Call Tracking and Data Measurement

Treatment Leads phone tracking enables treatment facilities to monitor, track and measure the effectiveness of their call campaigns as well as their advertising budgets. Treatment leads has advanced real-time call routing, scoring and recording tools that ensure you are getting qualified phone calls that are routed to the right people.

Automatically Track and Convert on Your Phone Calls

Treatment centers know that every lead matter. Addiction treatment leads are very expensive and leads need to meet specific criteria in order to convert into an admission.

Most treatment centers struggle to build an inbound marketing system that effectively keeps their facilities at full capacity. You can keep your census at full capacity by effectively converting your leads and phone calls and in doing so, measuring the effectiveness of your individual call campaigns.

Features for Treatment Center Call Tracking

Measure Lead Quality with Call Tracking Numbers – Most treatment call centers are buying leads and phone calls from many different sources. You can track calls from local directory listings, TV ads, radio commercials and other marketing sources.

Track the results of your SEO, PPC, Social Media and Email – ONine marketing for your treatment center is a very important marketing strategy that will bring admissions into your facility. In order to spend your money effectively, you need to know which of your online tactics are working. Use different phone numbers to track landing pages, keywords, Facebook ads and even paid search ads.

Filter Out Bad Calls – When buying leads, you need to protect yourself against scrupulous lead vendors. Make sure that you are not paying for dupllicate calls. Also be sure that you are only paying for “qualified calls” which are over a specific time buffer. Each agreement will have different rules and our tracking software can measure all your rules and data.

Automatically Record Phone Calls to Improve Quality and Skills – Listening to phone calls is a great way to hold exersices with your phone reps as well as to ensure quality control that you are always providing the right message to your prospective clients. Our system can record calls automatically and discloses that the call is being recorded without any additional worry about transparency.

Integrate Phone Call Reporting to Your CRM or Marketing Software – Our call analytics integrate directly with almost every marketing software. We can connect to your CRM, your Google analytics and your bid consule to improve your ROI.