Everything is content.

Writers have found a new found freedom and career path in online marketing. Writers like you and I no longer have to be “starving artists.” there is a need and abundance of work in our field. Blogging and content writing have created an entirely new industry full of talented and creative writers.

There is an art behind content writing. With that being said, storytelling or narrative is an important aspect.  Stodzy makes it a priority to work with you and your facility to write  and create content that has a voice.

You have to know your audience.  In the addiction treatment niche, it’s important to be able to “speak the language” of recovery.

At Stodzy, our writing staff is talented, ethical, creative, technical, and hard-working.  our team of writers has extensive experience in the addiction field. Some have personal experience, others have professional experience. We have a small army of content creating robots that cover different tones and perspectives.

We focus on 4 different elements of content. By successfully combining all these styles, we create a robust and all-encompassing content portfolio for your treatment center.

Let’s take a look.

1 –  Evergreen Content

This kind of content never gets old. It is information that holds value, lasting the ages. For instance, if we were to write some high-value content on “The History of Football,” that content will be perpetually relevant. It may grow outdated over the years, but the content’s theme  will always hold its value.

2 –  Newsworthy Content

Unlike evergreen, this content is only relevant for a short period of time, As news happens, it is best to publish newsworthy content as quickly as possible because this content has the highest chance of spreading virally through social media outlets.


People only care about what Miley Cyrus is doing for so long, until Kanye and Kim come out of “left field” and steal all the glory. That example aside, every industry has news, new events, and publications that we must keep up with to keep your site current and newsworthy.

3 – Flagship Content

Think of a navy fleet. The “flagship” is the ship that holds the admiral and the commands. Flagship content reflects  the same idea. This is the content that defines who you are and  lays the cornerstone of your content strategy. The most investment, time-wise, this content will define who you are as a brand and a culture. These articles tend to be the most informative and the longest. These are the articles to which we look to funnel traffic.

4 – Interactive Content

We must keep the user engaged. What do you look for when you are surfing the internet? What catches your attention? What makes you click on the next link? We have to keep this is mind when we write this kind of content. Not all content has to be “super fun” and /or serious. We like to get creative by doing certain things:

A – Embedding Tweets

B – Attention Grabbing Gifs

C – Useful Infographs

Obviously, it is difficult to squeeze everything you need to know about content into one or two pages;, but, hopefully, you have a better understanding.

We provide content that is meant to engage your community  and keep them coming back. This means no article spinning and no keyword stuffing. All of our content is designed to deliver exceptional value, and we always keep the reader’s needs in mind.

A Watchful Eye On Google Updates

All of this is well and good, but we don’t forget about the technical aspects of search engine marketing. We know that doing our research for open keywords is very important. We look to maintain the balance between writing content that appeals to people but also that appeals to the search engines. We always look at both sides of the equation.

Balancing Social Media And Blogging

Social media is a powerful marketing tool, and creating a balance between social sites and blogging is critical. This means using content on social media that will maximize our efforts to build a qualified fan base and growing customer list.

Social Media and content writing work hand in hand. Your overall marketing scheme will be most effective when management tools work together in harmony. There are a few tricks to keep in mind when spreading your great content through social media. For instance, know how to choose a captivating tagline. How to choose the correct picture is also very important. We use the four U’s when creating tagline and pictures. They are:

  1. Urgent
  2. Useful
  3. Ultra-Specific
  4. Unique

Stodzy is your best bet. We understand what it takes, and we will make it happen!

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    Tim Stoddart

    Tim Stoddart is the CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing. He lives in Nashville with his wife and hit adorable pitbull, Alice. Tim loves to write about digital marketing and personal growth. You can learn more at TimStodz.com

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