reader Action – Each page should have a call-to-action that encourages online visitors to reach out with a call, email or completion of a contact form. Be straightforward with the method of communication you prefer and it won’t be long until you receive a response.

Mind the Map – Maps are inherently important as they build in a component of trust. Specify your location, show people exactly where that location is on the map and they will be inclined to visit your facility.

Reviews – Customer testimonials that detail the merits of your services are of the utmost importance.  After all, prospective clients favor the opinions of fellow customers over anything else. Feature testimonials from objective customers and you will receive that much more interest from prospective customers.

Symbols and Imagery That Inspire Trust – The aesthetics of your website are particularly important.  As an example, adding symbols of trust such as the logo of the Better Business Bureau (assuming your rating is exemplary) or a small map showing your location on Google Maps makes customers view your business as legitimate.

Content is King – At a bare minimum, the landing page should have 500-600 words of content. Implement keywords and key phrases to the content for SEO purposes, include some local identifiers and consider adding an embedded video to maximize the impact of the page.

Landing Pages for SEO at Stodzy Internet Marketing

If the final look of your landing page is different than others, don’t fret. Each landing page is idiosyncratic. Take a couple chances, be unique and your page will inspire visitors to take action in the form of a phone call or email. These visitor actions add that much more to your bottom line in the form of additional revenue. Focus on maximizing your conversions rather than getting as many visits as possible and your landing page will have served its purpose.

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