Business directories are a great and easy way to find relevant information. The drug rehab industry is no different. People go to the internet to find information they need about services they wish to purchase. Many times, these services are found through business directories.

We all search through directories every day, often without even knowing. Every time you find a restaurant on Urban Spoon or find a small business on Google, you are searching through a directory. Every time you use the yellow pages or search movie times, you are scrolling through a directory.

There are dozens of directories for drug rehabs. Unfortunately, many of them are spammy and inefficient. However, there are a small number of drug rehab directories that every facility should list in. These will help your services get found and help your website rank in search engines.

Let’s get right to it.

Best Drug Rehab Directories

1. Samsha – The SAMSHA directory is the government helpline for people looking for treatment. Samsha is a great service that provides help to millions of people. If you are opening a treatment center, one of the first things you want to do is go to SAMSHA and list your facility as a resource.

2. Sober Nation – The Sober Nation directory provides advertising opportunities for qualified drug rehab centers. It gives free directory listings to all different types of rehab facilities. Sober Nation has a huge library of content and social media that drives traffic through the loyal audience and recovery advocates. Also, Sober Nation has a secondary directory which is listed on their sister site,

3. Detox Local – Detox Local is a huge resource for people just starting their journey into recovery. It lists treatment centers all over the country and it has an amazing directory and help resource for harm reduction and needle exchange. Many cities are adopting needle exchange and harm reduction practices and Detox Local is a leader in providing these resources.

4. Your First Step – This directory is very straight forward and to the point. This directory has a very strong SEO presence around “addiction treatment center” keywords. Getting listed with Your First Step is a no brainer.

5. – (a subset of Recovery Brands) has created what is the most heavily trafficked drug rehab directory in the world. also has an advertising platform on their directory called client reach, in which you can build a customized listing that drives leads and phone calls to your facility.

6. – A beautiful and informative resource, centered about providing great content and information for people looking for treatment and help for addiction. You can add your own listing and be featured as a featured directory listing.

7. Rehab International – Rehab International is dedicated to helping individuals and their families who are living with addiction find the most appropriate treatment available to meet their needs.

8. – As we get lower down the list, we find some rehab directories that are a little less valuable. has a great list of resources, but the site is becoming outdated without new design. It is still a good resource to list your facility under.

9. – A brand new rehab directory centered around the beginning stages of recovery. has a great resource and information center for families who are in need of intervention services and can provide a full service of help thereafter.

10. Drug Treatment Center Finder – Another beautifully designed website providing drug rehab resources to families in need. They have helpful guides, and blog and the “addictionary” which can help you define key addiction and recovery terms.

Getting Started

As I mentioned, getting listed in these directories is a great way to build SEO credibility for your drug rehab. Some of the links will be dofollow links, but some of them will be nofollow links as well.

That’s okay. Even if a directory only provides no follow links, getting listed is still important because it will give you credibility and the citation will still send some signals to Google that will help with your rankings and your online reach.

Keep in mind, many drug rehabs spend little time spreading their online reach. Although listing is directories is a great start, it is still not enough. You must be continuously working on your online marketing and building your brand through content, alumni, and local search marketing.

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