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Countless studies have shown that medication-assisted treatment saves lives, yet there remains a stigma attached to the approach. For this reason, medication-assisted clinic marketing often faces an uphill battle to win new clients. The fact is digital advertising for medication-assisted clinics comes down not to selling a product or service but making a connection.

While advertising is usually about making a sale, that’s not the case here. An institution that provides medication-assisted treatment ought to focus less on “selling to the customer” than “helping the client.” This change of focus is vital for medication-assisted clinics to strike the right tone in their marketing materials. That said, the tone is just the first step towards getting their organization noticed by the right audience.

The Digital Revolution in Advertising

The world has changed its advertising ways since the internet came on the scene in the late 1990s. Most businesses invest some of their marketing energies online, and not just because everyone is online all the time. The costs involved in online marketing are more manageable when compared with traditional marketing. For instance, a radio or television commercial could cost a business thousands of dollars, both to make and to get on the air. Plus, traditional marketing channels like radio and TV have been losing audiences to the online space for years.

When it comes to advertising for medication-assisted clinics, the online space is the number 1 place where businesses can go to find new leads and win more attention. Digital advertising also allows companies to build relationships like no other medium. And relationships, as everyone knows, are crucial to the success of marketing medication-assisted clinics. A business that wants to build strong connections with potential clients should be using digital advertising to build these connections.

Why Digital Advertising for Medication-Assisted Clinics?

Simply put, digital advertising for medication-assisted clinics the best coverage for the lowest cost. After all, digital advertising works by building connections and helping potential clients make up their minds. Digital advertising for medication-assisted clinics is a hugely powerful tool because of its unique ability to harness the following strengths:

To achieve all these things, a business can adopt a few medication-assisted clinic marketing strategies:

1. Growing the Brand through Social Media

It’s no secret that social media has launched many brands into the stratosphere. Forbes writes that Americans spent more than 1,300 hours scrolling through social media over the course of 2020. Additionally, social media has become part of many people’s daily routines, which makes it one of the very best ways to build a community. Groups and pages can set up marketing strategies to get more people to like and share posts, reaching larger and more diverse audiences. Still, social media’s power stems from its way of targeted advertising, and no advertising methodology is as robust as the targeted ad.

The information that social media sites receive from their audience makes it easier to target relevant ads to people. From there, getting the right people to a landing page or website is just a click away. Of course, the goal of any organization’s social media marketing campaign should be about building the community. The advertising stuff can come later. Social media sparks organic interaction that can help build brands and make more human connections with potential clients.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains a crucial part of digital advertising for medication-assisted clinics, though the practice has its skeptics. In the early days of the internet, SEO was simple. A business could rank somewhere on the top 3 pages in a search engine by stuffing lots of keywords into their content for example. But search engines have shifted their focus from bare keywords to intent-based search in recent years.

Nowadays, SEO allows websites to be readable while at the same time letting the search engine know the content’s intent. Simplified, intent-based search hopes to match the searcher to the site that meets their needs. Effective SEO will drive content to the right audience, but only if that content is good, readable content produced regularly. After all, search engines hate serving stale content to their audiences.

3. Content Marketing to Raise Awareness

Content marketing is an excellent method of digital advertising for medication-assisted clinics. As such, it allows the institution to show off what makes it unique. A content marketing strategy helps businesses sort out what they want to do with their content before releasing it to the public. As mentioned above, SEO is a crucial part of getting these pieces found by search engines.

Each blog that a company posts on its website is fresh content for the search engine. And fresh content means that the site is likely to rank high on a search engine results page. Another crucial component of good content based on SEO is backlinks. Developing healthy backlinks by linking to other authoritative sites allows a business to increase its authority score.

A high authority score means the search engine trusts information from the individual’s site more than others. To back this up, the website’s blog should deal with factual information, avoiding speculation. The more factual the report, the more valuable it will be, and the more it suits the searcher’s intent.

Digital Advertising for Medication-Assisted Clinics can be a Game Changer

A business that wants to be recognized and grow a community has a wealth of options these days. The internet has made marketing easier to accomplish than ever before while significantly decreasing costs. Medication-assisted clinics can no longer depend on traditional advertising to raise awareness and connect to potential clients. Thus, the public must be approached in a more subtle, less direct way. Blog posting and other social media strategies will help place the message before the right audience.

Digital Advertising for Medication-Assisted Clinics at Stodzy Internet Marketing

Sure people want their business to thrive. The wonderful thing about medication-assisted treatment is that their business can only do so by helping more people. A strong marketing campaign not only brings in new treatment leads, but lets people know that help is available to them. Thankfully, at Stodzy Internet Marketing, we take medication-assisted clinic advertising to a new level.

For the past 10 years, we’ve worked with medication-assisted clinics to increase their online traffic, create new leads, and raise their income. Providing ROI-based campaigns, our knowledge of the industry matches our services and data-driven results. Get a free SEO audit today, or give us a call now at 800-761-1426.

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