Earlier this year, we had a customer reach out to us who was in big trouble.

This particular customer (let’s call her Becky) was the owner of an IOP located in Indiana. She was spending $20,000 a month on PPC and was struggling to generate an ROI that made sense. Hey business was burning cash every day.

It wasn’t a sustainable model.

I remember speaking to Becky. Her thoughts were all over the place. She was being told so many different stories by so many “experts.” She didn’t have a marketing background but rather a clinical background. As such, she was trying everything in hopes to strike gold.

I sat with her on the phone and briefly looked over her data and analytics. It was clear to me that her business was in a downward spiral.

This is what I told her …

“What you’re doing makes no sense. Your biggest advantage is your location. If you own the local search, you could fill up your census without spending a dime on PPC.”

She replied with a predictable question.

“How much would that cost?” she asked.

“$2500 a month” I replied


Since then, we’ve taken her CPA from $10,000 an admit to under $1,000 an admit.

The Google My Business “Map Hack” Framework

Getting #1 is Google My Business is a simple formula. It’s the most cost effective form of digital marketing there is.

There is no easier way to grow your census than to increase your GMB traffic. If you rank #1 in Google My Business, you will increase phone calls, site traffic, site visits, and admit more patients.

If it were so simple, how come everyone doesn’t do it?

The reason is that ranking #1 on Google My Business requires you to follow a framework. Here’s how you do it.

1. Create a process for generating reviews – Most treatment centers make the critical mistake of focusing all their efforts on “filling the funnel” and not paying any attention to the patients who have already completed the program. By having a strong alumni program, you also have the ability to reach out directly to your past patients and use these relationships as a way to generate reviews. You probably don’t have a process for generating reviews. We do. We can help you. These are the types of reviews we get for our clients ever day.

2. Turn your Google My Business page into a media outlet – Google My Business is dynamic. It’s a way for you to update, inform, and give value to your patients. The more content you post on your GMB timeline, the more views it will get and the more phone calls you will generate.

Below is a screen shot for the views we generated for just a client in the month of October. That’s 1000+ views a day!

3. Highlight the experience – You’ve seen that GMB can bring attention and awareness to your facility, but that doesn’t mean the attention will turn into phone calls. The secret to converting GMB traffic into phone calls is by highlighting the experience. Your patients want to know what the experience will be like. What do the beds look like? Is the staff smiling and friendly? Are the clinical rooms friendly and inviting? This content will be what converts the awareness into phone calls and admits.

How to Get Started

Do you have a Google My Business page? Do you have a process for reviews? Do you have high level photography and content to promote your facility?

If not, that’s okay. There is still plenty of opportunity in the space, as most treatment facilities don’t even give digital marketing a thought.

If your serious about generating more clients, starting with GMB is a great place.

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    Tim Stoddart

    Tim Stoddart is the CEO of Stodzy Internet Marketing. He lives in Nashville with his wife and hit adorable pitbull, Alice. Tim loves to write about digital marketing and personal growth. You can learn more at TimStodz.com

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