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Many businesses fail in due time if they are not properly equipped with a significant competitive advantage. Though some enterprises such as JCPenney lasted upwards of a century or longer, few thrive beyond a few decades or even a few years. The question is why, exactly, do the majority of businesses fold?  

Though ineffective management and trends certainly impact businesses, the common theme is businesses fail when they no longer bring in new customers. Businesses in the rehab and mental health industry would survive if only they could bring in what matters most – more customers in a timely manner. That is why mental health and rehab lead generation is vital to these businesses.

Recognize the Importance of Sales

Consistent spikes in sales make it much easier for businesses to overcome the litany of other problems that plague their livelihood. This is precisely why savvy business professionals are constantly harping on the importance of sales.

Even if problems arise outside of sales, the influx of new leads and conversion of those leads into paying customers will propel the business to success across posterity. This means an effective mental health and rehab marketing strategy is incredibly important. A professional rehab marketing strategy will generate leads, convert those prospects into paying clients, and advance the bottom line.

Stodzy is Here to Find and Cultivate Leads for Your Rehab Business

The generation of leads for mental health and rehab services and products is one part science and one part creativity. Rehab lead generation will prove successful if it zeroes in on those most likely to need your company’s specific services or products. Stodzy has this lead generation process down to an art form.  

For example, the use of Facebook ads will help develop leads for your rehab business. Facebook ads spur low-cost traffic to your website by zeroing in on specific groups of people. Most importantly, Facebook ads have comparably high conversion rates, ensuring those targeted customers actually become paying clients after exposure to the online ads.

In short, it is best to think of Facebook as more of a covert advertising platform than a space for social sharing. Facebook catalyzes low-cost traffic to landing pages, generating funnels that spur considerable conversions, bringing many more clients into the fold across posterity. Facebook ads will prove especially effective if you provide something in addition to an explanation of your value offering. Consider giving away a no-cost initial appointment, an eBook, or an informative guide on how to tend to a specific mental health or addiction challenge.

Facebook ads are especially effective as they focus on specific demographics. For example, if you provide mental health counseling services in Naples, Florida, the platform empowers you to transmit ads directly to those who are most likely to need your services in that specific part of Florida. This is the perfect way to bring in leads that become paying clients who prove loyal to your business across the long haul.

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Google Ads and Adwords

Adwords and Google ads are also effective rehab lead-generation strategies. These ads are created and published in a manner that aligns with the target customer’s intent. When your target customers search the web for specific terms, your ads will appear on the search engine, ultimately spiking your conversion rate. The primary difference between such search engine ads and Facebook ads is those who turn to Google are looking for an answer to a specific problem.  

Your rehab business can be a part of the solution to that problem in the form of strategically placed ads. This means if you are a drug detox center in Tampa Bay, our digital marketing specialists can put your online ads directly in front of those who search for “drug detox centers in Tampa Bay.”  The beauty is the conversion rates on such ads will prove high as these ads line up with the online sleuth’s desire for information pertaining to your specific value offering.

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Search Engine Optimization for Rehab Lead Generation

Search engine optimization, or SEO for short, is particularly valuable. Effective SEO ensures your website and other components of your online footprint rank highly for specific keywords and key phrases. In fact, comprehensive SEO also boosts your company’s online rank for local identifiers, helping you connect with many more local sleuths in need of your valuable services.  

The vast majority of online traffic stems from completely organic searches. Individuals throughout your local community and beyond will search for specific rehab services and products. These online visitors are likely to click the first couple of results they see on the first page or “SERPs” (Search Engine Results Pages). If your company’s SEO strategy gets it onto the first couple of SERPs, you will generate that many more quality leads. In other words, you should strive to be the first website people see when searching for your specific rehab service or product.

Google relies on several hundred ranking signals to calculate website positions for search rankings. In the context of creating quality rehab leads, some ranking signals are more important than others. For example, user search intent is of the utmost importance. The specific words an online sleuth types into the search engine ultimately dictate which pages will appear on the SERPs. Additional key ranking signals include:

  • A mobile-friendly website

  • Properly-optimized images

  • Speed of the webpage

  • Backlinks with high authority

You do not have to master these ranking signals on your own. Our rehab digital marketing specialists are here to do the work on your behalf. With the help of our team, you can square your focus on improving your value offering and helping those in need of recovery from substance use and mental health disorders.

Advertising Through Third-Party Vendors

There is no shame in purchasing qualified leads directly from rehab lead providers. Pinpointing a reliable lead source known for providing top-notch leads has the potential to put your mental health and rehab facility directly in the spotlight. However, working with third-party rehab lead-generation providers can prove to be challenging. Our digital marketing specialists are here to handle this challenge on your behalf. Put your faith in us and we will create highly effective lead generation tailored to your company’s target clients, ultimately helping you forge important inroads with those most likely to benefit from your services.  

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