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Detox and marketing don’t seem like they should go together. When we think of marketing, we consider selling someone a product or service. Detox isn’t about making a sale but instead saving a life. How can we reconcile these ideas? According to the WHO, approximately 35 million people worldwide suffer from substance use disorder. If we are to save these people, we have to find viable methods of letting them know that we exist and will help with recovery. Drug detox marketing is the way to do so, but we’re not talking about taking out campy TV ads or radio jingles to direct people to your rehab center. Drug detox marketing needs to approach this from a different perspective

The Benefit of Digital Marketing

Entrepreneur notes that as many as 55% of small business owners plan to invest more in their digital marketing this year. Small businesses like detox facilities benefit from digital marketing because it helps to level the playing field. However, just like typical marketing channels, some things work, and some don’t. For proper drug detox marketing, we need to find the digital marketing practices that best help us connect with the audience and tell our story. Drug detox marketing requires a human connection between the client and us. Going through rehab involves trust, which our digital marketing should focus on. 

How To Market for the Drug Detox Industry

Marketing is about landing leads and converting them to clients. The difference between drug detox marketing and other advertising is that we’re not trying to sell a product. We’re trying to help people recover their lives. Five areas of marketing can help a drug rehab center get better quality leads that can potentially turn into saved lives.

1. Search Engine Optimization for Drug Detox

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps search engines find and catalog your site as one about drug detox. The better your SEO, the higher up the results you rank. A business can potentially see a significant influx of clients who search for a particular keyword by investing in SEO. According to Backlinko, three-quarters of all clicks go to the first three results on the search engine’s results page. So how do you rank well enough to end up in those top three results?

SEO is a cost-effective way to reach out to a broad audience that may be interested in rehab and detox.

2. Social Media Outreach And Interaction

Social media is another marketing channel that offers a lot of promise for drug detox marketing. As mentioned before, detox and rehab marketing relies on building connections with clients. There’s no better way to do so than to interact with potential clients on social media. Social media allows a brand to establish its identity and build a community. The community, in turn, shares the content the brand posts, increasing the overall reach. Social media platforms also sell ads, which can be a cost-effective marketing method of garnering more potential leads. However, social media ads rely on targeting, so the brand needs to know what type of person they want to see the ads. These ads also use keywords, so understanding how they work will help create a successful social media ad.

3. Content Production Shouldn’t Stop

Many websites believe that once they build their page, they can just leave it there. Google and other search engines look at the freshness of content as a ranking factor. The most recent algorithm updates have switched Google’s focus to intent-based search. This term refers to the searcher’s intent, and since most searchers want current information, the sites that update most regularly are likely to end up at the top of the results. The best way to create constant, valuable content is by running a blog. Blog topics for drug detox marketing may include:

Creating content that appeals to the audience and gives valuable information ensures that your site remains at the top of search ranking results. 

4. Pay-Per-Click Ads Through Search Engines

Since its earliest days, Google has refined its Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad system. Some experts argue that Google knows more about us than any other company globally. This may be true, but it also allows them to build hyper-targets advertising into their search results. A rehab center with a bit more of a marketing budget will benefit from investing in PPC ads, provided they choose the right keywords. However, as successful as PPC ads can be, they are expensive. In a PPC campaign, a business bids on specific keywords that their ads will appear on when entered into the search engine. Some keywords have more competition than others, so it costs more to put an ad on the page. PPC ads are only the first half of the equation since the ad needs to direct somewhere. Converting landing pages is the other side of the coin. These landing pages take visitors and turn them into clients through marketing.

5. Email Marketing with Alumni

One of the most powerful marketing channels that exist is word-of-mouth. Word-of-mouth or referral marketing happens when someone suggests the business to solve a problem. The people in the best position to do so are those that have been through the program before. These alumni can be a valuable source of referral marketing, but only if they keep connected to the center. Email marketing is a great way to do this. By developing a newsletter with a digest of new topics and even links back to the blog with helpful information, a detox center can leverage the marketing power of these alumni.

Reach Out to Those Who Need It

The business of a rehab center is not to sell a product. It’s to help others who want to get better. The only way to do so is to ensure people who want help know where you are and what you do. The old days of advertising might have cost an arm and a leg to get a business noticed. Today, with digital marketing media, it’s much more manageable. In drug detox marketing, connections count, and digital marketing can create and reinforce those connections like never before.

Drug Detox Marketing At Stodzy Internet Marketing

Yes, you want your business to stay afloat. The beautiful thing about treatment is that you can only do so by helping more people. Effective marketing campaigns not only bring in new treatment leads but also lets people know which medication-assisted clinics they can access and that your help is available. At Stodzy Internet Marketing, we bring treatment centers to a new level. For the past ten years we’ve taken drug rehabs and increased traffic, leads, and income. Providing ROI-based campaigns, our knowledge of the industry match our services and data-driven results. Get a free SEO audit today, or give us a call now at 800-761-1426

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