The Importance of Keywords in the Success of Your Online Marketing

In your online healthcare marketing plan, keywords are of primary importance. When potential patient looks for services, they enter words and phrases to narrow their focus.

While it may seem simple to simply enter words and have your practice come up, it isn’t that easy. Search engines are ruled by algorithms. These algorithms help people get the most relevant results.

In order to people to find your website, you must do your due diligence in keyword research. You must have keywords that people will search for, are relevant, and able to fit organically in all of your content.

How to Properly Research Keywords

Like many who enter the world of online healthcare marketing, you want to jump in feet first. However, keyword research requires careful effort. Before you jump in, there are three different types of keywords you must know.

Short-tail keywords are the building blocks. This type of keyword consists of one or two words. These words may be simple and quite generic, but they often generate high search volume.

Middle-tail keywords are more specific than short-tailed keywords. This type of keyword is three to four words. When compared to short-tailed keywords, middle-tailed keywords have less search volume

Long-tail keywords are four words or longer. As to be expected, long-tailed keywords are very specific and generate the lowest search volume.

While it may be tempting to load up on short-tail keywords to generate traffic, the best strategy is to utilize all three. It’s that short-tail keyword will generate the traffic, it can be seen as someone getting the foot in the door. Since they are more specific, long-tailed keywords will convert more and are specifically focused on what your audience is looking for as far as services.

Indeed, keywords are important–but you also must focus on writing quality content. That is why it is important to consult with a reputable internet marketing agency such as Stodzy Internet Marketing to assist you in developing sound keyword practices.

How to Thoroughly Research Keywords for Your Practice

Now that you understand what keywords are and the different types of keywords, now the real work starts. You must come up with a solid game plan to research the best keywords for your online healthcare marketing strategy.

It bears reiteration..the importance of keywords cannot be understated! You must take the time and do it right the first time. Cutting corners will do you and your practice great damage.

The following is a blueprint for successful keyword research that pays long-term dividends.

Put Your Thinking Cap On

Keyword importance and optimization begins with brainstorming. Take time to get into the mind of your audience. Ask yourself what keywords they will search for in Google. Write down what comes to mind–no matter how trivial.

If you are an orthodontist, some keywords can include:

  • local orthodontist
  • pediatric orthodontist
  • orthodontics
  • braces

From this initial list you may come up with more specific keywords such as the following:

  • clear braces
  • wisdom teeth removal
  • headgear
  • retainers

Leave no stone unturned. While you may think some of your choices are left-field, go with it! Additionally, talk to your staff and existing patients to see what keywords and phrases they would use when searching for services.

Most importantly, utilize tools like Google Analytics to nail down what keywords people are using to find your website. If you are unfamiliar with Google Analytics and other similar tools, work with a reputable marketing agency such as Stodzy Internet Marketing.

Keyword Importance Boils Down to Organization

After brainstorming your ideas, it is best to organize your important keywords into categories. You can have as many categories as you desire, but be sure you have them organized so they are easily accessible and readable. Ideally, your list should be put into an Excel sheet or another document that is easy to group y

The Importance of Keywords Hinges on Further Research

When you compile your keyword list, you may think the hard work is done…it isn’t. Once you get things together, run those important keywords into Google. Go to the bottom of the search page and note what is shown in the related searches area. What you find there are more ideas that you can add to your keyword list.

Go through each keyword in Google searches and see what results you find. It may be helpful to use an extension like Keywords Everywhere or similar product. It can tell you the number of searches per month your keywords generate as well as cost-per-click (CPC) if you were to run a paid ad campaign.

When your keywords are completely analyzed, evaluate your list and decide which keywords you want to use. Be sure that short-, middle- and long-tail keywords are represented in your mix.

Putting It Together

When your finalized list is ready, it is time to use those keywords effectively in your marketing content. It isn’t just about stuffing in keywords willy nilly, it is using them as a solid foundation for engaging content for your audience.

Your content needs to be well-written and easily understood by anyone who visits your website. When you integrate your keywords into copy, there are prime spots where they go to get the most traction.

Some of these place include the title, within the first paragraph, in your sub-headers, in the last paragraph, and photo captions.

Do You Now Understand the Importance of Keywords?

After reading this article, you no doubt understand the importance of keywords in building quality healthcare marketing content. Even with this knowledge, you still may feel like you are over your head.

Don’t sweat it, the pros at Stodzy Internet Marketing can help. Our experienced team has a proven track record of creating winning content for healthcare providers in South Florida and as well as nationwide.

We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your website content is a step above the competition. Call us right now.

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