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Rehabilitation and mental health facility businesses of all sizes and types require lead generation. However, merely generating leads is only one part of an effective marketing strategy.

Converting those leads is what truly matters. The in-depth analysis of data tracking provides valuable insights into your business and customers.  For example, the following metrics are especially important in your lead generation and call tracking strategy:

  • The cost per customer acquisition

  • The number of phone calls received in a given day

  • The price per lead

  • The conversation rate on each customer inquiry

If you do not have data pertaining to these key metrics, you will lack the insight necessary to improve your call conversions. The bottom line is, the only way to truly understand your rehab business is to comprehensively understand your numbers. Call tracking combined with data management services will guarantee your money dedicated to these services is well spent.  

Furthermore, call tracking zeroes in on lead sources that are particularly effective. Data management and call tracking provide your business with much more necessary insight and a subsequent spike in conversions without increasing your marketing expenses.

Track And Convert Your Calls

The best sales professionals insist every single lead holds value. Leads in the rehabilitation and mental health industry are particularly costly. If these leads do not meet nuanced criteria, they will not convert prospects into paying clients. The average business does not have an inbound marketing system that keeps the enterprise at capacity.

Though full capacity is certainly the goal, this is a benchmark that is rarely reached, partially because the value of phone calls is commonly underestimated or simply improperly tracked.  The proper analysis of your calls and conversion of those calls will bolster your call campaign and ensure you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Stodzy Is Here To Facilitate Call Tracking Along With Lead Nurturing

Lead quality has the potential to differ significantly from one potential client to the next.  Though plenty of businesses neglect call tracking, these numbers really are of the utmost importance.  Regardless of whether your rehabilitation company generates its own leads or if you are purchasing leads through vendors, your lead sources must be properly monitored.  Stodzy is here to track calls by way of all marketing sources ranging from outbound ads placed on TV and radio to inbound marketing listings on the web’s many directories, social media campaigns, and more.

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Tracking Email Marketing, Social Media, SEO And PPC Results

There is no sense spending the entirety of your limited marketing budget unless you know exactly which inbound and outbound marketing budget works the best.  Ideally, a unique phone number will be used to track customer responses to the following:

  • Facebook ads

  • Outreaches from landing pages

  • Banner ads on the web

  • Keywords

Once the tracking is in place, you will be able to gauge the response rates to each type of ad, analyze those numbers, and respond accordingly.

Recording Phone Calls

Recording phone calls is a great call tracking strategy. Taking the time to listen to these calls with your sales staff will better equip them to convert those on the other end of the line into paying customers. This quality control tactic guarantees you are transmitting the proper message to target clients while also ensuring each new client has the desire to remain loyal to your rehab business for years to come.  We provide technology that automatically records each and every call. This system notifies both parties that the call is being recorded so callers are fully aware that their discussion with the sales agent is “on the record.”

Eliminating Undesirable Calls

Purchasing leads predisposes your business to immoral lead vendors. From duplicate calls to dead leads, there is no sense paying for these types of leads when it is possible to filter them out. The bottom line is you should strictly pay for qualified calls in a specific period of time.  There are specific rules for each rehab company’s calls to ensure sales efforts are truly maximized.  Our call tracking software gauges the rules specific to your calls and also provides data collection and analysis.  Lean on us for such monitoring and you will have the high-quality leads necessary to take your business to the next level.

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Automatically Record Calls To Enhance Skills And Quality

Phone call reporting can be directly integrated into your customer relationship management or other specialized marketing software.  We provide in-depth call analytics that promises to provide functional and most importantly, insightful, data with every type of marketing program.  Let us spearhead the automatic recording of phone calls to your rehab or mental health facility and we will directly connect to your specific program along with your business’s Google analytics.  The overarching goal of automatically recording calls and analyzing them is to reveal insight that boosts your rehab company’s return on investment (ROI).

Your Company’s Numbers Reveal The Truth About Your Business

A surprising number of business managers and owners do not know their numbers. The failure to know these numbers ultimately means the business is not properly understood.  We are here not only to help you learn your numbers but to understand those numbers and ultimately improve your business. The best part is our services are provided at a reasonable price.

Our team at Stodzy will walk you through the entire process to ensure you have the ability to accurately gauge all relevant data pertaining to your rehab enterprise. Lead sources must be thoroughly analyzed and improved. Scrubbing these sources paves the way for an enhancement of the sales process and a boosting of your company’s revenue.

Call Tracking Maximizes Efficiency And Your Bottom Line

Call tracking combined with prudent lead nurturing should not be measured strictly by the numbers. Even if you were to get more calls, it might not matter as it is the quality of calls that ultimately means the most. The key takeaway from this write-up is ensuring that your mental health facility is challenged with getting the most out of what it currently has in terms of calls and leads. Stodzy Internet Marketing is here to tackle this challenge, helping you narrow your focus on providing elite rehabilitation services and products.

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