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Rehab paid advertising is beneficial for addiction or mental health companies because it works offline as well as online. However, the days of paying an exorbitant amount of money to feature an ad on a billboard, magazine, newspaper, TV commercial, or securing a radio spot are gradually fading away. The new wave of digital marketing trends has shifted the attention of prospects to the web.  

Both unpaid and paid digital advertisements are proving increasingly effective as our society makes the digital transition. From paid banner ads to social media ads, pay-per-click ads (PPC), and other web-based sponsored messages, paid digital rehab advertising will cultivate new clientele for your business.

Out With the Old, In With the New

It was not long ago when people opened up the phone book to find local addiction and mental health service providers. Nowadays, society is turning to the web for information about local recovery companies. In fact, Pew Research reported that three-quarters of web users in the United States rely on the internet in their search for health information. Furthermore, nearly 80% of web users, searching for health information, begin their inquiry using a search engine such as Google or Bing. This is precisely why rehab paid advertising works.

Investing in paid advertisements for your company results in highlighted features of your business’s name, logo, slogan, and contact information directly in front of those searching for health services on major search engines such as Google. In fact, most of the paid advertisements placed on search engines are indistinguishable from search engine results. This specific rehab digital marketing strategy greatly enhances the chances of users clicking the ad before any of the organic, unpaid search results.

Paid Search Versus Display Ads

Display ads and paid search ads are two different digital marketing strategies. Pay-per-click advertising, also referred to as PPC advertising, empowers mental health and rehab services providers to target specific keywords in order to get the provider’s website prominently featured in the top couple of results on the SERPs. SERP is an acronym that stands for search engine results pages.  

A diminutive qualifier positioned to the side of the paid search ad is all that distinguishes the ad from the organic listings. In other words, if someone searches for your company’s service or product on a search engine, the results will feature your company’s website toward the top of the page in the form of a covert ad, maximizing the chances of it being clicked. Once the advertisement is clicked, prospective customers are likely to consider your company’s valuable services.

In comparison, paid online marketing through display advertisements is quite passive. These types of ads appear at the top margin of a website in the form of banner ads. Display ads can also be positioned to the sides of websites ranging from blogs to online editorials and other sites.  

Display rehab marketing ads are displayed on webpages featuring relevant content to encourage already-interested web users to click them and consider the value proposition. Even if your display ads do not immediately convert the prospect into a paying client, the person who sees the ad will recognize your brand the next time he or she sees it. This unique marketing strategy often results in clients who are more likely to become paying customers.

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Paid Advertising On Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook now permit rehabs and mental health companies and other businesses to pay to advertise their products and services directly in user feeds. Though some Facebook users will scroll directly past these ads, without giving them extensive consideration, the presentation of the company’s name in that user’s feed lays the foundation for a subsequent purchase. 

Paid rehab ads on social media display the company’s name, logo, and branding directly in front of social media users. This rehab marketing strategy will ultimately maximize the chances of brand recall which is an essential step in winning over potential customers and converting them into paying customers.

There is also a chance the social media user will invest his or her time considering the ad’s messaging, especially if it pertains to a behavioral health service or product that the user needs. The subtleties of your social media ads often determine whether a client will further pursue your company’s services.  

If your ads do not look aesthetically pleasing or if they lack carefully crafted language, your message will be tuned out. Stodzy understands the importance of these subtleties on your behalf in order to maximize the impact of your ads on Facebook as well as other social media platforms.

Stodzy is Here to Help You Make the Most of Paid Advertising

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of online paid advertising – don’t be! Stodzy’s team of internet marketing professionals are here to break down internet paid ads so that you understand exactly what services are being provided in our serviced industries.  

Meet with us, explain your marketing goals, let us help you define your target audience and we will develop a strategic paid advertising campaign on your behalf. Our PPC specialists will carefully craft an online marketing campaign that connects your business to a prequalified audience. You will only pay when your PPC ads are actually clicked by members of your target audience.

Our inbound marketing specialists are here to help you determine which online rehab paid advertising strategy is optimal for your unique business. The paid advertising strategy that is ideal for your specific business largely depends on your target audience.  However, you might not have a truly comprehensive understanding of this audience.  Even if such an in-depth understanding is developed, only half the battle is won.  

The other half of the rehab marketing battle is reaching the audience through both paid and unpaid advertising. This is where Stodzy’s digital marketing professionals excel. We are here to ensure your ad design, ad text, landing page, and call-to-action are tailored to your unique target audience for maximum impact.

Stodzy Internet Marketing is at Your Service

Strategic internet marketing makes the difference between missing out on new customers and converting prospects into loyal customers who spread the word about your business.  Our web marketing specialists are here to help.  Contact us today to find out more about our internet marketing services and paid advertising for rehab and mental health companies.  If you prefer to reach us on the web, fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.

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